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421: Clouds Overhead
Clouds represent a disruptive force in the delivery model of the Internet and information technology. Business use of the Internet is about to take on a dynamic shift. Many are resistant to have their information stored on servers they don't control, but to believe that information is safer on your desktop at home is simply flawed given vulnerability to viruses, hackers, disasters and lost data. On any given desktop or server, there is a massive amount of underutilized space and computing power.

422: Is Linux a Good Choice When it Comes to a Business Enterprise Server Solution?
This question has sparked allot of debates in the past. Is Linux designed and will it run properly as a business enterprise system, or is it mainly designed for use on your home PC, or maybe just as an experimental system?

423: Why Does Slow Windows Happen to You? The Useful Methods to Improve Windows Speed Right Now
Have you experienced slow Windows? In fact, it is inevitable for users to face it since using computer over time. The key point is how to improve Windows speed rather than to take a blind eye to it until unexpected accidents happen. Today, this article tells you some ways to speed up Windows easily.

424: Choosing an IT Cloud Services Provider - Internal Or External - Top Executive Considerations
Whether you are an executive of a global enterprise or a business owner with a small IT team of at least 2 people, the pressure is on. Your organization needs to cut costs and boost service levels. You want to be a champion for your team -- to be a leader in maximizing rewards and minimizing risks. To do so, you must be thoughtful about focusing your internal resources on core competencies.

425: Setting Up Your Home or Office Wireless Network
Setting up a wireless connection in your home or office is quick and painless. Using this guide, you should be up and running in no time.

426: Tips on a Router Solution For Any Size Business
You're in the midst of designing a new or upgraded high bandwidth network to cover all the voice and data requirements for your company. Your priority is of course to deliver reliable internet connectivity.... but with a cost effective solution. Naturally the router configuration chosen is an important piece of the puzzle.

427: What You Should Know When Buying Optical Comparator
When buying optical comparator a few key elements must be considered. Optical comparators have many unique characteristics. But the principle of all is that they project a magnified shadow of inspected object on a glass screen. So the key elements when buying optical comparators are lenses, screen size and light path.

428: Computer Networking - Definitions and Basics
Computer networking is a mean to easily transmit data residing on a computer between two or more persons. Here are some principles about networking and how it simplifies data transmission.

429: Important Tips to Save Printer Paper
Since the current issue today is a global warming, one of the best ways to reduce global warming is to save your printer paper. It is commonly known that people mostly waste papers while printing documents, presentations, pictures, spreadsheets, and many other things that sometimes are not necessary to be printed out. For that reason, these are going to give you some important tips to save printer paper that will lead you to save your environment and save your money.

430: Disk Space - Useful Knowledge About Disk Space
Are you always annoyed by the popping up prompts of "Low Disk Space"? Even though your computer still can run smoothly, the system is reminding that untiringly. Are you tired of it?

431: Slow Computer Problems - Two Methods to Help You Handle Slow Computer Problems
Have you been puzzled that computer speed is not as fast as before? Have you been doubtful of yourself whether you have done any wrong doings that harms computer? In fact, you do not worry too much because any tiny change in the system may have influence on computer performance. And it is unavoidable to lead to various shifts when you use a computer.

432: Disk Defragment - Some Methods to Solve Defragmenting Problems
If you want to speed up your computer or optimize its performance, I am sure that you have tried to defragment disk once or more. It is true that defragmentation can help improve computer performance. But, during the defragmentation, some may have encountered certain problems. So, in this article, I will introduce the common methods to solve this problem.

433: Speed Up Your Computer - Defragmentation is a Good Choice
Undoubtedly, if your computer has been using for a long time, you may find its performance and speed are lowering day after day. What happened? There is not any virus or software problem in it. In fact, your computer is piling a mass of junks day by day but you do not take it seriously.

434: Blue Screen Problems - How to Prevent Blue Screen Problems Caused by Low System Resources
Have you ever encountered blue screen problems? When you are using computer smoothly, blue screen comes up abruptly. It is really bothering and even a head ache for many users. Sometimes it is OK to restart computer but it does not work under some circumstances. Like any other malfunction, blue screen can be divided into aspects: hardware and software. Now, I would like to introduce some methods to fix them in the regard of software and low system resource in particular.

435: Palm OTDRs - Portable and High-Performing
OTDRs (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers) have always been big and clunky but as in all technology they just got smaller. Now you can fit them into your bag with the rest of your important fiber test equipment.

436: Apples Future Vision - What Are They Going to Do Next?
What is in store for the apple enthusiast in the future? Rest assure they will not let us down. Apple is known for making products bigger and better than the rest of its competitors.

437: Computer Rental As an Alternative to Purchasing
Computers really have become ubiquitous in the Twenty-first century. It is hard to go anywhere within any city without encountering them at the local grocery store, restaurant, or movie theater. We carry them in our pockets even though we call those gadgets "smart" phones.

438: Why Buying the Right Mouse Adapters is a Must
Different types of devices are required to operate a computer. Adapter is one of the most essentials things. It helps to connect all the devices with each other. Various types of adapters are required, such as USB adapter, keyboard adapters, mouse adapters etc. in most of the computers, USB adaptors are included.

439: Why Does My Network Need Auditing?
Is your business one that is highly reliant on a completely effective computer that is thoroughly operational? If so then you do not want to see your computer malfunction in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, computers are prone to problems and errors. In some cases, the problems are minor. Then there are other instances when the problems with the computer are so severe the problems lead to crashes and other serious malfunctions.

440: Three Must-Use Tips For Improving Network Efficiency
There probably isn't a person among us who hasn't experienced the now stereotypical frustration of using a computer that seems to be running - and losing - a race with a turtle. We've all furiously clicked on the Internet icon only for it to just hang there.

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