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1641: 5 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Web Site
I just recently created my fifth website in ten years. Why? Because it was time.

1642: Create a Website - The 4 Phases of Site Creation
There are numerous steps in how to create a website. These 4 phases break down the process to help you with your website creation.

1643: Does Your Website Copy Pass the Test? 11 Essentials for Creating a Client-Capturing Website
Writing web copy is different from writing other material because people read websites differently than they do books, magazines or print ads. You've got about 5 seconds, tops, to catch your website visitor's attention. And if what they read bores or confuses them, they'll click that mouse button faster than you can say, "But wait...!"

1644: 3 Things To Consider Before Creating A Website
For the sake of this article I am going to presume that you are not building a website just for the sake of building one. I am going to presume that you want to create a website to share your interests with others around the world.

1645: How to Start Your Very Own Money Making Website
The internet is booming! Find out what you need to know to get your own web site up and running so you can pull profits immediately!

1646: How to Create a Profitable Humor Site in 5 Easy Steps
This article will explain 5 easy steps to creating an entertainment related humor and new media website. This how to guide will cover the general areas of creating unique content, cost maximization, and monetization within the Humor field of websites.

1647: Website Blunders - Using Flash Splash Pages
Flash splash pages are often used as an introductory page to your web site. They are trendy right now, popular with many web designers as a way to show off their abilities. They often offer graphics, animation or a short movie before visitors can enter the site. While flash splash pages can be colorful and attention grabbing you should consider the problems with using them before putting it on your site.

1648: Website Blunders - Using the Wrong Template
One of the biggest mistakes an amateur web designer can make is to choose the wrong template for the type of business. Templates can be a great help. They allow all of us to become miniature web designers with just a few clicks of the mouse. Unfortunately, your web site can end up looking like amateurs created it.

1649: Website Blunders - Do Not Put Visitor Hit Counters
Visitor hit counters are used to see how many hits your site receives. Counters come in various styles, designs and colors but are almost always distracting to the site visitors. These counters actually make the web site look unprofessional and can be downright ugly. They also don't serve as useful a purpose as they used to.

1650: Website Blunders - Never Use FrontPage Themes
Front Page themes consist of unified designs and color schemes that take into account the use of navigation bars, fonts, bullets and other website components. While the front page themes can give a uniform look to the site they don't give a very professional appearance to your site. Sites using themes all tend to have the same bland look.

1651: Website Blunders - Too Many Links And Banners
The concept of internet marketing is comparatively new. It has developed alongside the emergence of Internet as a cost-effective customer building platform. Companies from all over the world are crowding the Internet to take part in this ever expanding commercial phenomenon. Online marketing involves both product promotion and traffic generation.

1652: Web Video - To Buy or Not To Buy
If you consider a simple but obvious fact about human nature it's easy to understand why audio and video formatting is a superior tool for marketing when compared to text-based information. Consider this: which conveys the clearest and most easily assimilated knowledge in the shortest amount of time; a manual about how to operate a new digital camera, or a video that shows and explains its many features and displays how easy it is to take beautiful pictures? Well conceived video wins every time.

1653: When Content Design Makes a Difference
I've recently had some success with pages where the content was great, but the page & layout itself needed some design improvements. This article is about the strategic changes you could make to start improving conversions on your landing pages.

1654: Keys to Success - Great Web Design and Cheap Web Hosting
Whether you plan to run a multi-million dollar business, supplement your regular income by selling products or services online, or simply want to share your views with the rest of the world, you need a website. Success vs. Failure - Often, the only difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that those who fail believe that they don't have the resources or money to build a good website.

1655: How Hiring a Web Content Strategist Can Save You Money
It's not enough to say "I want a web site." You have to know exactly why you want a web site, who you are targeting, and what you want your web site to achieve for you. That's why you hire a Web Content Strategist - that organizational and internet marketing specialist who can save you money by keeping you from making expensive mistakes.

1656: How To Create Effective Alt Image Attributes
Hopefully you are at least somewhat familiar with alt text. This is the text that you see if your image can not be displayed. The text that can be read for a person that is vision impaired. The text that search engines "see" since they can not describe your image, you have to do it for them. To be technically correct, this is the alt attribute of the "img" tag.

1657: You Can't Have My Money !
If you are a business and expect to be taken seriously on the Internet, you need to shape up and project a professional image. Please don't think this is a request.

1658: Planning Your Website
it is important to take the time to plan what you want in your website before you start approaching firms for quotes. The more information you have on what you want your website to achieve then the easier it will be to get accurate quotes and ensure you get what you want.

1659: Does Color Make A Difference? In Website Design, You Bet It Does!
Does color truly make a difference on the web? Yes. If you read this article you'll understand why

1660: Guidelines for Web Design with SEO Advantage
Platform compatibility of the design should be checked. Make sure it is cross platform compatible. Browser compatibility, Screen resolution, Color depth and plug-ins are to be considered for making cross platform design.

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