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301: How to Tell If Your Computer Has a Virus
If you have noticed your PC is running slower than it used to before and that it sometimes freezes and takes longer for pages to load up once you open up a browser, then chances are your PC is infected with a virus of some kind. There are many potential harmful viruses out there that can infect your PC in many forms. There are spy-ware as well as a Trojan Horse, Stealth virus and even key-logging viruses that can record everything you input and type in your PC; specifically credit cards, passwords and accounts information.

302: Computer Very Slow? The Two Chief Solutions to Increase Computer Speed and Help You Out Easily
Are you fed up with slow computer hassle? It is really frustrating to play games or work smoothly when computer is running slower and slower. Generally, you can increase computer speed in two ways chiefly: to utilize anti-virus programs and to clean system.

303: Safe Mode No Longer Safe (For Malware Removal)
As one of several important steps in malware removal, savvy computer users have suggested booting into the Windows Safe Mode to run anti-malware scans - conventional tech wisdom being that no malware can load when booted to Safe Mode. Well, for severe malware infestations, Safe Mode is no longer safe. The newer variants of some malware all load even when Safe Mode is used.

304: How to Defrag Your Computer in Windows XP
Defragging your computer means that you are taking files that might be scattered across your hard drive. When you save a file, the computer saves the file in the next available spot on the hard drive.

305: Things to Look For When Picking a Computer
When you're looking to buy a computer, there are several things you need to consider. Most people are unaware of the things they need on their computer because all they really want are the basic essentials. While this can be okay, you still might want to know what you're getting so you can get a bang for your buck.

306: Why Toy Manufacturers Prefer Custom Silicone Keypads
Toy designers have to address the unique requirements of objects intended for children. Electronic toys are common today and manufacturers have found custom silicone keypads to the perfect choice for safety and ruggedness.

307: Seven Things That Could Make Your Gadgets Obsolete
Thinking about buying a new TV, Blu-ray player, or even laptop? Well maybe you should think again because we saw some technologies at CES 2010 that could make a gadget you buy today obsolete very soon.

308: Funky Laptop Bags
You want to be different, I know, and you're probably landing on this article, because you want to find something that's "funky." I remember when I was a kid and I was going to school, my Mom would always take me out and school shop. What I soon found out is that the clothes that I had purchased that I thought were cool, were being worn by others in the school.

309: How to Access Personal Email Away From Home
When you're enjoying internet access at home, retrieving your email is simple. You can simply log into your provider's website to view and respond to messages. Or, you can download it into a separate client. Everything you need is on one computer and as long as you're at home, the entire process is trouble-free. But, what happens when you go on a trip? Even if you take your laptop with you, how will you retrieve your messages?

310: Is Cloud Computing the Wave of the Future?
Cloud computing is a way of using a computer by linking up to the internet and using all the applications and resources available from service providers on the Internet, without the necessity of having any of the applications on one's own computer. This sort of computing requires broad network access, services and applications that are available on demand, measurement of the services provided and of course your own computer with the minimum hardware that can take advantage of all the resources available.

311: Three-Way Assistance From an Information Technology Forum
Today, an information technology forum provides you learning assistance in three ways. Firstly, you get access to high-quality computer contents in the form of real-life case studies from practical PC users. Secondly, you get computer advisory services from administrators. Thirdly, you get an opportunity to interact with other PC members. This three-way assistance all comes to you very fast with Web 2.0 computer technology.

312: Tech Support Forum For Big Professional Gains
Today, a good tech support forum is your reliable guide in your search for new computer-related ideas. Such online tech support forum is right at your fingertips. You just log on and have free access to high-quality computer-related contents and information. Many successful professionals agree that when it comes to computer-related know how for computer technology, nothing compares to a well-managed online tech support forum today.

313: Is Android the Right OS For You?
With so many choices available in the smartphone market, choosing the right device has never been harder. There a good chance that there is an Android smartphone that is perfect for you.

314: Popular Video Formats
Here we take a look at some of the more popular video file formats currently in use today: AVI - This video format often uses the DivX encoding in order to achieve a high level of compression resulting in a lower file size which, when run at a high enough bitrate, can be viewed without any significant artifacts. While popular through most of the early 2000's, this format has recently been lost in popularity due to the introduction of other high quality video formats. Although the format is not widely used...

315: Why Dont DVD Recorders With Hard Drive Functionality Have Twin Digital Tuners? Part 1
Consumers often ask why it is that DVD recorders with hard drive functionality tend not to have twin digital tuners, a feature that would allow them to watch one digital channel and record a different one. The reason for the omission of this useful option is explained in this two-part series.

316: Get Your Techie Boyfriend a Free iPad Today
Valentine's Day went by without you ever giving your loyal but techie boyfriend a gift. It might because you don't what to give him that he hasn't owned. A free iPad may just be what you need. This latest device from Apple Inc. is buzzing all over the technology section of every magazine and newspapers.

317: Business Intelligence Reporting Tools Give Data Meaning
Your company has data - and lots of it. The data tells you what your customers are purchasing, what your sales trends are, where your inventory is, what your profits and losses are, and more.

318: Recording iPlayer and Other Streaming Video
Want to keep your favourite programmes on your computer? Fed up of viewing time limits? Want to see what you want, when you want?

319: Barometers Work on Many Levels
No one knows how convenient it is to be able to predict the weather on a short term basis. Barometers are certainly ways in which you can find and predict the weather on a short term basis by what it reads. Depending on the type of barometer you have, aneroid or mercury, you can tell what weather you will have that day.

320: Want a Free Apple iPad? Be an iPad Tester and Get One Now
Apple iPad is the newest craze in the world of technology. It is Apple's great offer to the public, marking yet another innovative development. They say the iPad will take the place of the Notebook and the iPhone, whereas others are not too pleased. However, the raves and excitement for the iPad's release drown out the rants. That's why there are companies who give out iPads as promotional items or freebies for testing the product.

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