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21: The Newest Technological Innovation to Arrive in the Marketplace is the Colour E-Reader
A really efficient colour e-reader which fully supports video, internet browsing and mobile phone display screens was presented by Dutch researchers. Though this particular technology won't be obtainable for at least twelve months the actual implications could possibly be wide spread.

22: The Advantages of Having a Webcam
We've enjoyed many benefits from the internet-related technological advancements of recent years. Surely one of the most impressive, however, is our ability to sit in our own living rooms and view images and video from around the world as if we were visiting the remote and exotic locations ourselves. Just a couple of decades ago, people wouldn't have even considered this to be a possibility.

23: Play Your iTunes Files on Windows Media Player
iTunes and Windows use different technology to download store media files. This means that files are downloaded for iTunes will not play automatically on a Windows Media Player. They must be converted to an acceptable format to play.

24: The Advantages of Computer Photo Paper
Ever since the beginning of digital photography in the early years of this century, digital photo printing has always followed behind its footsteps. Although there are still a lot of things to improve in digital photo printing as compared to traditional dark room printing, we can say that it is somehow at par if not at level with it.

25: What Do You Need a Temperature Probe For?
There are many different circumstances in which a probe is needed to gain an accurate temperature reading. One of the less well known is that of explosion proof probes.

26: A Perspective on Bill Gates and Microsoft
Bill Gates isn't exactly the most popular man in America. In fact, a lot of people hate him. Are you a Bill Gates hater?

27: Why Invest in an E Book Reader
As a youngster, I remember waiting for my allowance every month so that I could purchase my favourite new book at my local bookstore. Nothing delighted me more than escaping the nuisances of the real world by curling up in my bed and flipping page after page to continue the fantasy world. Books are important, especially for young people and the only way to improve literacy.

28: The Many Benefits of IPTV in Business
IPTV technology offers many possibilities in many situations. For business, the possibilities are endless. Here I look at some of the exiting ways that businesses are benefitting from Internet Protocol Television.

29: Mobile Electronics Are Driving Demand For Lithium
The phenomenal growth of mobile electronics is fueling demand for lithium. For the foreseeable future lithium-ion batteries will provide the energy for all the most popular mobile electronics. This makes lithium one of the greatest wealth making opportunities of the century.

30: Consulting Practice For Computer Issues
Just as with launching any other business, lots of thought on many levels has to go into beginning your IT consulting business. For one thing, you really need to be qualified in information technology (IT). The fact that you are a skilled PC user does not mean that you have the skills or technological knowledge to start or plan a technological consulting business.

31: Job Hunting Through Job Search Engines
While we hear it often enough that jobs are hard to find these days; with the help of the various job search engines online; we will surely find one that will be commensurate to our skills and experience. Job search engines can also help us land jobs that are within our area of residence or even land jobs abroad if this is our preference.

32: How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From a Samsung CDMA Cellular Device
Cell phone forensic investigations is the best and most relied upon investigative tool that is used in our society to retrieve deleted text and other data that has been erased from Samsung CDMA cellular devices. If you suspect your spouse is engaging in activities that may cause infidelity, you could benefit a great deal by consulting with a professional that has the utmost experience in performing this unique service.

33: 10 Reasons Why C is the Best Programming Language For Beginners
With the plethora of programming languages these days, and the massive programming information available in the Internet, it can be difficult for a beginner like you to know where to start. When it comes to programming language for beginners, C is an excellent choice.

34: The Growing Need For ID Card Printers
If you belong in a medium to large company or organization it is very difficult to remember every names and faces of the people you are working with. This is the reason why more businesses and organizations are working hard to produce an ID badge for their employees.

35: Computers and Evolution
The advent of the computer age may suggest a further step in the evolutionary process. The control of more and more of the natural world by our species indicates that we may be approaching the limit to further advances in this regard.

36: Why Macs Have a Different Operating System Than a PC
The story behind the Apple OS is fascinating. Traditionally, Apple used Motorola CPUs, but later migrated over to Intel CPUs. Apple hasn't made much information available about installing the MacOS on non-Apple products.

37: Tips to Get Good Spares For Favorite Tech Equipment
Anyone who loves tech stuff will realize the upset that is caused when parts on a favorite piece of equipment break or go wrong. Spares are there of course and some of these can even be added to the equipment by the user himself without dealing with a technician. This article highlights the use of spare parts to replace broken or scratched pieces on equipment which still has some useful life in it.

38: Tips to Get Great Spare Parts For Modern Tech Equipment
For anyone who loves the tech world, having great equipment is an absolute must. So, having equipment which breaks, or falls apart is tantamount to losing a treasured pet or such. This article highlights the use of spare parts which can elongate the life of tech gadgets for some time.

39: Why You Should Wait to Buy Newly Released Electronics
The first and most important rule about purchasing electronics is to never buy an electronic when the first model is put on the shelf. Unless you need the product as soon as possible, and there is no other alternative product to purchase, wait to buy it as long as you can.

40: Mountain View, Start Your Photocopiers
The latest company to announce a rival to the iPad is Google in partnership with Verizon. As Google position themselves as a major force in the computer industry Online Connect speculate on how Cupertino might react.

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