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1041: Quick And Easy Web Design For Slackers Or The Technologically Challenged
So you've got an awesome product or service for sale and want the world to know about it? Well, that's a no-brainer. Set up a website and market it online. What's that you say? You have no idea how to do that or you simply don't have the time, patience, or motivation to do it yourself? Try this simple, affordable solution.

1042: Why Do You Choose A Professional Website Design Company
Website design is not a tough job at all. But the first thing you should consider whenever you want to create your website is to select a Professional website design company.

1043: 5 Ways to Design and Host a Website For Less Than $200
In today's competitive business market, it is essential to have a presence on the internet. One basic way to enjoy that presence is through a company website. A decade ago, designing and hosting a website was intimidating, overwhelming and expensive; but not anymore. Here are five simple ways to design your website.

1044: Creating An Online Portfolio Of Web Design
This article explains some good tips on creating an online portfolio of web design. An excellent read for new freelancers.

1045: How To Build A Website Which Designs The Growth Of Your Profitable Small Business
This article is offered as a resource to educate you about some research work which is done before you build a website for your small business. A good and user friendly design is the foundation for any successful site.

1046: Define Your Audience Before Creating A Website
The internet is a source of free-flowing information that everyone is connecting. From this context, building a website is to communicate. In other words, the first thing you must decide in creating a website is who your audience is. Determining your audience-what they do, what they want, and what they looking for- is a crucial factor because this will rely on how you will plan, implement, and design the over- all output of your website.

1047: Effective Web Design - Success Tool For Business
We all know that Internet is the newest place where you can trade, buy and sell your products. But achieving your goal of making good sales lies in the number of visitors and traffic to your site.

1048: Fundamental Principles of Web Design
There is a massive gap between web designers and professional web designers, a lot of web designers miss the core fundamentals of all design. In this article I will help you to avoid some of these common problems.

1049: Golden Rules of Effective Web Design
Every web designer has different ideas on what effective web sites should include or dis-include. This article attempts to outline core design rules that if followed will improve web design techniques and end products.

1050: Importance Of Color Schemes In Web Design
In marketing sense, a website provides the necessary information about the company and it is intelligently designed to communicate to visitors. Hence, the question in what way does a websites communicate to visitors is an important issue to achieve an effective web design.

1051: All About Rich Media
The term Rich Media refers to a broad range of digital interactive media that can either be downloadable or embedded in a webpage. When downloaded, it can be used or viewed offline using media players such as Microsoft Media Player, Real Networks' RealPlayer, or Apple's QuickTime.

1052: Inside Scoop On Building A Killer Converting Website That Will Be Irresitable To Users
One of the most overlooked aspects of a new website is the design. I see many new websites with terrible designs that severely impact their performance. In this article I would like to go over the basics of what makes a good website. If you apply these you will notice a big improvement in your results.

1053: Does Your Website Need Its Diaper Changed?
Just like you mow your lawn, cut your hair, and change the oil in your car, your website needs maintenance work done too. You wouldn't let your child sit for weeks around in its own waste, would you? So why let your website sit with old design, outdated content, and lacking all of the modern amenities that make the web so attractive and popular?

1054: What You Must Do Before You Hire a Web Designer
If you're about to hire a Web design firm or freelancer, you should read this article. It will help you determine in advance what you need know to hire the right Web designer for your new business website.

1055: How Can An Effective Web Design Boost Your Business?
These days, it is a cut-throat competition. Unless you take advantage of the resources and the latest technologies right now, you may never be able to make it and eventually compete with other businesspeople in your field. Hence, you have to make sure that you can build your own website and should also ensure that you have implemented an effective website design.

1056: ABCs of Web Development
Here are the simple ABC's of web development. A. Graphics Graphics is very essential in web development because this is what visitors gauze your site if it is worthy of their time.

1057: Essentials Of Web Development
Web development when properly planned is likely to bring success and will help you achieve your goal in designing or maintaining a website, whilst enabling your site to become popular with viewers. Before you begin to plan your web site you should consider these pointers.

1058: WebAssist Super Suite Dreamweaver Extensions for PHP, ASP or Coldfusion Website Developers
Develop dynamic database-driven Dreamweaver websites effortlessly with this set of Dreamweaver extensions. Easily build complete CSS websites at the click of a button and include dynamic database functionality without touching the code! Save time and make more money as a website designer or developer by building websites that would cost tens of thousands of dollars if built by professional developers.

1059: Importance of XHTML Valid Themes
Most webmasters have a desire to provide their websites with an impressive appearance. Although there are numerous tools available, the best amongst them is the XHTML Valid Theme. It is even more popular in the blogging zones where it can automatically make a RSS feed.

1060: Features To Avoid When Designing Your Website
There are a number of do's and don'ts when designing a web page in this article we will discuss some of the more important don'ts when designing web sites. The main purpose of a website is to keep the viewer interested in your services so the last thing you want to do is put them off through design flaws.

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