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241: The Technology is Out There
Advances in technology occur continuously, this is particularly true of the vastly competitive and high value world of mobile telecommunications. New mobile phone handsets hit the shelves on a virtually daily basis and each is a slight (or occasionally major) improvement on its predecessor.

242: Computer and Technology Today
Computer plays an essential role people's day to day life especially at work place, schools and even in home. Twenty first century has been the age of so many technological advancements aimed for making the lives of people better. Computer helps them become more efficient in their work.

243: Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Public Transport
Imagine if a car robot automatically figures out directions for your travel using Google Maps. The next step is to imagine a next generation of transport without drivers. If sensors are built to automatically detect fellow people who cross the road or other cars that approach this car, then the automatic sensors can guide the automobiles in crowded junctions.

244: Homes and Office Require Prompt Onsite Computer Network Services
The computer revolution has brought along with itself an entirely new field under it by the name of computer network services. Agencies under this industry provide all kinds of services to link different computers at homes and offices. Networking solutions quicken up file sharing between these computers as they are directly linked and will also enable sharing of hardware components within the network.

245: How to Select a Computer Technician
Since the beginning of the 21st century, computers have become common in all households and not to mention their wide spread use in all organizations, be it big or small. With the onset of the computer age, the complications are building up and this is when one needs a computer technician.

246: Complete Computer Services and Computer Support!
All of us have experienced some problem or the other with our desktops and laptops. While all of us would like to fix the problems ourselves, it is not always possible. One needs to understand the problem before it can be fixed.

247: Will There Be an iPad App Gold Rush?
It happened with the iPhone. There was an initial rush of app development in all of the profitable app spaces within a few short weeks on the phone's release. Innovative apps that take advantage of the iPhone's unique place within computing were the ones to see the most success, opening up new ways of using our smartphones that we had never considered before.

248: The Age of Wireless Networking
The world is seeing something new every single day. Science and technology are developing at a very fast pace. Done are the days when people used to lay cables and wires for networking. This is the age of wireless networking. As everything in life is becoming easier, so is networking.

249: The Use of DVI Cable
First off DVI stands for digital visual interface which supplies a high resolution/speed visual quality on your digital displays. When dealing with DVI cable there are 3 types of connectors you should know about before going out there and buying a cable wire without knowing which is the right one that you actually need.

250: Document Management Explained
This is all about the what's and why's of document management. If there is a question you have ever asked yourself about the benefits, or even if you should undertake it for your business, the answer is probably here.

251: PCI Compliance Hosting and Its Value in the Industry
PCI compliance hosting is important for business networks for work transactions, as well as for protecting the data of their firm and their clients. Conglomerates have tapped the aid of experts to ensure their systems comply with these security measures.

252: Tracking Tools Can Save a Company a Lot in Lost Labor and Revenue
Have you considered the lack of Tool Accountability and the cost of not having it in the shop environment? Whether you are using inexpensive drills, cases of tools, or even generators there is a lot to gain by knowing where they are at any time. Additionally, knowing what groups used them, how long they where used, and for what project is all helpful information in determining tool logistics.

253: The 5 Coolest iPod Accessories
iLoad+ - This is arguably one of the cooler iPod accessories, allowing you to rip content directly off of CDs, your satellite TV or your cable box and on to your iPod. No more recording the content, taking it to your computer, downloading it to the computer, putting it in iTunes, and syncing it to your iPod; this device skips the middle-men.

254: When Will Technological Innovation End and Can We Ever Go Back to Real Values?
As human beings, we'd like to believe that the genuine real value of our existence is our humanity, yet with the booming technology surrounding us, infiltrating our daily lives; it may make one wonder, if we will eventually lose what makes us human. This begs to question how far technology is willing to go, and will it one day destroy what should be cherished, our humanity. We've come so far, possibly too far, and it looks doubtful that we can ever go back to modest times without devastation, and would we ever want to?

255: The Determination to Cut Emissions Through Green IT
The information technology sector creates a tremendous amount of heat energy and consumes an incredible amount of energy in its operations. The systems used to initialize and transfer trillions of bytes of information give off an amazing amount of heat that has an indelible effect on the environment.

256: Your Search For Online Stores Providing Customized Computer Systems Ends Here
There are some good tidings for you, if you are on the lookout for a computer that meets your exact specifications. Though the prices of other items have increased due to the global economic crisis, there is one thing that has shown a remarkable downturn as far as prices are concerned. The costs of getting connected to the internet are falling down with each provider trying to woo more clients to their group.

257: Tips to Buy a Computer
If you have decided to go in for a brand new computer, this might be a daunting task. There are so many things that need to be considered. If you a new entrant into the world of computers, this could be even more daunting. When you plan to go in for a new computer, you will need a good checklist so that you get it right. The following are some good buying computer tips.

258: Casio, a Brief History of the Electronic Calculator
Casio has become a household name for pioneering some of the most useful products such as the all-electronic calculator and the digital watch. Both of which we take for granted in the 21st century. A young and talented lathe operator apprentice by name of Kashio Tadao began his studies at Waseda Koshu Gakka (now Waseda University) in Tokyo, Japan.

259: Online Scheduler With Google Synchronization
Using Google calendar, it will be very helpful to the users to organize their daily schedules. Most of the people are running out of their time and work for money day and night. Hence, there is a chance for those people to forget their important events happening that is going to happen in their life.

260: Pen Cameras and Its Advantages
Wireless pen cameras are the recent technological advancement. Want to spy at some one who is involved in illegal activities?

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