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1221: The Importance Of Good Website Design
Websites have become more and more important over the last ten years or so, to the extent that now most people use many websites each day for email, shopping, work, socialising and entertainment. In fact, there are many thousands of businesses that trade purely online. They get their customers there, they convince them to buy, they get their customers address and payment, all on the web.

1222: Websites for Real Estate Agents
A real estate agent, like any business, needs a professional looking website. People expect to have access to listings, images, local information, and it should be easy to contact the agent or broker. Offering the possibility to search the MLS listings is a plus, and a real estate website should have the tools necessary for visitors to contact the realtor easily about a listing, or to request information or reports.

1223: Web Design Jargon Explained
Weather you are a novice at web design who wants to take up web design as a career or you are someone who wants to get a website designed, the right way to start by knowing and understanding some common web design jargon. Here is a brief explanation to some selected web design jargon that can get you going.

1224: Understand The Customer And Their Needs When Planning A Website Design
Understanding you customer and their needs is necessary in order to provide to right service or product. Information in sales is King.

1225: Importance of Flash in Graphic Designs
Flash, when used in a planned way helps a website create its effect a great way. It allows programmers do fascinating designs, thereby adding potentiality to your website.

1226: Basics About an Effective Web Design
Website design and development is important but more important is designing a website that is effective in terms of generating enquires. This requires a basic understanding of the basic of web design and development.

1227: Wisely Adding Graphics to Your Web
Online visitors may give a website a good or bad impression depending on the quality and creativity of the designs it has. So in order to create professional-looking websites, simple tips must be followed.

1228: 6 Reasons You Should Use CSS In Your Website
Today most web designers are using CSS within building a website. CSS simply means Cascading Style Sheet. This is a separate page to your main website and no one but you and your designer will see it.

1229: Good Web Design for Business Success
Ecommerce business now leads the way in online money making ventures. The fact that consumers are purchasing billions of merchandise online every year has encouraged many merchants to venture into online marketing. Online shopping is the rage these days.

1230: Designing A Basic But Effective E-Commerce Web Site
To an online entrepreneur, an ecommerce website is the most important factor for the success of his business. The website will serve as the storefront that will display the products to the prospective customers. In the same manner the website will be the sales person and the cashier as after the customer have chosen and purchased the products online payment will be made by typing in the credit card number on the slot provided.

1231: Using Photoshop For Good Web Design
Much hype was given to search engine optimization. Needless to say, a top rank on the search engine result would basically give an online business an assurance of success. But equally important to the high rank in SERPs is the overall look of the page.

1232: E-Commerce Sites Can Really Increase A Companies Profits But Must Have A Good User Friendly Design
Many E-commerce systems can be deemed a failure, the reason for a failure is they fail to what they are suppose to do 'make money'. One of the main reasons for this is that they're designs are putting browsers off.

1233: Struggling To Create Professional Content For Your Web Site, Why Not Employ A Professional
One of the most important aspect of web design that often gets neglected is the actual content on the website (text). If the content on your website does not sound professional it may put users off your services as they will not take you seriously. If you are struggling you should consider hiring some one to help you put together your content.

1234: A Site That Exemplifies Basic Web Design
"Betty's Attic" is a site laid out in such a fashion as many other sites should strive to be laid out as. Although a bit gaudy for this authors' taste I felt that when the designer of this site went to work on it, he/she did so with every intention of first sticking to the basic design principles.

1235: Optimization - Why Web Pages Need To Be Optimized
Keeping in mind that search engines are not humans, they are programs written by humans and can't actually see the images or read the text on the webpage therefore it is important to impart to them information that will lead the search engine to your webpage when it is looking for the information. It is important to have content on each page that is relevant and useful for the visitor to the page.

1236: Get Your CMS To Hit The Targets You Want
With more than a thousand Content Management System (CMS) vendors, organizations face tough choices navigating the tricky waters of technology. A CMS solution that is perfect for a large company may be ineffective for an SMB as it has no use for features that are used extensively by a larger enterprise.

1237: Take The Time To Get Your Home Page Right
If you take the time to get your home page right the traffic will follow. The most vital part of your website is your home page.

1238: What Makes a Good Web Designer?
Wannabes need to perform high in order to learn the art of website design. 6 Tips given below will guide to start a carrier as a good web designer.

1239: Language in Websites - Do you Understand Pickles?
If you can't understand I have pickles for sale, then I've lost the opportunity to show you my crisp, delectable, abundant supply of them. It's best to research your customer's language needs and characteristics before you start developing your website to help avoid costly mistakes such as, insulting, confusing, or angering your customers.

1240: IT'S ALIVE! How Flash Animation Revives the Dead
Flash uses the same principle as Dr. Frankenstein, but without the awful smell and having to get your hands dirty. Instead of using body parts from the dead, flash uses mostly vector based graphics to bring your message to life. But, be careful. Too much flash and you can create a monster! Ardis can help you draw the line.

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