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1021: Cascading Style Sheets versus Tables
Once upon a time, 'Gopher' ruled web development and 'Archie' was the mother of all search engines. Since then, there has been incredible advancement in technology and web development has been completely revolutionized. Today, with web standards being changed every alternate day, Cascading Style Sheets or CSS combines the best of HTML, XHTML and Java into one full package.

1022: Creating the Web Page, Fixed or Free Flowing?
Across all fields of creativity the creative mind can become 'blocked', web designers are not free from this creative block. With so many different methods of web design, different colour schemes etc. it is so easy to become over whelmed and this is when the 'block' begins to start.

1023: The Web Design Industry
The growth of this industry is humungous; over the years it has grown almost by 30%. The web has become a tool for communicating, interaction and the growth of businesses. The growth of this industry can be attributed to the use of people of this medium as a business tool to sell their goods or services.

1024: Flash - Creating Shock Waves of Approval
It must have been just another ordinary day, when a young American school kid had some initial thoughts about creating a drawing application for producing computer graphics, way back in the 1980's. However, that day went down in history, as the kid grew up to be the software designer and entrepreneur Jonathan Gay, whose brainchild materialized as one of the most widely used applications on desktops across the world, FLASH. Flash can be defined as a set of definite techniques and technologies used for creating animated and interactive objects in the cyber space.

1025: 10 Rules For Effective Home Pages
People make a split-second judgment of your website. Is it "talking to them?" Is it worth their time to continue reading it? Are you getting the traffic you want? Are visitors converting to customers?

1026: Create A Website That Delivers Maximum Profit
Just like any business, an ecommerce business can be designed to deliver maximum profit. Many web developers take into consideration the content, product or service, optimization and advertising of their web site to maximize profit. Most people start out with a great site that draws people with content.

1027: Apology Free Web Design
It's all too often that clients hear, "I'm sorry, that was a mistake, we will fix it right away." But, it's not very often those words ever make it right. How do you get apology free web design? Look for agencies that have it all: graphic designers, web programmers, and flash designers, working together all in one place.

1028: Designing Your Website For Affiliate Marketing
If you want to start marketing as an affiliate then you need to have your own website. This is the main requirement to start your online business.

1029: Choosing A Flash Designer
Whether it's a nice banner graphic to catch the eye or a moving image to explain a process, a well worked animation on your website can be a great alternative to large blocks of text. Flash Designers are all competent animators and developers who can give you that extra edge to help you get peoples' attention, and then most importantly keep it.

1030: Dont Spend Money On A Website Before Reading This!
Learn how to get yourself or your business a website for free! Learn what to look for and remember when something claims its free, it should really be free..no payment information should ever be required!

1031: Unfinished Websites and How to Avoid Them
You know the kind of sites mentioned: flash-based, animated, sleek-looking but devoid of content and just screams unfinished. If you happen to look at the last update, it may weeks or even months old. Perfect examples of abandoned sites waiting for the hosting and domain to expire.

1032: The Dos and Donts of Web Design
The beauty of web design is its innate accessibility. Accessible in the sense that almost anybody with an access to a computer and the internet can start doing it. This innate accessibility is also its downfall, due to the fact that the sheer amount of people getting into web development means the amount of faux pas that is committed is increased exponentially. To help aspiring web designers, provided is a short list of DOs and DON'Ts regarding website maintenance.

1033: A Favicon Increases Your Websites Visibility
A Favicon is the acronym for- "Favorites Icon". It is a tiny graphic that replaces the standard web page icon in your browser's Address bar. It is a small image placed in the web site root directory and is a resource file used by web sites to customize a visitor's experience of the site in their browser.

1034: Color Choices On The Web - What Do They Mean?
Whether you're new to the art of web design or you're a seasoned veteran, choosing an appropriate and aesthetically appealing color scheme can be difficult. This article will briefly describe some of the basic principles associated with color choices on the web. The Basics Due to the endless amount of different computer configurations, it's often difficult to determine exactly how various colors will be rendered on a particular computer.

1035: Some Effective Ways Of Planning A Website
An article that explains some great ways to plan a website. A lot of useful tips to give your site a good kick start.

1036: How Can Small Websites Shine?
The key to a successful Website is content. Content alone will drive visitors to your site, and compel your prospects or customers to form a valuable opinion about your company. With over 7 million Websites being added every month, how will your site stand out? The way to get your Web site noticed by search engines and then to get those prospects to stay and keep coming back comes from the content on your Website alone. There are no two ways around this fact.

1037: My Tip For Creating Websites
So you want to build a website and at this point you may be very excited. There seems to be so much opportunity online that it seems that you cannot go wrong.

1038: Site Builders That Work
For newbie's starting out with an online venture the notion of building a site can be a challenging one. There is so much information out there it's hard to know where to start. What direction should you go in to yield the best results?

1039: How You Can Benefit From Having A Plug-In Profit Site
There are a number of advantages to having a plug-in profit site. From having a fully automated site built for you to receiving an autoresponder as well, this is an offer you simply do not want to pass up.

1040: Small Business Web Site Development, Design - Hosting
Anybody who wants to start a business looks for minimum investment & maximum returns, especially small businesses where capital is low. The cheapest mode of marketing your business & letting people know about your products/services is internet. That's the reason why lots & lots of small business enterprises are now looking for internet marketing as a new potential area of business.

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