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1101: The Importance of an Effective Homepage - How to Present Dynamic Website Content
Looking for a way to attract more attention to your website? Offer a fresh face and new content on a regular basis and you'll find people will check back to see what's new and you'll have a tool to measure what attracts and what doesn't. Here's how to do it.

1102: Have You Registered A Domain Name And Ready To Create A Website?
Did you already buy your domain name and ready to build your web site? If you did, you need to take a look at this article to see what else you need to do before creating your website.

1103: Web Development and Full Integration
Most fully integrated sites did not start off that way. In most cases they worked through issues they could easily address and then added features as their knowledge and confidence grew in relation to the their site development skills.

1104: Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services to India
Today more and more number of IT companies is outsourcing their web development services to developing countries like India. There are plenty of good quality outsourcing web development companies located in India and provide a ready resource of quality talent. So why outsource?

1105: Web Site Technology - Consider Your Options
If you're considering getting into web site development, take the time to consider your options. There are several good options available for the technology and platform you use to develop your web site, but not all options are treated equal. Read this article to get a jump start on understanding the primary options and when they should be considered.

1106: Simple Website Creation That Will Make You Money
As you know we are all fond of the easy things in life. We all like the path of least resistance. The easier we can find our way the better for us.

1107: SEO and Web Site Building
If you are considering building a web site for your business, then you will more than likely like it to rank in the search engines. There are many factors that influence website rankings...

1108: How To Create A Money Making Website - Avoid This Mistake
I think the biggest mistake many of us make when we set out to build a website to make money is not to think out clearly how we are going to achieve this under our given set of circumstances. We immediately jump on whatever bad wagon promises the best opportunity and hope to be able to achieve the same results. While hope is always nice it is action that will bring results.

1109: How to Choose the Right Web Development Partner
With rising needs of web development industry, it becomes imperative to choose the right partner for a successful project. The choice of partner will very much impact the overall delivery and implementation for your online presence on World Wide Web.

1110: Web Site Monetization - Turn Your Web Site into a Money Maker
It's fun to have your own web site or blog, but wouldn't it be more fun if your web site was making you money? Learn the some of the common ways you can make money with your web site or blog. Don't miss out on your chance to make some easy money.

1111: How To Create A Successful Website
Every one of us wants to create a successful website. No one wants to fail. As a consequence of this many of us are out there looking for the silver bullet. Now to me the silver bullet lies within you.

1112: How to Have Your New Virtual Assistant Website Built the Cheap Way
Normally, if you want a professionally designed, custom-built website for your new virtual assistant business, you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars. But, all that can change if you know where to find the best deals and the best designs for the lowest price.

1113: Website Header Templates, Make Your Site Look Professional
Making a professional header for your web site can definitely go a long way in improving the website's overall presentation. Generally, the header is going to be displayed on all of your pages, therefore you will need a well designed header so that your web site looks unique. In order to achieve this there are several ready made header schemes available over the internet. They are known as website header templates.

1114: Entrepreneurs - Who Gets to Keep the Website After You Divorce Your Webmaster?
Attention all entrepreneurs and small business owners! Do you know the answer to this question: Who gets to keep the website after you divorce your webmaster?

1115: An Easy-to-Read Website For Your International Visitors First Impression
Creating a localized website will be a lot easier if your website is already easy for your international visitors to read. Ensuring your website is easy to read for foreign visitors to your website is an important step in internationalizing your website.

1116: ITS ALIVE! How Flash Animation Revives the Dead
Flash uses the same principle as Dr. Frankenstein, but without the awful smell and having to get your hands dirty. Instead of using body parts from the dead, flash uses mostly vector based graphics to bring your message to life. But, be careful. Too much flash and you can create a monster! Ardis can help you draw the line.

1117: Website Builders - Free or Fee?
When you hear about a free website builder, it is immediately tempting to want to jump right in and start creating your website. Though a free web maker will have the advantage of not costing anything, it might not be beneficial to your business. You should look carefully at the pros and cons of using one, before investing your time in using one to make your website.

1118: 8 Landing Page Optimization Tips
How do visitors come to your website? Did they came from search engines when they click onto your paid ads? If it is so, what are they searching for? Have you optimized your landing page or website to conforms according to meet their needs? Are they searching for something specific which leads them eventually to your website or landing page. Are they here looking for information or are here to shop for a product or service? If your website or landing page doesn't relate to their needs, don't blame them for immediately clicking away from your website.

1119: Why Should I Have A Professional Website Designed For My Business?
There are many reasons why every business should have a website. My business is small. Could a website really be of any benefit? Having a website is as essential today as having business cards or a telephone number.

1120: How David Can Still Beat Goliath Or Why Your Own Website Is Better Than The Yellow Pages
You were promised awesome results from your yellow pages ad, but now you aren't getting the results you expected, and it seems to cost more every year. Either you or your competition are going to figure it out first, you need a website and you need it now, but how? You can overcome the lack of knowledge and ability, and for less than you might expect. Find out what your competitors don't want you to know, before it's too late.

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