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What Are Some Dealbreakers That Might Be Ruining Your Dates?

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Sometimes you might be doing a few dealbreakers on dates that is causing you to fail in your attempts to get a relationship. Find out what some of these are so that they can be avoided.

When people date others, each person tends to be a bit critical of the other person. This isn't a bad thing. It's just part of finding the right partner for you in life. You might be going out on dates and ruining them without thinking about it. There are dealbreakers that you might be doing that are causing you to be unsuccessful while dating.

What is a dealbreaker?

Typically this is seen as something that is not a positive characteristic or action in you. If you do these, many will be turned off onto the idea of having a relationship with you. You should avoid these.

Most people don't like rude people. If you are being rude to the waiter, for example, your date might think that you will in time be rude to him or her. Be careful about how you treat others as your date will think they will be treated like this in a future relationship with you.

Talking about an Ex in a past relationship does have it's time and place. On the first date is the worst time to bring this up. The person will feel that you aren't interested in him or her but just want to talk about your bad relationship. They will feel belittled and like a rebound.

If you aren't paying attention to the person, they won't want to date you. Don't play with your cell phone talking or texting. Don't get distracted while they are talking looking around the room. Focus on the person.

Immediately asking about income is a horrible mistake to make on a date. It will just show you as a selfish and materialistic person. This is a huge mistake to make as it will make the person feel you are trying to get things out of them versus having a relationship.

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