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481: Dont Tell Me What, Tell Me How
I have been writing about technology for a long time and I have come to understand that people want ready solutions to immediate needs or better want to get some immediate advantage, without really caring of knowing much about what they are really doing and why. There is some definite advantage in learning tips and short cuts and gaining the direct advice of experts, but when it gets overdone then you can run into serious problems.

482: Google vs Microsoft? Wait and See!
Google is shaping up to literally go to war with Microsoft for the dominance of the computer operating system market. Starting with the introduction of their new web browser Chrome they began to work toward the goal of stripping Microsoft from the world's computers.

483: Computer Buying Guides - Gaming Machines That Rock!
To a gaming aficionado a computer means only one thing, a gaming rig that allows you to beat the competition. The gaming machine has to have detailed graphics and the ability to make split second decisions. Whether or not the computer is up to par makes the difference to winning or losing. No matter how good a gamer you are, you are ultimately only as good as your machine, so having a computer that can process huge amounts of data, has high end graphics and lightening speed CPUs with liquid cooling is the ultimate dream machine.

484: The Power and Limits of Film Scanner Film Restoration Techniques
While negative film scanners are extremely useful tools, they also have their limits. Their power in converting film negatives to an easily edited computer file format isn't something to underestimate, and many photographers simply couldn't get by without them.

485: Speed Up Your PC
Some quick basics to reducing clutter and speeding up your Windows based PC. Starting with the basics will keep your PC running fast well into the future.

486: Solar Tutorial - Making Connections
You have your solar panel or solar charger and your device that needs charging. Maybe you also have a solar battery pack to go between the two in order to provide consistent power. The question is now how do you make a connection between all these things? Most 12V solar panels come with a basic SLA cigarette socket like the one in your car. Small personal solar chargers are providing a USB port. How do you use these things?

487: Building a Robot is Easy!
Robots are not that difficult to assemble. We only need simple materials to build a simple robot. Starting with a small beetle robot will allow us to learn how to create those big and more complicated robots.

488: Five Steps in Installing the Router
The router is the main device that links two or more computers. The linked computers can share the Internet connection as well as files.

489: The Role of Your Network Support Company
Having a network support company is important, especially if you don't have your own internalised IT department. Even if you have IT personnel, many times they have to call somebody for support on your network, due to the added complexity and associated issues, when there is a problem.

490: Flatbed Scanners Versus Film Scanners
Trying to figure out whether you should invest in a flatbed scanner or a film scanner for your photographic art? You're in the right place! While they're both useful devices, flatbeds and film scanners really serve different purposes and shouldn't be confused with each other. Having a firm grip on the differentiating factors between the two will help you use them each for their intended specialties.

491: Atomic Clocks - The Key to Network Synchronisation
Sourcing the correct time for network synchronisation is only possible thanks to atomic clocks. Compared to standard timing devices and atomic clock is millions of times more accurate with the latest designs providing accurate time to within a second in a 100,000 years.

492: NTP Or SNTP - That is the Question?
While there are several protocols available for time synchronisation the majority of network time is synchronised using either NTP or SNTP. Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) have been around since the inception of the Internet (and in the case of NTP, several years beforehand) and are by far the most popular and widespread time synchronisation protocols. However, the difference between the two is slight and deciding which protocol is best for a NTP time server or a particular time synchronisation application can be troublesome.

493: Hardware and Software - A Basic Introduction
You have probably heard the term software and hardware frequently. Hardware would be useless without software, and software wouldn't exist without hardware. But what area they exactly, why do you need them, and how does they help you? Read the following to learn the basics about hardware and software-and the difference between the two.

494: Common Play Features to Expect in a Transcription Machine
Not all transcription machines are alike in every little detail. Part of being a good shopper when it comes to these little machines is looking out for those differences and figuring out which ones are positive for you and which ones are negative.

495: Using a Dictation Machine
Turning an audio piece into written or typed words can be a lengthy process. There are many rules that individuals have to follow to ensure that the audio that they are transcribing is accurate.

496: Optimize Computer Performance - How to Optimize Computer Performance in All-Around Ways
Since you have been using computer for a long time, it is undeniable that computer performance is reducing day by day, such as computer is running slower and slower, or an increasing number of junks are piling up in the computer. If such problems have occurred in your computer, it is an alarm that you should take some actions to fix them so as to optimize computer performance. Well, that is what I want to tell you in this article.

497: Developing and Implementing ITIL in a Company
Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a must-have for practically all companies these days and it has caught on fast. The benefits it offers like cost-saving, improved security and better interaction with customers on the part of companies has added to its popularity.

498: Project Guide - Build Your Own Computer - The Steps
It's one thing to simply build your own computer. But if you want a larger and more complete understanding of how a computer works, then you must broaden your approach this process. A project guide is a great place to start.

499: Some Important Guidelines to Select an IT Support Supplier
The important aspect behind operating any business successfully is selecting an appropriate IT supplier or a partner in the same field. There are numerous suppliers as well as solutions available to you from whom you can select.

500: Why is My PC So Slow and How Do I Increase Performance and Make it Work Very Fast Again? Heres How
Many people have slow computers and continuously wonder "why is my PC so slow". If you are one of the many people who have to wait several minutes for their computer to boot up, load programs or even perform simple tasks then you certainly know of the frustrations of a slow computer.

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