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61: The FTP Method of File Transfer
Most people don't know how they can transfer files to their website servers. Read the article to get informed on the mode of file transfer commonly known as FTP.

62: Professional Web Development For Better Sales
Small businesses have to try very hard for establishing themselves among the big giants. The task of making a position for oneself among the established names is tough but it is possible. They can emerge above the rest of their competitors irrespective of their size by creating a little difference.

63: Know All About Web Application Development
Business organizations that work with a lot of planning have used web applications very intelligently for their B to B or B to C interactions. This web application development has been extremely helpful for companies in planning long-term relationships with their clients and customers.

64: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website
The number of people accessing the web from mobile devices such as smart phones is set to bypass those from personal computers with the next five years. Is your website ready?

65: Import Excel Data Into MySQL Using phpMyAdmin
So you have a bunch of data in Excel that you want to create a database from. But how do you import the Excel data in MySQL? Here are the steps to follow in order to import Excel data into MySQL using phpMyAdmin.

66: How to Make Money Online With Your Site
There is another way to make money online, and it is probably easier and less stressful compared to all the other ones we have talked about. The one thing you need is a site of your own and you're set to start make money online, and I mean money.

67: How to Set Up an Opt-In Page That Works
Do you want to know the secrets in how to set up an opt-in page that draws in thousands, or perhaps millions of subscribers? Read the page below.

68: Making Your Site Searchable
I was working on my second site recently. It provides a warehouse of projects, presentations and other resources. To enables users to find the relevant project I decided to put in a search box.

69: A Good Landing Page Web Design Has A Better Conversion Rate
Landing page, as the name suggests, is where your visitor lands after clicking on a link to your site. Any page can be designated as your landing page. It can be your home page or a special welcome page to impress and guide visitors. Landing pages offer great possibilities to put forth your sales pitch and lead the visitors to the product, resulting in more business.

70: An Easy Website Builder is Just What You Need to Get Started Online
If you are thinking about making a website, an easy website builder is the way to go. Many people have begun a full time career online and are making millions today.

71: Google in 2010
Last year, Google Chrome has increased its popularity with its faster method of browsing the internet. Its auto update feature was also included as well as the customizable theme of the window for a personal touch. Not only did Chrome steal the spotlight from existing browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, it also made a talk about what is to be expected from Google in 2010.

72: Professional Website With a Web Template
The web templates are first-rate, easily adaptable, ready-made web pages created by professional graphic designers. With so many web templates at hand, you will never have any problem with preparing your web page, logo, or newsletter in the future. All you have to do is change the text, and your web page is ready.

73: The Brand New Appearance of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
After CS4, Dreamweaver is certainly no more an isolated in-law of the different versions of Adobe Creative Suite. The software, recognizable since the days of Macromedia, has been recently upgraded in order to better align with the appearance and operation of Illustrator, Flash, and Photoshop. Throughout Dreamweaver CS4, tabs together with windows are organized as one in a new unified body by default below the brand-new application bar which covers the display.

74: Appreciating the Many Approaches to Web Design
If you've never created a Web site, you may not realize how many ways you can publish photos and other information on the Web, or how many software programs and service providers you can choose from. You've probably seen Web sites in many styles, but you may not realize that the different looks of those sites sometimes depend on the type of technology used to create them.

75: Developing a Content-Rich Website
For the online business, having a well crafted, appealing website is an absolute must. Although the website is the storefront, the identity of the business (and should be able to stand up to that expectation), the most important role that the website plays is in the way that it interacts and is viewed by the customers. The website should be interesting and eye-catching.

76: Tracking Website Visitors
When running an online business, it is not merely enough to put up a website and advertise it such that viewers are drawn to your offerings. Tracking website visitors is a crucial activity for any online organization.

77: How to Create an Emotional Conduit Between Your Web Game Design and the Player
As the gaming industry explodes, it is important to deliver new content and visionary perspective to your audience. Designing web games can be a lucrative endeavor and as you design new worlds and storylines, it is critical to provide an emotional conduit between your game and the senses of the player you are attracting.

78: The Purpose of a Squeeze Page
To have a good squeeze page it must be designed, so that anyone wanting to use it must opt into your e-mail list first before they can get into your website. If they are not willing to give you an e-mail address they're not going to give you any secure info such as a credit card number either.

79: How to Choose the Dreamweaver Layout Thats Right For You
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 provides many options for the web development environment you wish to work in. This is the same whether you are on a Mac or PC. Here are the different layouts you can choose from.

80: Website Programming
If you have started your own website and are having trouble making it look like what you want, it is time to learn website programming. Formally, website programming is known as HTML and PHP.

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