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501: The Difference Between Hackers and Crackers
When most people think about computer security the word hacker comes to their mind. Another word that is also associated with bad computer behaviour is cracker and most of the time the two words are used interchangeably but they are not the same thing.

502: How to Connect Your iPod Touch to Bluetooth Speakers
Support for Bluetooth speakers on the iPod touch is now a reality. When released the second generation of Apple's iPod touch platform replaced the Wi-Fi chip used with one that supports Bluetooth. Out of the box Apple did not enable Bluetooth. With the release of OS version 3.0 the Bluetooth chip has been enabled for pairing with Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

503: Three Ways to Type Faster
Many work-at-home jobs require at least some typing. Single-finger pecking the keys cost you time and money. You can speed up your typing skills using these three steps.

504: Real World Reasons to Adopt Robust Data Security - Now!
Data breaches and data security are real problems for today's businesses. There were more than 222 million records breached according to a December 2009 report by the Identity Theft Resource Center. Smart card technology increases data security, with biometric Smart Cards offering the most robust means to link positive identification and roles to data access.

505: How Touch Screen Technology Works
Touch screen technology can be mysterious if you ever stop to wonder what really makes a screen recognize your finger, pen, or stylus. As technology advances, touch screens are becoming more popular because they make the user interface more exciting and intuitive for people new to modern tech gadgetry. There are three basic systems used in screens to recognize your touch.

506: Object Oriented Programming Concepts
When you approach a programming problem in an object-oriented language, you no longer ask how the problem will be divided into functions, but how it will be divided into objects. Thinking in terms of objects, rather than functions, has a surprisingly helpful effect on how easily programs can be designed. This results from the close match between objects in the programming sense and objects in the real world.

507: How to Fix Svchost.exe by Updating the System
It's easy to forget about updating your system, especially when you need to fix Svchost.exe errors, DirectX errors, or any of the other irritating errors that can harm your machine. Here, we'll focus on how consistently implementing updates can help you fix Svchost.exe problems.

508: Danger! Danger! That File Extension May Be Your First Clue
By now, most computer users are aware that some files are dangerous to open. After all, computer viruses and spyware programs typically arrive as stowaways on files. But how do you know which files are more likely to carry a dangerous payload?

509: Driver Robot Review - Why Use Driver Robot to Consistently Keep Your Computers Drivers Up to Date
Your computer's operating system requires that all of its internal functions, perform properly together and in sync as one complete unit. All computer operating systems rely on an element called a driver, to keep the computer's internal systems functioning properly.

510: Police Discount IP Camera Footage As Being Too High Quality
If any more proof is needed to be given that surveillance technology has well and truly started the move from an analog to a digital basis as the standard format, ask the QLD Police force. In a recent incident involving a juvenile break-in at a prominent holiday park on the Gold Coast, Australia, IP Cameras were a key element in identifying the perpetrators owing to the clarity of footage provided - and according to law enforcement officers, perhaps too key.

511: Nasty Problems and Fast Solutions For Lsass Exe Error
Lsass.exe errors can be a nasty problem that likes to shutdown Windows and cause problems restarting and loading back into windows. Lsass errors are most commonly caused by a virus. The "Sasser" virus was recognized a bit too late by Microsoft, so the security update came a bit after the fact.

512: Cheap Desktop Computers - Now the Price has Fallen Down
These days, among all the most famous cheap desktop computers is the next-generation touch-enabled personal computers which are offered by HP. One can find these computers with a powerful processor and also with all-in-one multimedia functionality featuring a wide touchscreen which can be up to 25.5".

513: Segmenting and Securing Your Network With VLANs
In an organisation or a particular network, there are reasons why certain hosts access each other while others do not. As an example, members of the accounting department may be the only users who need to access the accounting server. This is where segmenting your network with VLANs comes in.

514: Local Area Network
If you want to transfer some of your data files from one computer to another in your office what will you do? One option you have is to take a floppy or CD and copy the data into it from source computer and go to destination computer and download the file in it. This method is very much time consuming and also you can not copy the data more then 1.44MB in floppy and around 800MB in CD.

515: The Benefits and Disadvantages of ITIL
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), like anything else, has it share of backers who see its many benefits. It also has its share of critics who feel ITIL is not all it is cracked to be.

516: How XML Conversion Is Advantageous
XML is abbreviation of extensible markup language. It is a markup language containing various rules to form electronic documents.

517: Driver Robot Reviews - Your Window Driver Updates and Driver Downloads
If you are worried as I am about your outdated drivers and you do not want to take the pain to find the correct version of drivers for your hardware, the solution is an automated driver robot that will search all the drivers for you and will update your drivers accordingly. There is nothing better than the Driver Robot which has a huge data base and will not miss your drivers no matter what hardware you have. The best thing about the Driver Robot is that it will always find the right drivers for your hardware and the chances of...

518: Define the Computer - All the Information You Need
Did you ever think that the entire world could become a globalized village with the onset of technology? People would not have thought that the room sized machine would shrink in its size and also shrink the distance between the corners of the world.

519: Farm Cash and Farm Coins
Farm Coins and Farm Cash are the two types of money in Farmville. Farm Cash is a rare virtual currency. You can buy elite Farmville items if they have this type of currency.

520: How to Fix a Runtime Error - The Easiest Way Yet!
A runtime error on your computer can come in many different forms but they typically occur when one or more software programs installed on your computer experiences some kind of internal error that prevents it from fulfilling its program potential. Thankfully there is an easy way to fix runtime errors and if you follow one step at a time, you will arrive at the cause of the problem.

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