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601: Specialized Equipment From Modern Computer Rental Firms
Personal, business, and academic projects can call for technology and equipment that some people may assume would not be available through computer rental companies. But equipment rental firms will often carry a huge selection of the most popular items, as well as a stock of more specific technology for special requirements.

602: Laptop Insurance - Weird Laptop Accidents
Laptop computers are fragile pieces of electronic equipment that are subjected to a tremendous amount of stress and daily wear and tear. Many people do not realise just how easy it is to cause damage to a laptop, which makes laptop insurance an ideal acquisition.

603: Reg Cure! Dont Allow Your PC to Slow You Down!
Once you have purchased your PC, or began a-fresh with installing Windows, you'll enjoy a very quick and efficient computer. Your PC will load up within moments and programs will open up quickly. You'll be enjoying your PC the way you are meant to be enjoying it. As we all know, give it a few months, and your computer will slow down and down and down...

604: Hard Disk Protection - The Methods to Fix Hard Disk Errors
Hard disk bad tracks, especially physical ones must be the most headache-y problems in the disk errors. Such problem can cause your computer problems from frequent blue screen to data loss. In order to fix disk error, I will tell you some methods including using Windows scanning tool, low-level formatting and hiding those errors.

605: Why is My Computer So Slow Now? Get a Fast Computer in 5 Minutes
One popular lie going around is that it's inevitable that a PC will get slower as the system gets older. This is simply FALSE.

606: Understanding IP Crime
IP crime has been around as long as the internet because the IP, or Internet Protocol, is the tool by which the internet is allowed to work. We should also distinguish IP crime - Internet protocol crime is where criminal misuse of Internet Protocol is used in the commission of a crime whereas, Intellectual Property Crime (also confusingly known as "IP Crime"), refers to the criminal misuse of intellectual property such as illegal duplication of compact or digital video disks.

607: 3 Steps on How to Succeed Your Computer Forensic Certification
Computer forensic is a tough subject to study. You need to be talented, quick learner, skeptical, skillful and many more. Obtaining a degree is tough but to pass your certification is even a tougher journey. Hence, you should have some ideas on how to succeed in it. Here are 3 steps in assisting you to succeed in your certification.

608: Doing the Driver Dance
The novice user probably never realizes the hidden world of the device driver. It is a mysterious little file with a hidden agenda. If your computer use is limited to searching the web, drivers will only come to your attention in the form of a major conflict.

609: Managing a Project Portfolio
What is Project Portfolio Management? Well, the short and sweet definition is that it's "managing most (or all) of an organizations resources towards achieving a common goal". Wow - that's huge! Yes, if you're responsible for managing a portfolio of work, then you often have all, or at least a large portion of the organizations resources (people, equipment, money...) at your disposal. This is why portfolios usually include a whole suite of projects, programs and even operational work, grouped together to achieve a common goal. So how do you manage a portfolio? Take these 4 steps:

610: Should I Worry When Someone Calls Me a Computer Geek Or Nerd?
Not long ago, I was talking to a young man at the local coffee shop, and we got into a conversation and I asked him what he did for a living, it turns out he works for the Geek Squad, which is actually a division of a company that goes around and fixes people's computers, because folks buy technology which is far more advanced than their ability to use it. Kind of like when you buy a VCR, and never figure out how to use all the features.

611: We See You - By Satellite!
We all know that you can be found with your cell phone, and we all know that satellites can track international terrorists and Al Qaeda. We also know there are tracking devices which are often put on automobiles in case they are stolen like LoJack. Most of us are aware that there are GPS systems that can help you track yourselves by satellite, and if you ever need assistance the satellite knows where you are as well, the OnStar General Motors system for instance.

612: iPhone, iPod Touch Remote For MythTV
Enabling the network remote control interface is very easy. All you need to do is go to your Setup Menu, then General and continue until the fourth screen.

613: An Animated Gifs Christmas - Bringing Some Holiday Joy to Your Personal Page
When Christmas comes round a lot of people find they want to spruce up their page on MySpace, on forums, or play around on MSN with Christmas and holiday themed animated GIFs. An animated GIFs Christmas may sound a bit dumb but it's the kind of little thing that makes life fun!

614: Save Money and Protect the Environment With Remanufactured Ink and Toner
Recycling has never been more important than it is today. Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges lessen the amount of waste that ends up in landfills across the world and saves you money.

615: iPhone Wake on LAN
In other words: How to Turn on your computer from your iPhone (or iPod Touch). I don't know if it is your case, but I have a Linux Media Center computer in my living room with Mythbuntu installed, that makes me really happy. So far, this has been pretty much my main passion... until I got my really nice iPod Touch! Here you are listening to a happy owner of an iPod Touch 2nd generation. Since I bought it, I've been trying to do lots of geeky stuff. What can I say? I really enjoy this, it's my quality time! I hope that you find this article much more interesting than my wife does!

616: Convert AVI to DVD
You can now get a movie that is stored on your hard disk in AVI format and burn them to disk in order for you to watch it on a DVD standard player. This in fact offers great benefits especially for people with digital camcorders.

617: Cloud Computing - The Element of Trust
In the IT business, one frequently see businesses and government entities fielding contracts to provide wireless capabilities for their facilities and personnel. As a security professional, the first question is always: "Why?" experience has shown that, businesses and government agencies tend to undervalue the sensitivity of their data-even their mundane, everyday data. They also tend to underestimate the vulnerabilities introduced by wireless connections points, even if secured, and their potential risk to expensive systems and business operations.

618: Software Cost Estimation is Like the BCS Ratings
Know your college football? Hmmm, pick a year and name the NCAA football champion. 2008-Florida? 1986-Penn State?1962-USC? Nope, Nope, and Nope! No matter what year you selected you were wrong! The NCAA does not formally determine a champion for this category. But, since a gazillion dollars depends upon those bragging rights - the Bowl Champion Series (BCS) was invented. And like a software estimate - it's been almost as popular!

619: Safe Registry Cleaner Tips
Do you know how to determine whether or not the registry cleaner that you are using is safe? Using a registry cleaner on your computer is important and is especially important for computer systems that are running Vista and Windows 7.

620: Corsair Memory to Aid the Supermicro Core Processors
Corsair are well known and extremely established in the computing and hardware markets and have been for years now. They can produce memory products not only for the home, but large multinational companies and hangar sized server rooms. Corsair Memory has long been thought of as the best and most reliable manufacturer of such systems.

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