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1541: How to Maximise Pay Per Play on Your Website?
To become a Pay per play publishing mogul there are a few guidelines that will bring about longevity and prosperity. If common sense is not heeded then your advertising business will be short lived.

1542: Website Blunders - Launching Too Many Websites At Once
If you launch too many websites at once you can get into trouble with Google or the other search engine companies. Search engine crawlers put up a red flag when too many of the same type website are launched at the same time. Customers can also find it confusing if they find that you have multiple websites for the same product or service.

1543: Website Blunders - Mentioning Features - Not Benefits
Talking about features and ignoring the benefits of the product or service you are selling is a mistake many first-time website owners or indeed retailers make. While features of your product can be important and need to be shown, benefits of using the product will appeal more to the human nature of your customers and will help to make sales.

1544: Website Blunders - A Complicated Navigation System
One of the worst mistakes you can make with a web site is to have poor or complicated navigation. The best web sites are those with the simplest navigation methods. Simple navigation does not mean a simple-looking web site. In fact, the most professional websites often have the least complicated navigation systems.

1545: Website Blunders - Absence of Graphics
Websites are designed with the primary aim of piquing visitor interest and converting them to potential customer of your products and services. For this reason making the website attractive is very important. Graphics and images are very useful in decorating website. However images and graphics may both enhance or decrease the appeal of your website. For this reason you have to be very careful in the use of graphics or colorful images in your site.

1546: Website Blunders - Always Copyright Your Website - Avoid Thieves
Once you have your website online and have written all the copy for it be sure that nobody takes it away. If you have particularly good copy you can be sure that others with similar products or services to offer may find your site and try to use your copy.

1547: Website Blunders - Not Using Your Website To Brand Your Business
Branding is a big part of marketing these days. Branding means using some easily identifiable way of making customers remember your name. Branding can quickly bring your business into the top of the group. Think of all the brands that you have come to know through the years. While their product or service may be no better than that of their competition their name has stood out as a leader in their industry.

1548: Website Blunders - Not Having A Way To Capture Visitors Email Addresses
One important consideration when making your website is incorporating a way to collect visitor's email addresses. This is important because most people don't make a purchase the first time they visit a site. Instead, they often think about it or bookmark the site and forget it for a while.

1549: Website Blunders - Forgetting the Call To Action
One of the biggest mistakes a website can make is to forget to set up a way for the potential customers to make a purchase. It is hard enough to get people to visit your site and look through your web pages without making them search for a way to buy your product. We've all probably had that experience. You look at a web site and are interested but just can't seem to find a way to link to purchase it or to find out the price.

1550: Website Blunders - Irritating Music
Many times I have been to a nice looking website that looked interesting only to be assaulted by irritating music. Not only have I felt irritated, after all this is not a music site, but there is no way to turn it off. Annoyed I left the site quickly. I am sure that I am not alone.

1551: 8 Items Every Shopper Needs In Their Shopping Cart
In your main navigation you should always have an easy to find link to the 'cart' page where visitors can go and view all the products they have added. Typically it's a good idea to use both an icon along with a text link allowing the link to stand out a bit.

1552: Website Blunders - State Clearly What Your Website Is About
One of the common blunders of website owners is not letting their visitors know what their business is about. Sometimes you can go to a website and have to search for a few minutes before you even understand what the business is about and their purpose.

1553: Website Blunders - Not Updating Your Website
Another common blunder in website building is to just build a website and let it gather dust. Many people when they make a website do not bother to update it. This leads to it sinking in the search engines and not attracting return visitors.

1554: Website Blunders - Not Stating Clearly What Your Business Is About
Potential customers may reach your site and quickly leave if they don't see information right away. The average web surfer waits only a few seconds to look at the home page of a site before determining whether to look further or to move on. If you don't clearly state what your business is about you can lose potential customers.

1555: Overview Of Website Blunders
There are many reasons for which a website does not perform as it is supposed to. The reasons for this are as varied as the different aspects that are involved in the creation and management of a website.

1556: Website Blunders - Poor Or Non-Existent Content
The content you place on your website is as important as the other factors involved. Once you get people to visit your website don't turn them away with poor or non-existent content. Don't be afraid of giving too much information away. People who visit your site are always looking for more information. They expect to find something they can use without buying anything.

1557: Website Blunders - Poor Or Non-Existent Sales Page
A common problem with some web sites is the lack of a good sales page. Some sites actually neglect to put a sales page on their site at all. The sales page is the most important part of the site because it is the way for visitors to seal their sale. If you are lacking sales content you are surely going to lose customers.

1558: Website Blunders - No Contact Information?
Nowadays websites play a crucial role in product promotion and sale. Companies all around the world are spending thousand to popularize their online outlets.

1559: Bombarding Visitors With Too Much Information At One Time
One problem that should be avoided is bombarding visitors with too much information at one time. While it is easy to want to show your visitors all the things you are proud of, doing it all at once will certainly scare them away.

1560: Website Blunders - Do Not Put Under Construction
When you are getting ready to open your Internet website avoid sending users to the site before it is ready. Using the "under construction" front page gives potential customers a poor image of your business.

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