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521: Information on Rapid Prototype
Rapid prototype technology was first used in the year 1980 in order to construct physical models and prototype parts or objects with the help of additional manufacturing technology. It is the automatic construction of three dimensional models. Earlier this technology was used for a limited purpose, but these days it is used almost everywhere and its application is done on a much wider range.

522: Hidden Camera Pranks and the Law
Playing pranks and filming it, regardless how fun it may sound, is punishable by law. In fact, it is not as light as most people think it is.

523: Additive Manufacturing - Fused Deposition Modeling
Additive manufacturing is a generic name for a group of manufacturing methods that dare to move away from the conventional oiled-machine approach. One of these methods is called fused deposition modeling. The fused deposition modeling method is used most commonly in prototyping, model building or production applications.

524: Modeling On-The-Run - Rapid Prototyping Services
Taking additive manufacturing to a new high, rapid prototyping services project completion easy for many by creating prototypes in the nick of time. Working on the principles used by additive manufacturing technologies, rapid prototyping services manage to create prototypes within limited budgets specified by customers.

525: Hidden Cameras and VCRs - A Dependable System
Hidden cameras couldn't perform its purpose alone. It actually functions within a network together with another important piece called VCR.

526: Shopping For a Transcription Machine
Getting the right choice out of many different transcription machines isn't something you can just do without knowing what to look for. Too many businessmen just grab something cheap or good-looking and assume it will give them the transcription capabilities their job requires.

527: Types of Transcription Machines
Anyone interested in transcribing notes for minutes or any other circumstance has a variety of options available when seeking a transcription machine. Currently, there are different means of transcribing information and because of this there are different materials and machines used in the transcription process.

528: Notes on Video Technology
Over the years video technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Starting with VHS and moving to DVD and now Blu-Ray, the added quality and features provided by technological leaps forward seems to be never-ending.

529: IT Solutions For Small Businesses
Many companies completely rely on computer systems to run the day to day business tasks. But do they know if their technology is appropriate for their business or a cost effective solution? Generally speaking a small business can cut costs and maximise productivity by implementing an IT support solution that is tailor made for the business using the latest technological systems.

530: Keycard Technology
Traditional locks and keys have given way to electronic keycards, and RFID technology. Here's a look at the innovations that shape how we buy, sell, trade and protect ourselves, our privacy, our goods and services. Everyone who has ever stayed at a hotel knows about electronic keycard technology.

531: Role of WCDMA in 3G Mobile Communication
Abstract: The telecommunications world is changing as the trends of media convergence; industry consolidation, Internet and IP technologies and mobile communications collide into one. Significant change will be bought about by this rapid evolution in technology with the arrival of mobile Internet technology. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the radio access scheme used for third generation cellular systems that are being rolled out in various parts of the globe. The 3G systems to support wideband services like high-speed Internet access, video and high quality image transmission with the same quality as the fixed networks.

532: Blue Screen Problems - How to Prevent Blue Screen Problems in Advance
Have you ever encountered that your computer is freezing up even sometimes falls into blue screen? This must be the last thing of computer problems for all the users to see. As a matter of fact, the best methods to fix blue screen problem is to prevent it in advance rather than figure it out when it happens.

533: The Growing Importance of Document Management Systems at the Workplace
One of the most popular features in the business world, document management solutions help to create, store and use data. Very simply put, this system helps you organize your data and any form of written documents in a systematic manner. When a business uses a large amount of paperwork, such as those related to finance, marketing or general reports, it is always helpful to have some sort of data management system in place.

534: The Significance of Network Support
Customer relation is an important factor while delivering Professional IT Support. Better services permit better functioning of any business. Fast communication today allows better support and faster solutions.

535: Used Computers Are a Good Buy
Buying used computers and used laptop computers are seen by some people as not a wise consumer decision. Some people even think that the people who buy used laptop computers and used computers are extremely cheap people who just want to save every single cent they can without regard for quality.

536: Cloud Computing - Things to Consider Before Switching
Safety and security of data is the biggest concern for any company. History has it that even the most secure databases were hacked by cyber criminals and this is one of the reasons that companies providing cloud computing services put safety and security of data as their primary concern. But there are a few industry-standard security topics to consider before outsourcing data and capabilities to cloud servers

537: Relational Database Query Processing
Even though the RDMBS (database) is a great innovation of the previous decade, its query processing mechanism has left much to be desired. This article explores the problems of running queries in current Relational Database Management Systems and also explains the steps that have been taken to resolve recurring problems of processing queries.

538: Multiple Methods of Fixing the Svchost Error
If an svchost error is slowing down your system at startup, then it's important to use Task Manager and make updates quickly. An svchost error that manifests itself when you are booting up your computer is normally an error related to a bad process. Svchost Functionality and the CPU Memory Leak Since svchost.exe basically executes a whole barrage of other files (called.DLLs) multiple instances of svchost.exe can appear in your Task Manager. One particularly bad svchost error uses up 99 to 100% of your computer's CPU, rendering it useless.

539: Computer Clean Up - Everything You Need to Know
A great "how to" guide about cleaning up you computer and speed it up at the same time. You'll be amazed how slow you computer really is and how fast it will be.

540: Innovations in Environmental Technology
Ever since the beginning, efforts have been made to introduce more and more innovative technology to support lives of the people. In the initial days technology was invented to fulfill the major needs of the human beings, later on it went to creating technology to make lives of the people easy and simple. Now, technology is created worldwide for the purpose of providing luxury to the people.

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