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561: Create Your Own Mouse Pads Using Your Pouch Laminator
Almost every office supply store sells mouse pads. You can find them with pictures of tropical locations, magical characters and even the logo of your favorite sports team on them. Mouse pads are almost everywhere because every computer should have one. They help keep your mouse from getting gummed up and ensure that the mouse works properly and doesn't slip.

562: Plasma TVs - Pros and Cons of This Type of Television
Choosing to purchase a plasma television can be a very big decision for consumers, especially those who are unfamiliar with the technology and features of the design. Buying a television (especially an LCD or plasma) is a big investment and one that should not be taken lightly.

563: Top 5 TV Accessories Most Deserving of Your Dollar
Televisions are easily one of the most sought after pieces of equipment for your home. Not only can the televisions themselves be very pricey but, with all the accessories to choose from, these items can end up costing you more than you'd wish to pay.

564: Where is the Future Taking Us?
It is funny to look back on films of the past and see how they portray the technology of today. Films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey saw us as being far more technologically advanced in this era than has turned out to be the case. Yet these films have also missed technological advancements that have occurred and the impact they have had.

565: Handling and Fixing the Msvcp71 dll Error
Computers can suffer from dozens of different types of error messages; if these affect your computer then they can slow your computer down. A very common computer problem is the Msvcp71.dll error. The Msvcp71.dll file is a very important part of the Microsoft Visual C Runtime library. This is required for any applications which were written in visual C.

566: Industrial Label Printers - The Hidden Benefits
To help avoid the time consuming task of sorting through boxes and trying to figure out what piece of old equipment goes to another a business should make use of industrial label printers. Businesses of all sizes have one thing in common, over the years they become cluttered with unused equipment and documents. As a business grows and begins to employee more workers it will hire more up to date equipment while storing the old equipment away for emergency use.

567: Industrial Label Printer - Hazard Identification
In order to reduce exposure to hazardous materials and to avoid improper handling it is extremely important to use hazard identification at all times. These days a wide variety of industries handle hazardous materials on a daily basis.

568: Industrial Label Makers - Why Have One?
Industrial label makers are a vital piece of equipment for companies that handle or store hazardous materials. While many containers meant for handling hazardous materials are pre-labeled it is important for companies to have an alternative procedure in effect for creating decals of their own.

569: What is Information Technology?
Many definitions are expressed about IT. All of them are correct regardless of the differences among these definitions. The reason is that these definitions are coming from separate perspectives.

570: Seven Reasons Why You Should Rent Your IT Hardware Infrastructure
Rental, or operational leasing as some would say, has come of age in South Africa. For too long we have been stuck in the mentality rutt of "I want to own all my stuff" to a more business savvy mindset where ownership is not always the astute move to make when it comes to your company's IT hardware infrastructure. We live in an age where information and the assimilation and interpretation thereof has become paramount.

571: Dont Outsource Your Label Printing
There are many companies that are currently offering label and decal printing services to business owners. These services are often utilized by business owners because they believe that there is no affordable alternative.

572: A Guide to Refilling Your Inkjet Printer Cartridge
The inkjet printers are becoming quite popular these days. They are ideal for people who are tight on a budget. Along with the rising importance of printers, the demand for cartridges has also increased. Especially if you are a regular user of the printer you cannot go without them.

573: Nature of Viruses
Virus is a program which infects other programs in the computer and includes an additional version of it. Often people think that a virus is a sign of mass destruction and feel chaos on its detection but there are few viruses that can cause a major damage to the system but mostly viruses can be removed with the help of some software. A computer virus carries in its instructional code the capability for making copies of it.

574: How to Reduce Computer Eye Strain (Or Stop Frying Your Eyes!)
Twenty years ago most of our reading was done via print, now most of it is via pixel. Our eyes are not used to looking at a computer screen or any digital screen; this is a new task for them. In this article I talk about how to reduce computer eye strain resulting from this new stress for our eyes.

575: Use Computer Screen Glasses and Prevent Early Presbyopia - Read This If Youre 30 - 40
Presbyopia is the progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age. The near focusing effort required for working with computers creates strains the eye has never had to deal with before. In people aged around 30-40 a decrease in the accommodative focusing mechanisms of the eye can be a setting for early presbyopia. In this article I discuss how to prevent this.

576: Linux Storage Servers
In most cases, your email server is hosted by the same company that your website is hosted with. However, some companies prefer internal email servers. This ensures the ability to have permanent mail storage as well as having the ability to customise the size limits without incurring extra costs. Linux email servers are stable, feature rich and completely scalable.

577: Tips on Spending Less on Printing While Getting Better Results
Whether for personal use or for business, the cost of printing documents can amount to a huge expense. Brand new ink and toner cartridges are very expensive. When looking to cut costs, there are a number things you can do to reduce printing expenses without having to lower the quality of the printed document.

578: The Importance of Barcode Scanners in Modern Business Operations
Nowadays, approximately each single business industry uses bar codes for many different purposes and reasons. If you are continuing trail of computers and other significant modern equipment within the business company, then you need a document scanner.

579: Multi-Touch Technology Solutions
These days the multi-touch technology is rapidly expanding and the consumers are enjoying the great achievements made by engineers working in this field. Until a few years ago, the products developed based on multi-touch technology were rather rare but highly attractive. In contrast, today the multi-touch technology is widely used and embedded in various fields of activity, but mostly importantly in the engineering field.

580: Mac in a PC World - Yes You Can!
Ever since the dawning of personal computing with the implementation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI - the pictorial use of files, folders, windows etc along with a mouse), Apple and their rivals Microsoft have gone their separate ways, although always with a beady eye on the competition. Twenty something years on, Macs and PCs share the same components, and, let's face it, even the operating systems are not so different, really.

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