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741: Getting Websites Built - Outsource or DIY?
You want to have professional web designers or freelance web designers custom build your personal or company website? Then you must be ready to spend at least a few hundred dollars as web design fees or use our tips to save your dollars.

742: A Web Design story
I am not a guru in online technology, but I hope this does not blot my credibility as I talk to you about what I know about the web. Good. You are still here. My first encounter of the web is in college, about six years ago. We were tasked to do research for our thesis.

743: What Web Design is to Art
As a kid, I was very involved and heavily engaged in art-this includes graphic art, music, name it. I used to draw the skeletal system when I was in the fourth grade, complete with the labels and all. I designed biblical verses in papers through calligraphy. My dad was very supportive and used to buy me pastel colors, water colors, crayons of a hundred different hues, oil paints, liquid paints, stencils, drawing pencils, charcoal pencils, and many other materials which artists use.

744: Build A Website And Watch Your Efforts Pay Off
The options for learning to build a website are vast as it seems everyone has space to share online these days. Some web hosts will help you build professional looking sites for a fee while others will give the space for you to build a website away for free.

745: How To Install A Script With No Technical Know How?
Installing a script onto your website can sometimes be a very daunting task. Many people assume that installing a script is hard work and thus hands it over to a programmer to do it.

746: Why Design Matters
Flashing before your eyes is a fluro green background teamed with red writing, white borders, a cutesy cursor graphic and the promise of ten free CD's. No, it's not Christmas. It's bad design.

747: Website Design and Development for Your Business
Whatever industry your business belongs to, you have surely visited a website that offers the same services or products that your company markets. The importance of having a web presence for today's business is critical. You don't need to be left behind by your competitors who are enjoying the benefits of having a good website.

748: Tips on Design and Development of Website
If you are looking for a way to generate more sales and customers for your products or services, a website is maybe all you need. A website establishes your presence in the virtual world. Think of it as your virtual address, where anyone, wherever their location around the world can visit. You will have a larger share of the market by just having an inter-active website.

749: The Web Development Challenge and How to Fix It
As technology advances, the same advancement poses an interesting and disappointing challenges to web designers. The very common problem here is web browsers. Since web browsers upgrade now and again, what used to be a well-designed web site turns into a horror. Having experienced it myself, I know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to fix websites. I also work in the information technology industry in which website issues occur everyday and the many customers who call in-yelling and all-can be nerve-wracking.

750: The Tangled Web of Web Development
If you are thinking about going serious into the web development business, let me show you some statistics. In the early stages of the internet, it costs tens of thousand of dollars for the services of a website specialist to develop a website for you. There were only about one thousand companies offering this type of service in 1995. Now, there are about tens of thousands of companies offering the same service.

751: Show Them The Sizzle Then Feed Them The Steak - Advice For Small Webmasters
In a world wide web stuffed full with billions of web pages you, as a small webmaster, have some distinct challenges to overcome. But you can overcome these challenges in two steps that I call the sizzle and the steak of internet marketing.

752: How To Make Sure Your Site Is Built For Speed, Search Engines And Conversions
Everyone around the world nowadays uses the internet. This is great, because it gives us a way for everyone around the world to talk. However, just making a web site is not enough to make it in this market place. As more and more internet sites come up all over the place, you have to make sure that yours is built for speed, search engines, and conversions.

753: Astonishingly Simple Ways To Create A Killer Web Design And Explode Your Profits
Creating a website that converts is one of the most important things that you need to do online. This is one aspect that most webmasters seem to struggle with. In this article I would like to go over some key points that will substantially improve your conversion.

754: HTML Background Color - How it Works
Adding an html background color to a webpage can be one of easiest ways to jazz up the look of a site. But be careful, it can also create a disaster for the overall design of a page. The trick is to be subtle, and choose html colors that compliment, rather than take away from content.

755: Top 10 Mistakes of Web Building
These are the top 10 mistakes that are very common, DO NOT use them or your website will not be a very successful one. They are ranked from the most common ones to the least.

756: The HTML Color Chart - Do We Really Need This Anymore?
I'm surprised how many people today still rely on an html color chart to pick colors. Unfortunately, anyone who does a search online for a type of color chart like this is probably looking for web safe colors, not realizing that the term itself is obsolete.

757: How Hex Color Codes Work
Most Web graphics software programs convert RGB to Hex without a blink. And for most projects, you'll certainly want to use a tool for making those kinds of calculations. However, if you'd like to understand what's happening behind the scenes, and maybe do your own math to create hex color codes, here's how it works.

758: Why Small Businesses Need Websites
Without a good marketing website, small businesses are wasting a lot of opportunities. Find out what sort of site you need, and how you can get one free.

759: Your Website Stinks And You Dont Know It!
I think today I can say with confidence that every single client I've had who contacted me for a brand new website absolutely loathed their current one. I mean hated - with a passion. I wonder if this kind of stuff is how you hear stories of people destroying their computers.

760: Flash - Destroying Generally Known Myths
There is a great buzz around Flash, Flash Websites and Flash Templates today. It's said a lot about shortcomings and disadvantages. The article destroys all these myths and doubts.

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