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321: Gay Marriage: How to Judge If You and Your Partner Are All Set for the Next Step
It's by no means easy to know if you are ready to get married. Although you wouldn't think so by the current divorce rate (of heterosexuals!), marriage is intended to be a lifelong dedication. Of course, us gays and lesbians don't actually have the legal right to marry in most places, that is not a reason for us not to consider getting into a marriage to pledge our love and commitment to our partners.

322: Lesbian Lovers: The Art Cunnilingus
First of all, before we begin let's get something straight about my favorite pass time. This article is going to be graphic and straight to the point, so if you have any problems with learning the vagina in the most intimate of ways..

323: Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him
Sometimes it hard to get unique romantic gifts for the men in our lives. They often don't appreciate the same things we do and so often we tend to go for OK gifts for them. We have found a list of romantic gift ideas for him that will blow his socks off.

324: Love Advice For Guys - What to Do When She Seems to Be Playing Games With You
Just about every guy knows what I mean when I say that it be kind of tough to figure out a woman when she seems to be playing games with you. Some guys let this get to them to the point where they almost go crazy trying to figure her out. You should know that if you cannot handle the games that a woman plays with you, eventually she is going to end up looking for someone else, and if you don't want that to happen, pay attention. What should you do when a woman seems to be playing games with you?

325: Can You Increase Penis Size? Find the Answer That Could Make or Break Your Penis Growth Here
A lot of men in the world are wondering and asking the same question."Can you increase penis size?" And if you're wondering about this question yourself there is a pretty good chance that you're probably not happy with what you've got between you legs right now. And if you've ever felt ashamed about pulling down your pants in front of the opposite sex, your instincts are probably right about what women probably think about your manhood.

326: Enlarge Penis Size - How to Make a Womans Jaw Drop When You Pull Down Your Pants Right Before Sex
Many men nowadays are wondering how to enlarge penis size many reasons. For one, they might not be happy with what they've got down there. If you're looking foe ways to increase your penis size, then chances are that you're not happy with your manhood.

327: Increase the Size of Penis - Leave Ladies Gasping When They See Your New Manhood With This
Increase the size of penis quickly, easily and naturally with this. Losing out on extra inches could cost you your relationship! Find out more.

328: Premature Ejaculation Is Not The End of The World
Premature ejaculation is a major problem faced by thousands of couples worldwide. It can be a factor which can make your confidence lower. To treat it easily and discreetly, read on.

329: Will Bigger Breasts Make Me More Attractive?
Everywhere you go in the world the opinion of "beauty" will be different. It could be skinny in one part of the world and curvaceous in another.

330: Read About Due Date Calculator
When a woman is pregnant, it is typical behavior to count down each day until her new bundle of joy makes his first appearance in the world. Most often, she cannot wait for that big day to come. In order to figure out a woman's pregnancy date, many doctors initially use a due date calculator.

331: Find Out More About an Ovulation Cycle
Getting to know your ovulation cycle can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. While many women get pregnant with no problems at all, some women find it difficult to conceive. When a woman has tried and tried, and failed to conceive a child, there are steps she can take to improve her chances without having to see a doctor.

332: Pregnancy Due Date - What Should You Know?
As a baby grows inside of a woman's womb, she will often anxiously anticipate her pregnancy due date. While some woman simply cannot wait to have their bodies back, most women just want to meet their new addition as soon as possible. A pregnancy due date is just an estimated time of arrival, though, and cannot be written in stone.

333: How To Make A Man Want You - Secrets of Seduction
Are you tired of wanting a guy who just doesn't seem to be that interested in you? Have you ever wondered what are the surefire ways to follow in order to attract him? Are you dying to know the secrets of how to make a man want you? Well, the secret to making a man want you lies in awareness, in knowing what he really wants both for short and long term. Men are not as unpredictable as women, that much we can safely say. Luckily, men are all the same in their deepest desires. When all has been said and done, a man will ALWAYS want sex. Whether there is love or purely lust, sex is a key ingredient in maintaining a relationship and securing his desires for you. Keep this in mind and somehow work your way around this ideology.

334: Get A Commitment From Your Guy - Start Dating Exclusively
Are you tired of the dating scene? Do you see yourself dating your guy exclusively? Do you want to get a commitment from him? Dating can be fun, but eventually, if a connection develops between you and the guy, you will want to have a commitment from him sooner or later. It can be a challenge for guys to get a commitment from girls, but it's a bigger challenge (or shall we say, obstacle) for women to make a guy commit. Most guys just never want to commit, after all. As tragic as this may sound, the situation is not entirely hopeless. Guys are still open to commitment and you ladies can get what you want for as long as you play your cards right. Getting a commitment can be a long and tedious process, but we all know the rewards may be worth it. So, be patient and follow the rules of the game. Don't be too hasty. The ladder to relationship success may be a steep climb, but if you take one step at a time, you may find yourself reaching to top (maybe it's even in the form of a wedding altar!)

335: How To Play Hard To Get - The Rules Of The Game
Have you ever been labeled as easy to get? Are you tired of being taken for granted because you're always available for your man? Don't you ever want to try being chased for once? A common mistake among women nowadays is that they get too anxious, they get impatient. They have forgotten that men love the chase. A guy always wants to feel that when he gets a girl, he is actually winning some sort of hard-earned prize. Men are competitive in that sense. Countless sayings have alluded to the fact that when a guy works for a girl, he truly values her and won't easily let her go. How can he? He has already spent so much time, effort, and most probably money on her. She has become an investment that's far too valuable to lose. If a girl is easy to get, she's also easy to let go of. And so, for once, try playing hard to get.

336: What to Do After a Break Up - 4 Ways to Move On
What to do after the break up? Are you going to cry and lock yourself in your room? Or are you going to stand up and look for things that will help you move on? Break up is one of the most difficult things to handle. Most women lock themselves in their room and cry all night. But is this the right way to handle a separation? Are there any other things that you can do to put you back on track?

337: Gay Destination Weddings: Top Ten Spots for Your Gay Wedding Ceremony
It may not be legal yet, but if you and your partner want to tie the proverbial knot, there's no reason not to have the most amazing wedding possible. Destination weddings are the hottest thing in weddings these days. Not only do you get to celebrate the love that you and your partner share with all of the people closest to you, you get to give your guests the experience of a lifetime in a fabulous vacation spot.

338: Gay Life 101: Tips for Newbies
If you've recently come out of the closet, you are probably reeling with the sweet feeling of success and freedom. Congratulations! You have taken a huge step in your life, a step so difficult it often takes many people years, if not a lifetime, to accomplish. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

339: 2 WEIRD Ways to Tell If a Man Is in LOVE That 99% of Women NEVER Notice (But We Do!)
Want to know the truth? More women, statistically make BAD, regrettable decisions in the first 12-24 months of a relationship that can lead to LIFETIME of damage or disappointment, simply because they never were 100% sure if he felt the same way about YOU as you feel about him. (And find themselves a decade later in the same sorry spot... EVEN if on the outside looking in it all looks rosy to everyone else.)

340: HELP! Should I Talk to a LOVE Psychic? (And The ONE Thing You MUST Do Before You Call)
Who else is stuck in a relationship WITHOUT any easy answers? Are you searching for a way out of a bad relationship, or looking for a good way to DEEPEN the bond you have with your existing partner, or maybe you are just completely CONFUSED about what you want out of life... and out of LOVE, and don't know where to turn? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at how to pick a relationship advisor you can trust, and what to look for to make sure that they're really GOOD as well.

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