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My Short Love Story

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I was arranging the bed, when I heard the message beep. A could not help myself from smiling after reading the sender\'s name. It was the girl I liked from college days. I actually loved her. Anyways back to message, it read \"Happy Valentine\'s Day Dear.\"

I was arranging the bed, when I heard the message beep. A could not help myself from smiling after reading the sender's name. It was the girl I liked from college days. I actually loved her. Anyways back to message, it read "Happy Valentine's Day Dear." I texted her back "Wish you the same baby. Gn. Sd. Tc. KS_Dj."

(Here's the following text conversation on the same night.)

She: You don't miss me anymore na, you are so busy, no texts, no calls.
Me: It's nothing like that. I was just giving you some time to make you realize that how much I miss you every day.
She: You always flirt with me.
Me: Always.;):-*
I kept waiting for more but nothing happened. I went to sleep with a smile.

(Sound's stupid, but hey everyone feels this way one or the other day.)

Next morning 14th Feb. 10.00 AM. (Text conversation)

She: Good morning dear. Busy?
Me: Hi. Good morning. Busy for you never.
She: I want to say something, can I?
Me: You never need permission, go no.
She: How to say I don't understand.
Me: Texting is the best way, write it down and send me. It's much easier this way.
She: Not getting words to say.
Me: Ok. Any hint or make it a puzzle I'll solve it.
She: If I want to say too to any sentence you say?
Me; Is it? I've been waiting for this moment for ages.. are those same 3 words that I am thinking??
She: If I say yes, what will you reply?
Me: I LOVE YOU.:-*
She: yes me TOO.
Me: I've been waiting for these words for long time, where have you been.
She: Can't believe na?
Me: Hoping you are not kidding with me.
She: Hope you are serious!

This was probably the best morning of my life. Finally the girl I always liked was my girl-friend now. I was on cloud9.

We decided to meet in the evening. Our first date. We talked about all those flirts we use to do. Moon that night appeared much more beautiful and bigger than usual. I was having the most beautiful girl in my arms. I wanted that night to never end, but however it had to end. I dropped her home. She turned and was about to make a move, when I pulled her back and hugged her tightly. I never wanted to let her go, but ultimately I have to. She ran away blushingly.

While driving back home I heard my message tone. I stopped my bike on side and message read "Thanks for the wonderful evening. Good night. I love you.:-*" I replied back, "I wish the night would have never ended and I could hold you in my arms forever, good night. Muaahhhhhh;)"

The night ended peacefully. Things became normal from next morning. Same old office, same old work. The week ended with few text conversations. I asked her about her plan for weekend she, said she is busy. I said fine. Text volume reduced every day, less conversation, less romance, less flirts. There were days/weeks when we didn't exchange any texts. Things were becoming miserable, but being a careless A**hole that I am, I didn't tried much. I had other friends to "flirt-around" with but she was always back in my mind.

Suddenly after several weeks again it was few minutes before mid-night, the text tone rang. The smile returned the most beautiful name was on mobile screen. But this time, instead of smile, my eyes filled with tears after reading message. It read "I think we were better as friend, can we...?"

I could not reply. I tried sleeping but could not. I tried investigating what could be the reason. I went on to the roof to cry out loud. But when stared those starts, I realized it was Me who was culprit. I never realized that how many hearts I have broken for few minutes of fun. For me flirting was way to keep myself happy and make others smile in their thick and thin. I never though, that the romantic lines I use can actually plant LOVE for me in someone's heart. I was broken. I decided to stop flirting from that moment and apologies to all the hearts I have broken till date. I knew I finally found the love. It's true I might not get the girl I always loved back again but at least I am not going to break anymore hearts. I decided to tell all this to my Girl-friend (So called by now) but I had not courage to face her. I decided to write her letter. I wrote everything, all my feeling, all the joys we shared in last few months, about all the times she made me smile, etc. etc. I was done writing letter and was holding it front of moon and crying from the bottom of my heart.

The phone rang again. Same text tone. The most beautiful sender's name appeared painful than ever. I picked up the phone, it read..

"April fool. You idiot, how dare you though I will leave you. I still LOVE You." (It was 1st of April, 12:1 AM.)

I was in state of awe.

My expression: "Bloody Hell, this is what I was planning to write in PS of this Letter. Ahhhh..."

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