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1341: Website Design Preparation, Planning and Considerations
A website is an international advertisement, therefore business website design preparation and planning requires a combination of many skills: business acumen, visualization, advertising knowledge, creativity, technical know how, etc. Hoping to be excused by critics, I would dare to compare the entire website design process with wine making which involves planning, collecting the choicest grapes, fermenting, maturing, bottling, advertising and selling the product. The inner satisfaction felt by a wine maker when he watches the wine mature before his eyes is similar to the pleasure felt by a web designer when he observes his project evolve.

1342: The Layout for a Good Web Design
The simplicity of a web design is basically the foundation of the beauty and appeal of a website. Although you may have a lot of content, viewers will see the appealing organizational structure of your website. You need to make sure that your selections are direct to the point and clear. You need to check that the bits of descriptive text are well written.

1343: Could It Be High Time to Change Your Web Design?
Did you just create your website for the sake of being able to say that you were able to create one? Or did you have a hard time designing your website since you do not have experience on it and ended up settling with whatever viewable website you were able to come up? If you answered yes to these, then it would absolutely be imperative to start redesigning your website.

1344: Integrating Hyperlinks Into a Good Web Design
In professional web design, you would certainly be coming across hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are basically the words which are highlighted that we could click on a certain web page to go to other areas of the website or to other online resources.

1345: Web Design Elements
There are several web design elements that you need to remember in order for your website to be successful. Here are some things, which must be done.

1346: Good Web Designing Company - How to Find One?
Being able to have a website which is your own or is dedicated to your business is a big thing. After making a decision that you would be setting up a website, the next step to do would be to decide whether you would be designing it on your own or if you would be getting the services of a web design company.

1347: Affordable Web Design
With the industry of building websites at its all-time high, it is inevitable for companies to start offering affordable web design services. As we all know, having a website is a very powerful tool for business owners to use so that they would be able to reach out to consumers, as a lot of people use the Internet for commerce, information, business solutions and almost everything they need.

1348: Choosing the Most Successful Web Design
Creating a web design is a task that would require a considerable amount of creativity and effort. There are a lot of web designing firms and individuals who offer this service however, there are some who opt to do this task on their own. Although it could sound rather complex and challenging, it is not really that hard to do.

1349: Helpful Advice Regarding Web Design
The number of people who are being more and more interested in the art and concepts of web design are increasing by the second. Whether it would be use for business or for personal use, a lot of people are trying to learn everything they can about good web design.

1350: Web Design - SEO
Have you ever wondered why there are some pretty questionable looking sites on the first page, search engines only look at the code, not the design, but your visitors will not stay if you have a site they can't figure out. Some tips on how to keep your visitors on your site and implement your SEO campaign properly.

1351: 2 Major Types Of Small Business Web Site Design
To have an online identity in the era of internet, marketing a web site is a must. It is the online representation of any business with an access to sell company's name, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sale of company's products or services, it helps to reap more return on investment.

1352: Web Design - Web Site Buyers Guide
Running a business is not easy. So much to do and to think about! A decision about your company's website is one of many on your plate but it could be one of the most important. Whether you need a website and what sort depends on the nature of your business, target market and ways you are planing to reach your potential clients. A website can be a highly functional selling tool or a simple on-line brochure.

1353: Interacting With Your Visitors
When creating a website that provides information or instructions, an accompanying FAQ page is often included. FAQ is an acronym that stands for frequently asked questions. Over time it is necessary to update your site and add the answers to the FAQs to your content so they can be removed from the list.

1354: Website Development Advice - 6 Questions to Answer Before Design Begins
The difference between an attractive website and an effective website can be vast. You need both. Don't put the graphic design cart before the internet-marketing horse. Consider these six questions carefully before the design phase begins, and you will dramatically improve your website results.

1355: Webpage Layout Criteria
When you create your webpage layout, there are elements that should be present on every page. One of the first is the banner. The banner lets the visitor know they are on the same site even though they have gone to a different page within the site.

1356: Constructing a Sitemap
Sitemaps provide an easy way for visitors to see and navigate the layout of your website. A sitemap is not just for human visitors, but search engine spiders as well. Your sitemap should be constructed like the outline of a book.

1357: Website Builder - What You Should Know
The technological developments of the Internet have revolutionized the nature of international commerce and worldwide communication. The mass adoption of the Internet can be evidenced by the millions of households, businesses, and institutions worldwide that are currently hooked up with Internet access.

1358: How Much Is A Design Worth?
A problem faced by all design agencies and freelancers is to determine how much a design should cost, and this is sometimes a very frustrating issue. I think there are two major causes for today's embarrassing situation.

1359: Site Builder Issues - Why Shoeless Joe Was Wrong
Unfortunately, many people are living a perfect example of if you build it, they won't come. Building your site with a standard site builder that doesn't allow for HTML, FTP access, root directory access and easy addition of new pages to grow your site content, is setting yourself up for failure.

1360: Web Design and Multimedia
In the early stages of web design, the first Internet browsers had support for text only, and even the text support was limited to a single font in a single color, and little or nothing else. Then came web browsers with support for color, fonts and text styles, and the support for pictures was added. The support for sounds, animations and videos is handled in different ways by different browsers.

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