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341: Audio Transcription Using Voice Recognition Has Very Few Takers
When voice recognition technology first came into being, many audio transcribers thought that their careers will soon come to an end, but now that the technology has been in existence for more than a decade, commercial use of the technology is yet to reach a level which can pose a serious threat to the existence of audio transcription companies or transcribers. Production departments of media companies that use audio transcriptions for different processes are of the view that voice recognition does not meet the quality standards that they need in a transcript.

342: Common Problems With XBox 360 and Laptops
Any electronic device will get hot and can freeze while working. One can imagine playing a favorite game on Xbox 360 and the mission was almost about to finish when it suddenly freezes and nothing would move.

343: What Should You Know If You Are Looking For the Best MP3 Player For Kids
There is a lot of different mp3 players but not of them all safe and can be used by kids. I will show you how you can choose the best 512 Mp3 player for your kids!

344: Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion
The R2V conversion process starts with a high quality scan. When a paper drawing is scanned, the resulting digital file is a raster file.

345: Why You Should Monitor Uptime Capabilities of Your Server
You should monitor uptime capabilities of your server if you want to make sure that your website is performing at its best. This is especially important if you are running an online shop or service wherein you need real time results. Uptime monitoring software is important to have because it give s you information on how your servers are functioning and how available it is. Your server's active time is important to know so you are aware of when it can handle multiple loads. Its active time basically tells you when it's ready to start performing its tasks.

346: The Difference Between a PDF and a Word Document
Two most widely used tools for the purpose of documentation are word document and portable document format. Portable Document format is popularly known as PFD. Word application was released in 1983 however PFD was created in 1993.

347: Role of Information Technology in Aerospace
This article talks about the strong presence of information technology in the Aerospace Sector. It states the future guidelines of correlation between Information Technology and Aerospace.

348: Deciding on the Right Level of Support For Your Network
Network infrastructure planning means analysing your network's functions before considering the appropriate support necessary for your business. What are the requirements for managing your network? What experience is necessary in taking care of bugs or other issues that penetrate security? Choosing an effective plan in support can make a difference in your response time to situations.

349: Future Apple Products Wont Differ Much
Apple is a 50 billion dollar company. At some point, little over 10 years ago it was a failing technology maker at the verge of bankruptcy. What has happened in between? Well besides an updated design and ease of use department, a new business strategy has emerged.

350: Information About Cloud Computing
Visualization of software is the new trend. Here's a quick introduction to cloud computing.

351: How IT Professionals Working With IT Infrastructure Can Stay Up to Date on the Latest Information
Any IT Professional working with any IT infrastructure is able to recognize the ever changing aspect of the industry. There are always newer and more advanced products and solutions being released by companies in an effort to stay ahead of the curve.

352: Be Careful About Relying on Technology
Technology can enhance your life. In an emergency, the newest technology may not work properly or may not work very long. Use these thoughts to refine your emergency plans.

353: Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard has put its enterprising efforts to produce computers of next-generation. It has integrated style, performance, security and simplicity in its latest brand to make it more challenging.

354: How to Fix Rundll32?
In the world of internet, there are already lots of things which are beyond the consciousness of our mind, unless you are going to study with it. In every program that is being involved with various computers, I am sure that not all people can understand how is it running, and it what manner these things are getting useful.

355: Two of the Most Common Computer Problems
Computers are essential but when they are having problems, they can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately tech support consultants can help.

356: Computer Forums For Better PC Users
You can always find better ways of doing things on your PC. It is for this reason that smart PC users who are in look for better computer-related ideas visit online computer forums frequently. Such free computer forums can also be your door to new and better ways of doing things on your PC.

357: Is an iPod the Best Digital Music Player to Buy?
The various members of the iPod family are the best known digital music players and they have much to recommend them. They're solidly built but small and light. They're very reliable and easy to use. They work with the excellent iTunes software.

358: Information Technology in Agriculture
This article discusses the collaboration of Agriculture with Information Technology in today's time. Along with bringing up some of the alerting statistics, it creates a picture of future guideline, predicting presence of Information Technology in Agriculture.

359: Cutting Your IT Budget May Actually Cost You More
Recently, TulsaToday.com, a local news service, reported downsizing for the city of Tulsa. In a story entitled "Budget Woes Continue: Job Cuts, Reduced Services," the story outlined what is an all-to-familiar plight that echoes businesses of all sizes and government agencies across the country.

360: Reasons Why KVM Switches and Extenders Can Help the Broadcast Industry
A KVM Switch allows multiple computers to be controlled from one Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse. Anything from two to hundreds of computers can be managed using this type of switch.

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