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861: Introduction To PHP Programming
This article explains the basis to know about PHP. If you don't really know what's PHP and how to program with it, this article will certainly help you.

862: Why Should You Get Your Site Reviewed?
Site reviews are a great tool in order to check how well your own site was/is being crafted. It can help you enhance some of the bad points and keep you going on the good ones.

863: Brutally Effective Secrets To Create Sales Pages That Convert Like Crazy
One of the biggest mistakes that many internet marketers make is that they do not design very effective sales pages that convert very well. If you are not doing this correctly then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. In this article I would like to go over the basics of what a high converting sales page will look like.

864: Website Design Tips By SEO Company
When you follow the proper SEO ethics while designing a website it produces effective results in the long run while doing further onsite and offsite promotion efforts for your website in the near future. A good SEO Services Company, while providing the web promotion Services, always takes in to consideration the website design ethics.

865: Website Planning - 5 Tips for Planning an Effective Small Business Website
More and more small business owners are realizing that they must have a website in order to compete with their competitors. This articles contains 5 tips that will aid business owners in planning an effective website. A well planned site will be effective and less costly to produce.

866: Content You Should Include on a Membership Website
If you're considering starting a membership website (a site that includes a members-only area), you'll need ideas on who to target and what content to include. This article provides information on these topics.

867: Eight Principles of Successful Non-Profit Web Projects
Building a global online network between multiple stakeholders can be a daunting task. Especially when the primary challenges have less to do with technology and more to do with human emotions. This article boils down three days of meetings with three leaders of best practice web portals into eight simple principles for successful large-scale web projects.

868: Profitable Website Building Information
One Stop profitable website building shop. You'll love the information.

869: A Website Of Your Own - What Customers Really Want
Your customer and prospects want focus, functionality and respect. These elements are what will help bring visitors that are interested in your specific services. The focus of your website is the unique and relevant content that you develop. Let me explain how to increase your site credibility.

870: Affordable Small Business Website Design
When purchasing website design for your small business you are probably looking for a great deal based around price, after all money is tight when you first start up, you need to make every penny count and the number one place to spend money is on advertising and marketing materials. A website can be so much more than just another marketing piece that tells a prospect how much you charge, where your located and what you're selling.

871: Proper Keyword Placement on Your Website
Proper keyword placement on your website is extremely important for your readers and for the search engines that will send you readers. Follow this list for places to locate your keywords and you can't go wrong.

872: How to Use Audio in Marketing Websites
There are different ways to market your website. However, there are certain techniques that work while others simply don't propose much of a difference for your site at all. Audio is a very good way to promote your website.

873: What Internet Marketing Beginners Should Know Before Adding Audio on the Site
Blogging is an incredibly popular tool for internet marketers; literally everyone who wants to be successful over the internet has explored the possibilities of blogging at one time or another. So the challenge that faces internet marketing beginners today is how to let their sites stand out from the rest in its category. As you can see, there are many options that are available to make your site stand out from the rest.

874: Website Development - Should You Use A Splash Page For Your Website?
Some people say that using a splash page as your home page is a bad idea. And that's true. You shouldn't use a splash page as your home page for search engine optimization purposes...

875: Multiple Niche Websites or One Big Authority Site? Advantages and Disadvantages
Depending on where you want to take your business, a multiple niche website can be an excellent platform with which to expand your business and cover a larger market. It could also be a good choice for you if your interests and expertise vary greatly. However, you also have a choice to just focus all your energies on building one site and staking your reputation on it.

876: Content Creation For Your Website - How To Avoid Being Caught In A Legal Bind
When creating content for your website, it's best to be careful about where you get your content from, whether it's from a freelancer or from another website. You do not want to get on the wrong side of the law or get on someone's bad books when it comes to their copyrighted work...

877: Perth Web Development - Fueled By Knowledge And Skills
Web development is accomplished by following a dedicated growth cycle, during which a web developing professional concedes number of stages. The process is initiated by understanding the needs of client and target audiences for the website. However, there is no final stage of web development, as it is a continuous process. The process may require steady modifications after it is introduced in the cyber space.

878: Why is Website Accessibility Important?
Website accessibility is a topic that is seldom even considered when businesses publish their sites to the web. This is due to the simple fact that there is a vast misconception that people who are blind or handicap do not use the computer or the internet.

879: Most Significant Ingredients of Perth Website Design
When a webmaster sit in front of computer, he must be aware of the basic structure of a website. There must not be any sort of fiddling with the design of a website. The website design must understand the focus of website to be designed and lay a strong foundation for the same. For this, there must be long discussion sessions with the client to understand his needs.

880: Distinct Website Design Approaches For Different Web Portals
As these websites are focused at selling different products, they must be integrated with powerful database and easy navigation. It must be capable of providing proficient selling information to the consumers in the form of text as well as graphics. There must be competent search criteria to facilitate consumer with desired products. The website should have features like catalog maintenance and payment processing.

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