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1361: Web Design Navigation and Architecture
When web designers design a website a user must be able to access the content and information on a website without much effort. This is the aim when designing the site navigation.

1362: Why Flash Websites Are A Poor Choice
Flash websites are the rage right now, but these sites have fewer pros than cons. Flash websites have a number of accessibility issues and will limit your ability to optimize for search engine ranking.

1363: How to Improve Bounce Rates to Get More Action
One of the biggest problems on websites, especially coaching websites, is a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is the rate at which people simply "bounce" off of your website; specifically, your home page. For instance, a person might land on your home page and won't click further to any other pages.

1364: HTML - A Beginners First Steps - Working with Colors
Due to this article being hosted online I can't actually show you a tag as the webpage you are reading would make it invisible Tags begin with a "" symbol. For the purpose of this

1365: Online Marketing Works, But Our Web Sites Don't?
The Internet is the world's biggest marketplace, allowing both buyers and sellers unprecedented access, flexibility and capability to scale the business of buying and selling. Not surprisingly, the amount of money being spent in online business initiatives is consistently registering greater heights.

1366: Custom Web Design - Parts of a Successful Website
It's not at all jazz and flash when it comes to creating a successful website design. Read on to find out the do's and don'ts of creating a website that delivers the money.

1367: 10 Secrets To Eliciting The Best Possible Work From Your Web Designer
The most effective and professional web sites are often a group effort on the part of the client and the designer. Preparing sufficiently beforehand, taking your time to select the most suitable individual or design team and asking the right questions can make all the difference.

1368: Ten Tips on How to Find The Right Web Designer for Your Business
A talented individual or company can give your website a professional touch and make it stand out from your competitors. However, you should spend some time to find the right web designer to meet your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you make your final decision.

1369: Advantages of Joomla CMS Templates for your Website
CMS is friendly software used for managing the content of web design projects. You can also use CMS for keeping your documents and sharing them with your colleagues.

1370: Web Site Builder - Expressing Yourself Online
As the Internet developed, it has brought about many changes globally in how people communicate and in international commerce. It is easy to tell that the Internet is really gaining momentum because so many households and businesses not have Internet connectivity.

1371: How To Make A Website That Suits Your Needs
Building a web site is perhaps the first thing which you must do if you want to set up an online business. We make use of web sites for sending or receiving e-mails, for purchasing products or services and even for dating. The field of electronic commerce is growing at an unbelievable pace. Online businesses are making billions of dollars. In this article, we will try to answer the question- "how to make a website".

1372: Website Globalization - International Success With Languages
The demographics of online uses is rapidly changing, bringing is languages many would not expect. This article explains the importance of understanding the need to present information in many languages.

1373: Website Design And Making The Sale
There are three questions you should be asking when designing every web page. And with dozens of websites trying to woo away your hard earned visitors, what can you do to keep them there and make the sale.

1374: Free Hit Counter For Web Page
What does a hit counter on your website actually do for you? We see them on websites all over the web. They are usually found on smaller sites or sites that are much less well known, but this isn't always the case. Why do web developers put these hit counters on their sites. The answers are simple and straightforward.

1375: How Much Do You Think You Should Pay For Web Content?
Some web content may be cheap to buy, but why buy it when you can make your own web content for free? This article will hopefully make it clear for you why you should create your own content instead of buying it from others.

1376: How Using Custom Graphics for Your Minisite Design Increases Sales Conversions
You've got to be sharp, sophisticated and sleek in seven seconds. That's how long you have to catch your customers' eyes and convince them to read your offer. If a picture is a thousand words, what is your custom ministe graphic design telling web site visitors to your site? This article will help you clearly identify how to tell them exactly what you want to say effectively.

1377: Custom Online Graphic Design For a Full Mini Site That Pulls Sales Like Crazy
Direct response online sales is what more and more businesses are finding they need to integrate in order to compete with those who are already doing it. No other medium than the internet levels the playing field so dramatically giving small business owners and start ups equal footing with even larger corporations depending on how resourceful and knowledgeable the owner is when it comes to internet marketing.

1378: Unlock The Secrets To Give Your Site An Extreme Makeover That Will Boost Profits
I remember the first website that I designed. It was a really fun site. However, today if I look back at it I will laugh. The reason is that I did not really have a scientific approach to it and that was probably the reason why it did not earn me any money.

1379: Web Page Templates
The entire concept of web page templates has undergone a metamorphosis. The uses of web based presentations have grown rapidly. Comprehensive template designs are available. Major software has hit the market in niche segments making it easier for professionals to have virtual offices.

1380: How To Create A Profit-Pulling Sales Page
This article covers the factors that have the greatest influence upon the success of a sales page. It shows how to combine these factors to produce a page that optimises the number of sales you make whilst keeping your financial outlay to a minimum.

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