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1441: Advanced Website Secrets - Learn How To Create A Killer Site That Converts
With the increase in the number of websites today and the fierce competition it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert visitors into customers. This problem is exaggerated by many companies who have very poorly designed websites.

1442: The Web Site Building Guideline And Why You Have To Have One Website
If you are involved in any kind of business these days, and I mean pretty much anything with very few exceptions, and you still don't have a Web site, more likely than not you hear lots of people telling you that you should have a site developed for your business. The fact is that the Internet is too huge a market for any business to be able to neglect it.

1443: Raising A Website Properly - Optimizing and Designing Your Website From The Beginning
In easy and simple terms, understand exactly what a website designer and search engine optimizer are hired to do. No confusing concepts and no deep theory. Written for the public and good for any professional needing to explain website design and search engine optimization.

1444: Website Designing for Your Company's Identity
The Internet is the most widely used medium for gathering information. Nowadays, each and every company, whether big or small, are creating their own website in order to make their presence felt in the World Wide Web. That's why it is necessary that you spend a good amount of time and money on planning in order to give an impressive outlook to your website and thus, to your company.

1445: How To Use Graphics and Color in Web Design
According to some recent research, use of color and graphics motivates the readers up to 80% and boosts the sales of your products and ideas from 55% to 85%. So, you should use proper colors and graphics in order to catch the attention of the customer and prolong his stay on your site.

1446: Is Your Web Page Designer Hurting Your Business?
A good web designer has to have some knowledge of how your sales page should function. If he doesn't, he could be hurting you business.

1447: Create A Website That Will Work For You
The key to building any website begins with research. You need to write a list of your interests and start to research so as to see where you can find a viable market to enter into.

1448: The Changing Role of Web Development Company
The article tells about the changing scenario in the development of web sites. The companies are no longer looking for single solution providers only, but multi solution caterers who would help in the expansion of the business.

1449: How To Build A Solid Money Making Website From The Ground Up
These days people tend to want things quick and easy. While this to a degree can be understandable it is important when building a website to take time out so as to build the right foundation.

1450: Thinking About Using A Website Template?
Time is money and it is particularly true in case of businessmen. Yet you have to spend considerable amount of time to build your website and design it with precision. Have you ever thought how much you could have gained if you had spent it on important business operations? If not, then think again.

1451: How To Create An Effective Web Site
When it comes to building an effective website you will need to consider carefully what your intentions are. You will need to a certain degree to have an open mind.

1452: Tips On How To Build A Money Getting Website
Creating a website at the outset may seem like a daunting task. You may think that you will need all sorts of specialized skills to make it happen. Sure building a website may sound complicated but it is less complicated than you think.

1453: Ecover Generator Vs Custom Graphic Design - Which Is Better?
Internet marketers know that an ecover can increase their sales if they sell or give away something online. That's why there are many graphic designers who offer custom designs which cost $47 and above. For anyone who doesn't have artistic talents but want a professional-looking ecover, this is the best option to consider.

1454: Web 2.0 - Web Site Design Tips
When it comes to effective web site design as part of your Web 2.0 efforts, a couple of things need to be kept in mind. If you want your website to be stunning and effective, here are some web 2.0 web design tips to help you get started.

1455: Graphic Designers And Your Sales Page - Problems And How To Avoid Them
Hiring someone to do your web graphics can be a great alternative, but there are some drawbacks. Here are some important issues you need to consider when farming out your graphics work.

1456: Online Marketing - Choosing Landing Pages Effectively
The key to choose your landing pages effectively is to understand the 'consumer buying cycle' on the Web, and then make intelligent decisions about how to interact with your Web site visitors - that is, decide which pages on your Web site you choose to send your prospects to after their click on your online ads in order to convert them into buyers or make them perform a specific action. Note that it doesn't have to be your home page.

1457: Moving Towards PHP5
The support for creating objects was from era of PHP3 but there was only the limited support of OOPS. Originally OOPS support was only meant to provide grouping of both data and functions together. As the PHP popularity grew the OOPS need also grew.

1458: How To Create The Perfect e-Commerce Site
I think a major way of getting more sales is in essence the design of a website. You may work on marketing outside of your website, but what happens when the consumer actually enters the site? Will they trust you enough to make a purchase?

1459: Why Use Icons On Your Website?
Been a person who creates & purchases websites to build a residual income for the future, I have many times wondered why some sites just take off and others just seem to sit their turning doing nothing so to speak. When I first got in to this business and after hanging around the various Webmaster forums for a few months, the easiest way I found to learn basic things like CSS, RSS, PHP, and obviously HTML for myself was to simply purchase a few ready-made sites.

1460: Search Engine Tips for Budding Web Designers
Search engine optimization is a huge and complicated subject. This article is written to help those with an interest in the subject to understand a little more. There is also a few tips for the more practiced Search engine optimization specialists.

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