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881: Nature of Love - How It Can Work for You
Are you new to the dating arena and you'd like to know more about the nature of love? Did you grow up watching the dysfunctional relationship of your parents and you don't know the true nature of love? Are you afraid you might not be able to recognize true love due to how you were raised?

882: Do You Have That One Girl In Your Life Who Youve Always Wanted? Break That Friend Barrier Now!
Every man has that one girl in his life. She's your best friend isn't she? You LOVE spending time with her (even though you're not sleeping with her). Everything she says and does. You could just listen to her all day long. In fact, you probably do. You probably spend long hours of the nights on the phone with her. You probably even go on dates with her!

883: Let That Guilt You Feel After Youre Done Masturbating Drive You To Your Dream Girl
You're laying in bed with your laptop on your stomach. That feeling rushes over your body. You try to suppress it but you just can't. You're already alone anyway. No one needs to know. You've been doing it every single night, is one more really going to hurt?

884: If You Need Flirting Tips for Shy Guys, Youve Come to the Right Place
Putting yourself out there can be daunting if you are on the shy side. The common way of meeting people in bars clouded with smoke and crowded with dancing people may be very uncomfortable for you. Some people thrive in that environment, but maybe you are not one of them.

885: 5 Steps to a Video Ethical Will
The use of ethical wills is on the rise. Recent eruptions in the financial markets seem to have started more people thinking about their spiritual legacy and the importance of an ethical will. Also called "legacy letters" and "spiritual wills", the purpose of an ethical will is to take care of personal and emotional items that have no place in a testamentary will.

886: Raise Your Consciousness
Consciousness is an ambiguous area that is fraught with unknown. Quantum physicists, philosophers and neuroscientists have been among the few to understand and explain the mechanics and nature of what is consciousness and how it can best serve us. I don't believe the topic warrants a thorough dissection in this post, other than knowing a few important details and how acting on this information may serve you.

887: Purification by Earth
Purification through the four natural elements is about living in harmony with the environment. Native culture traditions name earth, air, fire and water and show reverence to their powers. Here we will discuss the purification by earth.

888: 7 Tips to Boost Your Brain Power
Here are some ways you can learn to boost your brain power and take you to the next level. Hope you will find these tips as helpful to you as it has been for me.

889: Testosterone Is What Makes Us Men
Testosterone is such an important thing to what makes men to be the men they are, and yet most men have little or no idea about what is involved and nor do they understand the fundamental problems their diet is causing to their natural testosterone production which has dropped to be on average about 60% lower than that which naturally occurred in men 70-80 years ago. What most men don't appreciate is all the fast-food processed junk that they eat today, which has been processed by adding chemicals, pesticides and hormones as well as massive amounts of extra and unnatural levels of fat and sugar is severely limiting their body's ability to naturally produce testosterone.

890: Why Isnt Your Testosterone As High As It Should Be?
I am not taking liberties when I tell you that almost certainly you have a much lower testosterone level than the average of men from 70-80 years ago - the questions is how do I know, and why is it true. I know that you probably have lower than average testosterone because you are probably carrying too much body fat - let's get realistic about it, almost all American men are too fat and equally true is that most will suffer from heart diseases later in life and probably diabetes and obesity related health issues. Being over-weight is a direct...

891: Real Men Dont Inject Steroids - They Eat Organically and Boost Testosterone Naturally
Chances are that if you see a seriously built up guy walking down the street that you are looking at a person who is illegally using steroids, and that he has zero natural testosterone production to the extent that for all the big muscles, he probably has shrunken his testicles because they no longer produce testosterone. These men are a no more real man than a padded bra are real breasts on a woman.

892: How to Have Breasts As Perfect As That of Sports Women
Full-developed breasts are the common wish of many females, especially those with flat and sagged ones. A friend has always complained to me that how she was bothered by her small flat breasts and she thought it as the culprit of why she could find a boyfriend. You know, men are animals of visual enjoyment. But recently I got wind that she managed to plump up her breasts. Now she has possessed a pair of sensuous breasts. She told me that there are secrets to achieve this.

893: How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Fast With the Help of Natural Cures?
How to get rid of vaginal odor that just does not go away? From time to time almost every woman faces this embarrassing problem. In desperation we douche and wash the vaginal area again and again in the hope that the vagina odor will go away. Unfortunately this is a wrong thing to do.

894: Your Five Hassle-Free Tips on How to Avoid Yeast Infections From Recurring
Any yeast infection can cause irritability, itchiness as well as inflammation within the genital region and in many cases; such type of an infection is actually equally uneasy and unsightly for ladies. These type of infections are certainly frequent and a large number of women have this kind of contamination at least one time throughout their entire life. Then again, each time a female has numerous yeast infections within a one full year, this is what's called as a recurring or repeating yeast infections. If you want to cease persistent yeast infections, it is advisable to uncover what is bringing about the problem. In general, there are numerous points that can be done to counteract these continuing yeast infections. Here is how:

895: Ending Yeast Infections the Natural Way in Seven Easy Steps
Fungal or yeast infections can be a bothersome discomfort to many women. Most women get hold of these yeast infections time and time again. In the same way one can find diverse reasons for yeast infections, you can also find various ways to prevent obtaining them. It is possible to make positive changes to your own eating habits as well as consuming nutritional vitamin supplements to begin with. When you get a great deal of yeast or fungal contamination, comply with these kinds of guidelines to counteract all of them. The seven steps are as follows:

896: How to Attract a Guy and Make Him Ask You Out - Surefire Ways to Attract the Right Man Right Now!
If you feel that you have found the right guy then you need to use the right strategy to attract him so that he can ask you out. Here are some amazing strategies that will attract your man to you and will make him want to ask you out.

897: How to Be The Right Girl for Every Man - Essential Things to Know to Be Every Mans Dream Girl
Girls always feel that they have no idea of what goes inside the mind of a man. But in order to be the right girl for every man it is essential to decode them. Here are the things that you should know if you want to be every man's dream girl.

898: How to Be Everything a Guy Wants - 7 Superb Ways to Becoming Every Mans Heart Throb
Men complain that women are hard to please but they themselves are no less. If you want to be a woman who manages to impress every man then you have to learn to be everything that a guy wants. Here are a few amazing things that you need to learn to become every man's heart throb.

899: How to Be the Girl Every Guy Wants - 7 Things You Must Do to Become the Ultimate Guy Magnet
Nothing beats the excitement and fun knowing that you are wanted by the guys! If you want to be the girl who is every man's dream, you should make sure that you come up to that standard. Here are some pointers as to how you can be that! Follow them and before too long every guy will be chasing you.

900: Find Love Again - The Perfect Recipe to Fall in Love Again
Got your heart broken? Have you thought that it is impossible for you to find love again? How do you find love again when you know it has hurt you so much? Love can be so mysterious. One time it gives you so much joy and ecstasy. The next thing you know, love has dropped you like you are a hot pan from the oven. It leaves you bruised and hurt once someone gets your heart broken. What's worse, you are back to square one in finding love again. It definitely sucks, right? You have to get back into the dating scene again, go out on dates, meet new people, and the most challenging part would be entrusting your heart to someone. To find love again is a game that most people don't gamble their hearts on. It takes time to find love again. Here's the perfect recipe on how to fall in love again.

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