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1081: Why You Should Use Graphic Templates
They want to own a unique identity and hence will always find a professional graphic designer to do the job. Well, you're in for a big surprise! When you purchase a graphic template, you will be able to customize it to an extent or even build a totally new design based on it!

1082: Five Ways To Improve Your Website
When it comes to your website design, extra attention should be paid to every detail to make sure the design achieves its purpose. Here are a few rules of thumb to make sure your website performs well.

1083: How To Make Your Web Design Interactive
The importance of effective website design can never be undermined. Right from having the potential to attract new customers to getting you more sales, a good quality and attractive web design is something that can mean the difference between a no sale and an actual purchase! Clean design One of the biggest mistakes most people make is to clutter up their website with unnecessary content and imagery.

1084: Benefits of Using Web 2.0 Designs
Web 2.0 designs can be better defined as an additional ability for web users, which has empowered the users enough freedom to carry out numerous tasks what they want, improve and judge their experience.

1085: Boost Your Business - Choose Affordable Web Packages Suiting Your Need
The Internet is enormous at leveling the field for businesses. Where you can put up a site and immediately compete with huge companies on an international basis. It seems that most successful businesses these days have web sites, even businesses that service only certain geographic areas. If you have a product oriented business, the Internet offers an exclusive ability to reach a broad audience.

1086: The Origins of Online Video Spokesperson Technology
Have you ever visited a site that seems ordinary enough until suddenly in comes this person, seemingly out of nowhere, who starts to talk directly to you? He/She doesn't seem to be part of the site because he's/she's in front of the site. It's an extremely novel experience and a lot of web owners are buying into it. The person you see above the website is called an Online Video Spokesperson and it's the latest marketing tool in web technology.

1087: The Rise of the Online Video Spokesperson
Although many would say that people are a lot more media savvy today than they were yesterday the trend towards more interactive and personal approaches to presentation seems to give a lie to this claim. With the onslaught of computer handled services such as online banking, ATMs, online applications, online learning, etc. many look for that personal touch so often lacking in these services simply because there are no person to person interactions here. While automated services made life a lot easier and processing time a lot quicker, there is now a demand for more personalized service. And what could be more PERSONAL than an actual PERSON on screen telling you about their products and services?

1088: The Online Video Spokesperson Presents A Personal Touch
Just when you think you can't get any more interactive with Flash, DHTML and other dynamic tools available on the web today something else comes along to add new meaning to the word "interactivity". The latest buzz in web technology is Online Video Spokesperson. Online Video Spokesperson Technology gives the viewer the illusion that someone in front of the screen is talking directly to them.

1089: Interesting Web Design Tips
Computers are great tools when it comes to web design. But there is no easier way than using a piece of paper and pencil to jot down how you want your web site to look like. While using these, you may quickly draw the creativity in your mind on paper.

1090: Web Design - Check Out Your Spelling
For your web site to attain your goals, your audience has to trust you. The web design industry has become extremely competitive. Should you commit simple mistakes, you might lose ground on your competitors.

1091: Website Builder - The Easiest Way To Master Your Destiny
Making your own web site as an idea is such a scary, shaky job. You have to arrange many things such as captions, photos and tittles, advertisements, and so with mail service providing, in order to have an operational an effective web site. Burden? No problem. There are semi automated services present in the internet in making a personalized web site. Frequently, a web site can be done in a very short period of time.

1092: 11 Mistakes Business Owners Make Online - Part 1
The first mistake I'd like to start off with is a big mistake and, obviously, that's why it's number one. The biggest mistake I see business owners making on the Internet is the fact that they employ a graphic designer to build their website. Now, I'm not saying graphic designers do not have a place.

1093: Real Estate Web Design - Make the Right Impression
The idea behind creating a simple Real Estate Web Design is to have the right mix of great design and easy to comprehend content. Emphasis is given to a very lean search engine friendly code and markup, properly formed URLs and access to content, along with high end graphics and presentation.

1094: Eight Steps to Design a Complete Friendly Website
Many web-designers give far too much significance to the look and the graphics of the website while ignoring the intangibility of the source code. Clean and well-written code is the first step to website design achievement. If a spider cannot find your keywords, you might just as well forget search engine optimization. ...

1095: Common Mistakes in Website Design
Just when you thought that you have the coolest website design in the World Wide Web, you just realize that everything has been wrong all along. You're not ranking well in search engines, and you're not driving the right kind of traffic from your target market. Simply put, your products and services are not availed, and you're not gaining the profit you've wanted.

1096: A Simple Guide To Anchor Text
You have probably heard those words before, "anchor text" and you may have thought what is anchor text? Well, Anchor text is simply the words that you see on the webpage for a link. If you have ever seen Click here and it is mostly likely highlighted and/or underlined, then you have seen anchor text being used.

1097: Choose the Right Website Designing Company For Real Estate Online Business
It is a proven fact that a well-built website design can be the best marketing tool for your company's aspirations and needs. Therefore, you need to be really particular about the layout presentation and infrastructure development of a website to convey your real message to users. In this article, we'll talk about the features of a worthy web designing company for fulfilling the demands of a real estate business providing idx services for internet users.

1098: Artist - The Template Site Does Not Take the Place of a Genuine Website
Artist - and while we're at it, other professionals and semi-professionals and small businesses - don't think that a puny little site created and hosted by a company that builds the site for you will look professional and give you a decent presence on the web. It won't.

1099: Landing Page - How To Create One That Is Relevant
Let's look at the requirement of an effective webpage as it relate to your adwords campaign or other advertisement that directs people to your webpage. We will give you some important tips on how to make your prospect want to spend more time on your page and opt in for your offer.

1100: You Can Build Your Own Great Web Site
Building a professional Web site is possible, even for the beginner. It's inexpensive and it's nice to be your own Web master in order to make quick changes.

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