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1361: Body Language Flirting - Tips And Keys To Get You Ready For That Mistletoe This Christmas
Whether you're dating or still looking for someone, reading and using body language effectively can increase your chances of success. One of the often overlooked elements of dating and relationships is body language flirting. Though many people spend hours going over every detail of a date the night before, often body language is ignored or neglected.

1362: Best Places to Meet Men - Hotspots For Man Hunting
Among the common places where women hope to meet men are clubs and gyms. After meeting guys from these places, you'll realize that you have nothing much in common. Then again, you'll begin another search. Know the best places to meet men and maximize it.

1363: Increase Sperm Count and Wait for Your Baby to Come Out
Many men suffer from low sperm count, giving the unfortunate fate of having difficulty impregnating their partner or completely robbing them of their ability to make their own baby and pass on their genes. This can be very frustrating for a couple trying to make a family. It can even be the cause of separation and divorce. Such tragedies should not exist and you can help yourself from experiencing this fate.

1364: The More Semen the Better
Men with greater semen volume and with greater ejaculation experience excellent benefits not only in their physical and emotional relationship with their partners but also boost their fertility. This is the reason why men look for effective ways and methods to increase ejaculation and their semen volume.

1365: Are Women Anxious About Bigger Penis? - Is It Possible to Increase Penis Size?
It is a common question in almost all the male minds; are the women anxious about a bigger penis and is it true that size of the penis matters for both the partners while having sex? Some say yes and some say no. What is the truth behind? Let us try to find the answer to this question in the light of medical science.

1366: A One-Two-Three Step Program For A Fabulously Sexy Butt and Nice Toned Thighs
The actual path to the perfect backside and thighs is an easy one. If you're used to looking at magazines and movies and seeing people with seemingly impossible physiques, get that 'impossible' barrier out of your head!

1367: Signs of Infertility and A Good Reason To Have More Sex
Introduction to signs of infertility, covering the breadth of the problem. Reveals insights into why medical help may be sought unnecessarily early on. Explores things you can examine on your own that can result in infertility. Yields instructive and actionable information regarding the ways that infertility can affect men. Notes the reason some may become unnecessarily concerned.

1368: Romantic Pick Up Lines - Practice Makes Your Move Perfect
People agree that the first impression that you make to anyone is the only impression that will stay inside their mind forever. If you will not excite them and grab their attention on your first meeting, you will never get another chance again. So, it is better to make the most out of your first meeting if you want to build a good relationship to the girl that you want.

1369: A Lesson Learned
Occasionally you feel a strong attraction to this certain girl you see everyday. She may be your classmate in grade school, a senior when you are in high school, a history major when you are in college or a hot officemate at your office. However, despite the attraction you still could not bring yourself to speak to her make a brief introduction and invite her for a snack or coffee. Then you decide to just leave it be and you sink back to your hole.

1370: What Affects Your Inner Game?
In simpler terms, the inner game is all in the mind. It is your psychological makeup. If your inner game is screwed, chances are your outer game is screwed as well. What comprises your inner game? This can be how you view yourself, how you see others, how you perceive the future, and your beliefs. If your inner game is stable and concrete then you do not have to worry about screwing publicly. However, if your inner game is unstable then that can pose a problem.

1371: Attracting Women Without Chasing Them
The problem with the society is they tend to measure your manhood by the number of girlfriends you have or by the number of girls you have slept with. Due to this uncanny criterion, you feel pressured and compelled to have a girl by your side all the time. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for you because this is not the right way to attract women. You do not have to prove yourself to attract them because attraction comes naturally. Rather than chasing them and proving yourself, you might want to focus on your personality.

1372: Make Her Fall in Love - Tips to Turn Her Around And Make Her Fall For You
Want to make a woman fall in love with you? Whether you have a specific woman already in mind, or you just want to be prepared for the day when you meet the right one, there are a few things that can help you make any woman feel like you are the guy she wants to be with. When most guys pursue a woman, they will usually do a few things wrong, and that will land them in the friend category pretty fast.

1373: How Can I Make My Husband Love Me Again? When Your Husband Is Emotionally Disconnected From You
It can be the case that your husband ignores you and might want a divorce - in that case, the question is "How can I make my husband love me again?" When there is trouble in your marriage and you have to win your spouse back, this is especially a time when you are the weakest emotionally, and project a character that your husband will dislike. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for your husband to divorce you. But if you look for the right guides, you can learn what to do to make your husband love you again, and turn the tides in your favor - just like I did personally.

1374: Love Meter Games - A Fun Guide to Determine True Love
Have you ever thought if your relationship with your partner is a match made in heaven? Has it ever crossed your mind if your partner is the right one? Do you think your relationship would last a long time? If you have doubts about your current relationship you may consult the love meter games. These online love meter games are getting more popular especially with girls.

1375: What to Do If You Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back
If after a breakup, all you could think about is getting your girlfriend back, then you may be up for the biggest challenge of your life yet. This is especially true if the breakup was your fault. Before doing anything to win back girlfriend though, there are some important things you have to know and ponder upon.

1376: The Steps You Can Take To Get Over Being Dumped
The five steps as in any sort of grieving process is denial, anger, bargaining, depression and lastly accepting the relationship is over. Taking the first step being denial is where someone will claim that he or she did not want to be with that person in the first place, or they did not really mean that much to them anyway.

1377: How To Get Girls To Like You - Mind Reading Tricks To Get Her Interested
Have you ever dreamed of being able to read a woman's mind? I think every guy has. Learn right now how to use mind reading as an effective way to pick up women.

1378: Singlehood - A Time For Self Exploration
Singlehood is the state of being unmarried. Some see it as a time to enjoy while they are not yet married, while for some it is a period of thoughts. Thoughts on why they are not yet married and much more. It is beneficial to explore yourself. learning explore yourself helps you define yourself. Explore yourself today and you'll live to be happy you did.

1379: Ting Jing: Listening to Energy for Health and Self Defense
Once the basic skills of Tai Chi are mastered, students can begin to study jings. A jing is a way of moving energy using mind intent to achieve a specific expression. There are many different types of jings such as Fa Jing which is used for creating explosive energy or Tzeh Jing which can be used for stealing energy from an opponent. Ting Jing is slightly different from most other jings because it is a way of guiding energy to the mind rather than sending energy in some other direction.Ting Jing means listening energy. It has to do with looking into an opponent and sensing that opponents' body state and eventually their intentions.

1380: Exercise To Improve Body, Mind, And Soul
Don't deny it. You work out because you want a slimmer, sexier body. Nothing wrong with that. But that is just one of the rewards of exercising regularly. Working out has a lot of other benefits and it's not just for your physique. Exercising can increase mental sharpness. It lifts depression and calms you down. And sure, it prevents a host of age-related health problems. On top of that, exercise can prevent some forms of cancer. Working out works best with a healthy diet plan. But even a high fat diet cannot totally eradicate the impact of regular exercise. Your body can still benefit from it, albeit, in a lesser degree. Here's how exercise improves overall health.

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