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1421: Websites - Start to Finish
Wanna Website? Better yet, wanna website within your time frame and budget? Start with a some "goal-searching".

1422: New Years Website Health Check
There has never been a better time than right now to give your website a health check. Businesses around the country are using the start of the New Year as a great excuse for redefining goals and setting new targets, so why not include improving your website as one of your New Year's resolutions?

1423: Know What Web Design Qualities Just Might Get You Hired!
Have you wondered how someone selects a professional web designer or developer? Is it important that a female client find a female designer? Does cost really matter? How do most people find "their" designer? I intend to share a glimpse into the minds of the prospective client. I recently conducted a survey with my existing clientele. Although I realize this is not the most scientifically accurate survey because the information is from a select pool, the data I compiled will still be helpful for anyone thinking about freelancing or growing their current freelance business.

1424: Do You Want To Create A Website Free?
Today there are millions of websites online. You do a search and find 1000s of site offering anything from clothing to houses. Who creates these sites for them?

1425: New Technology in Web Development - Mobi and Web Videos
This article gives an overview of .mobi web sites and Web Video technologies that are empowering the businesses to enhance the online presence of the web site owners in order for deploying right technologies to drive their business further.

1426: The Killer Sales Page
Your internet marketing sales page can make all the difference between success and failure. If it's clumsily worded and full of grammatical errors, it's a real turnoff. If your presentation lacks the professional touch, your sales will suffer.

1427: Build Your Own Website For Free
What did we ever do before we had the Internet? It seems like these days everyone is doing everything online. Some people love their e-mail so much that they check it numerous times a day. Others like the many shopping opportunities the web affords. There are many websites which allow people to meet and interact with other people who have similar likes and points of view.

1428: Ten Tips for Building a Successful Dental Website
Dentists, who previously relied primarily on the Yellow Pages for promotion, are learning the advantages of building a website for their dental practice. They understand that by having a dental service website, they are expanding their options to grow their practice. This is because over 70% of U.S Residents now turn to the Internet as a key resource for finding professional service providers such as dentists.

1429: How To Find Relevant Keywords For Your Website
If you desire to make your website appear in top pages of search listing, you need to find out keywords that are most relevant to your website. Apart from your own innovation imagination, there are three ways to figure out your keywords.

1430: Websites For Business
In order to have a viable business in today's market you must create a website. When shoppers are looking for something to buy, they are looking for a company they trust who is professional. When they see a professional web site, they are encouraged to see that the business is reliable.

1431: Website Designing - How to Design Websites That Works!
In today's technologically driven society just about anyone can build a website but not everyone can build a website that works. The reality is that while there are many affordable tools and services available, there is a large number of website that are just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Just because you can build a website doesn't mean that the world is going to beat a path to your site.

1432: Does Your Website Have a Call To Action?
What is your company's website aiming for? Well, definitely as an entrepreneur your main aim is to sell the products of your company through your website. In order to grow interest in the minds of the visitors, you might use convincing words and attract them towards using your products. But the success of the site can be evaluated through the growth of the online sales of the company. Any website is loaded with valuable information, but when this information is added with a call to action, the site can achieve a great start.

1433: Building A Yahoo Web Site!
Whether you are looking to open up an online version of your own business or you are looking to reach a wider audience for a business that is just starting out, there are many reasons to take a look and find out what a Yahoo web site can do for you. By setting up a Yahoo web site, you will be able to take advantage of the many different web authoring tools that are available to you. This can be a great experience for people who are just getting started with building an online presence.

1434: Websites for Beginners - 7 Tips to Know Before Building Your First Website
Having your own website is an exciting venture and it can also be a total nightmare, depending on whether or not you do your homework first. In my 7 years of helping coaches and other service professionals build their websites, I've learned the following tips that you absolutely MUST know before stepping into cyberspace. You may already have a handle on a few of these and, if you do, congratulations!

1435: Working with Session Variables in PHP - Part 2
In Part 1 we took a very quick look at session variables and what they are. In Part 2 we'll look at how to use them.

1436: How To Build An Effective Website That Will Generate Income For You Over The Long Term
So you want to build a website. You may at this point be a little intimidated by all the information out there. This is understandable. The key ingredient at this point is focus. I spent a lot of my time initially jumping form one idea to the next

1437: Build A Better Business Site
A good web site is one of the most important assets a small business can have, but what exactly makes a business web site "good?" To some extent, the answer depends on what type of industry you are in. But certain elements are common to most business sites, and should be implemented regardless of your type of business.

1438: Website Globalization - How To Localize Your Website
Companies often adopt a progressive approach to localization. In part due to the time it takes to translate the website, the investment in translation, and also to refine the local marketing strategies. In this case, the company will localize the website before translating all of the web content.

1439: About Web Site Design Usability
A good website provides the first hand information about your company and its operations. Therefore, it must have the best visibility in all important search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

1440: Corporate Website Design - Way to Advertise Your Website
With the popularity of the internet, online business has taken a sharp new turn to generate better competitive environment and more opportunities to reach to new heights. Organizations have now understood the special meaning of having a customized website to knock the doors of their ultimate users with extreme ease and ease.

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