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Learn How to Transfer DVR to DVD in No Time

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Entertainment of all forms constantly stream throughout the day. Convenience can now be on our side as we don\'t need to stay up late to catch our favorite programs. With a push of a button, we record them and set aside for enjoyment at our leisure.

To not miss your favorite daytime soaps, you record and save them into your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to be viewed at a more convenient day and time. However, storage in your DVR is not inexhaustible. You have a choice of either erasing your older recordings, moving them out of your DVR into DVD (Digital Video Disk) or miss the latest on who did what to whom. If you opt for moving out, you are at a quandary as your DVR doesn't come with a DVD recorder. All is not lost as you can easily learn how to transfer DVR to DVD without too much of a headache.

An alternative to throwing out your current DVR and buying a new DVR with an in-built DVD recorder is the less costly option of purchasing an external DVD recorder. When shopping around for a DVD recorder, it's important to test and buy one that gives you quality picture and sound of the final DVD. Buy the correct type of recordable DVD media of quality as the cheaper ones are prone to defects and tend to cause frustration when they jam during recording or lousy output.

Let's move on from purchasing to connecting. Stay focused, this is going to go fast. Assuming there is prior connection from your entertainment media provider, may it be cable, satellite or antenna, to the DVR. Connect the DVR to the DVD recorder, via audio and video cables, from the source's output ports, namely the DVR, to the target's input ports, namely the DVD recorder. This method allows you to directly transfer earlier recorded or currently broadcasted shows to be burned onto DVD media. A slight drawback to this method is that you have to know what the show is about. Otherwise, you may be blindly sending unwanted shows for burning into DVD, thus wasting your media.

The solution is to obviously to watch the shows as they are sent from the DVR to the DVD recorder. Get another set of audio and video cables to connect the recorder to the television. In similar fashion as above, connect the DVD recorder's output port to the television's input port. You can then easily halt the burning if the show's not worth recording to DVD.

Once you finish burning the desired shows into the DVD, the last step is to finalize the DVD before removing it from the DVD recorder. Skipping this step may prevent the DVD from playing on other DVD players.

As you can see, it's not an impossible task to know how to transfer DVR to DVD. Assuming you followed the rules but still can't see the recorded shows when playing the DVD media, it's possibly due to the television stations imposing some form of data protection on their channels and programs.

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