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1601: The Courage to Risk
Don't wait for courage to come before you get on with your dreams. Courage comes while we are facing challenges and because we are facing challenges! Courage takes our hand as we step up.

1602: How to Know If Your Chakras Are Blocked Or Too Open
Many things in everyday life can be attributed to blocked chakras. Read this list of feelings and their explanations. Look at them openly and honestly. If you feel nothing applies to you, great! If you find yourself answering yes to one or more of these statements, you could have blocked chakras.

1603: Finding Balance in a Vegan Diet
The conventional image of a vegan diet is one of restriction and loss. However, going vegan can give you more than you ever imagined, in terms of health, energy, and confidence. Becoming vegan has been a gift for me, but it is not an easy choice for everyone to make. However, find what works for you, and just do that. Once you see how much better you feel, you may be inspired to make a larger change, but all it takes is a little shift.

1604: Grow Your Penis Bigger Naturally - Heres One Surefire Way To Naturally Increase Your Penis Size!
The statistics may alarm you: over 67% of women admit to not being satisfied with the size of their partner's manhood. Even if your wife or girlfriend may not tell you so, chances are high that she wishes you were a few inches bigger down there. To keep your sex life exciting and your relationship healthy, here is one method to help you grow your penis bigger naturally, without the use of any magic pills or expensive gadgets!

1605: Increasing Penis Size Works With Hand Exercises - Frequently Asked Questions (7 and 8 Erections)
Many men want to know how they can increase their penis size with hand exercises, but they have no clue how it can actually be done. The only way that you can increase your size to any significant is with penis exercises. Learn what your buddies and competition don't want you to know.

1606: Increase Your Penis Size Naturally - Mind-Blowing Tips On Gaining An Amazing Penis Size With Ease!
Do you want to increase your penis size naturally, effectively, and permanently? Well, the good news it that there finally is a method out here that is based on science instead of some magical overnight foolishness. Take a couple of minutes out of your day to discover some incredible tips that will help you with making a wise decision with getting you a massive size penis.

1607: Are You Ready to Deal With Erectile Problems?
Dealing with male impotence or erectile dysfunction can be difficult. Communication between the two partners can be the first step toward finding out a solution. Medical consultation is the next step to treat impotence quickly and effectively.

1608: Causes of Ovarian Cysts - Discover What You Can Do to Prevent Yourself From Getting a Cyst
You need to learn the causes of ovarian cysts so you can learn how to better protect yourself in the long run. Instead of living day-to-day and being unaware of the choices that you make and how they can negatively impact your body, you need to become more knowledgeable so you can take care of yourself.

1609: Strokes In Women - Symptoms Can Be Different
A stroke occurs when a part of the human brain stops working because there of an inadequate supply of oxygen. It is really important to know and understand the symptoms of a stroke because if you suspect someone is having one every minute counts. The quicker you can get a stroke victim treatment the better the outcome for the patient. If treatment is done really quickly after the stroke occurs there is a possibility of reversing the stroke. Women do not always have the classic stroke symptoms which makes it harder for a physician to easily recognize. This article will give you a guide so that you can recognize some of the unique symptoms that women stroke victims might have.

1610: Breast Enhancing Supplements - Get Bigger Breasts Naturally
With advance science and technology now, most people turn to cosmetic surgery if they are not happy with their physical appearance. Women who are not happy with their breasts size turn to breast augmentation to get bigger breasts. Although most women are considering surgery as a quick solution, there are still flat chested women who are afraid of surgery and looking for non-invasive solution to their problem. Fortunately, breast enhancing supplements gave women another option.

1611: How To Treat Vaginal Odor - 5 Great Tips For Quick Recovery In a Matter of a Few Days!
You'll get rid of vaginal odor in a matter of days. Listen, I understand you want to treat vaginal odor without radically changing any aspect of your life and without having to take any kind of medicines or drugs. You want some quick and easy solutions to get rid of your vagina odor safely and surely.

1612: Courting and Dating - Tips That Will Impress Your Girl
Are you going out on a date later? Do you think you're ready? Are you sure that your courting and dating skills are enough to impress her? At first, you may think the first date is the hardest but you are wrong. Getting the second and third dates is much harder. Although, the first date should make a lasting impression that way your girl would say yes to the next date. Making a lot of mistakes and shortcomings on the first date may not get you to score the next date. Sure you are confident enough but there are some dating mistakes that men making without even knowing it's wrong.

1613: Dating Tip for Women - How to Get That Second Date
Are you going out on a date tonight? Is it your first date with some guy? Do you feel nervous and wanting to make that date a success? Your first date should go perfectly. This may sound like a pressure to you but you need to. The first date is the most crucial date. It's when you try to impress a guy and make him think that you're worth dating.

1614: Why Is It That I Always End Up With the Wrong Kind of a Man? Is It Bad Luck? Read This to Know
Have you ever said this sentence aloud or wondered it to yourself? If so, here's some insight to help you change your pattern and get out of that dating rut: Location, Location, Location Women can find partners at night hotspots for some no-strings-attached drunken sex, but the chances of finding a man that is serious dating material is extremely rare. Try other places that might be unexpected or unusual to you if you are guilty of shopping for boyfriends at bars and nightclubs.

1615: How to Avoid Being Just Another Fling to Him? Follow This If You Want Him to Be Serious About You
If he seems like the type of guy who has had more than his fair share of flings, or if you just have accidentally become a guy's fling one too many times, (or both), then you no doubt want to know how this can best be avoided. Here's some tips that can help you out: Take Your Time Give off the impression that you are not in a rush and also do not appreciate being rushed when it comes to spending time together and dating.

1616: Five Simple Steps to Find and Date a Gay Life Partner
When it comes to finding and dating a gay life partner you need to have good solid information so that you know where and what and who to look for. You need to have some idea of who you are looking for and what qualities this person embodies. Here are five simple steps that you can take today and find a gay life partner. This is true whether you are a lesbian or gay. One of the first things that you need to do is to have a vision of the perfect partner for you.

1617: Cinderella, Snow White, and Walt Disney Messed Me Up!
When I was young I believed I had a soul mate, I thought if I just grew up and was patient enough I would be brought to them and we would live happily ever after with our ten babies (Thank God that part did not happen, I can barely manage one baby!) I do not know where I got this fantastical image from, most likely from Mr. Disney and his tales of love and happiness after the storm.

1618: Gay Teens - Best Ways to Come Out in Your High School
Coming out when you're in high school can be a difficult thing if not done properly. So what are the best ways for you to come out in your high school? One of the first ways to come out in her high school is if you join a gay or lesbian club in your school. There are many such clubs in high schools all over the US and they offer support and guidance for those that are gay or lesbian. This is one of the best ways to come out of the closet in high school.

1619: Make My Husband Fall in Love With Me Again - Make Him Appreciate You and Your Marriage Once More!
It's often the case that wives ask around, "what can I do to make my husband fall in love with me again?". In a lot of marriages, one of the spouses loses their love and appreciation for the other over the course of time. It is wrong for us to think that marriages ensure unending love. Instead, love is something to be nurtured, and if it's not, your husband can show signs that he doesn't love you anymore. However, it's very possible to make him love you again. Let's look at how.

1620: How to Spice Up a Love Letter
Learn how you can spice up a love letter. Love letters are one of the oldest ways of expressing one's feeling to another. While love letters are romantic on their own, you can spice it up a little to make the receiving of letter special. Here are some tips you can follow to spice up a love letter.

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