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661: Windows 7 Slow? - Get Slowing Windows 7 Back on Track Right Now!
Is your Windows 7 slow? Wondering how to get slowing Windows 7 back on track? Well, this article will show you some tips to fix a slow Windows 7.

662: Youre Computer Safe, But is Your Family?
You're computer safe but someone in your family is not, or maybe all of them. Here is how to avoid every having to use computer file recovery techniques because your file is deleted or corrupted by viruses.

663: Server Room Monitoring of Environmental Conditions Reduces the Risk of Cataclysmic Failure
Whatever line of business an organization is in environmental monitoring of the server room and IT equipment is an absolute must to ensure business continuity. Environmental conditions that cause the breakdown of a network can cost an organization large amounts of lost revenue and impaired business performance.

664: Slow Computer Fix For Free - 3 Tips to Fix Your Computer Instantly
Want to know the best slow computer fix for free? Many people are suffering from a hampered PC. But fortunately there are plenty of NO-COST ways to fix it.

665: What is SCART
The SCART is one of the oldest television cable connectors and has been around for almost as long as televisions have been used ever since. A SCART connector in basic terms is a common type of audio/video cable that is used primarily in Europe and the UK for connecting DVD players, VCRs, and other digital components to televisions.

666: How to Save Online Passwords
A brief decryption of my discovery in password management with a great tool I found along the way. Some major thoughts about the topic and a few reasons for you to try the best program in the field.

667: How to Repair and Upgrade Windows XP With the Help of an Installation CD
Sometimes you need to fix Windows XP system files because they get corrupted after an excessive. But the real challenge is to repair or upgrade windows XP installation without losing personal data and files. When you repair a operating system, make sure you must backup all your data. You should also have the Windows XP serial key, a 25 digit alphanumeric code that validates your Windows XP.

668: Grid Computing - The Future of Internetworking
If you are using the internet from your desktop, then your computer is part of a network. This network in turn is part of another network. In short, the internet is a networking infrastructure. It was the result of some visionary thinking by the people in the early 1960s that saw great potential value in allowing computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields. Shrinking computer sizes and information sharing services made it possible for every computer in the world to interconnect. The 'World Wide Web' is a service built on top of the internet which enables millions of computers around the world to share information.

669: Turning on Your Computer From Your iPhone Or iPod Touch
Yes, your iPod Touch / iPhone can do that! I don't know if it is your case, but I have a Linux Media Center computer in my living room with Mythbuntu installed, that makes me really happy. So far, this has been pretty much my main passion.

670: Factors in Selecting a VAR
Selecting a Value Added reseller (VAR) is crucial and requires pain-staking assessment of their capabilities and track record, including those who are already delivering services into a client, even when the relationship has subsisted for many years. IT times have changed significantly, in fact, they are changing fast - let's use the correct tense!

671: IDC Market Forecast Predicts Static IT Spend to 2013
An IDC Market Analysis and Forecast for 2009-2013 has been released and the results demonstrate a modest increase in IT spend by SMB's worldwide - gross IT spend is predicted to rise by a mere 5.6% per annum and after inflation is taken into account, this is almost a static number. For enterprise class customers, the situation is even worse with financial spending contracting by 3.1% pa and in real-terms, this does represent inflationary contraction.

672: What is Structured Cabling?
Over the years voice and data cabling requirements have merged. Today, cabling infrastructures are designed to support voice, data and video as well as other building communications services such as video conferencing, cable TV and security applications such as CCTV.

673: Words of Advice For eBay Collectors
The advent of the internet has sprung open the flood gates of products for collectors. No longer will these collectors be limited to shops and stores in their local area but can now search through a plethora of collectibles from all over the world. eBay is the largest online retailer in the world where anyone with an internet can sign on to buy and sell products and goods.

674: Overlooked - Computer Eye Strain - The 10 Million Person Problem
Eye strain from computer use affects 10 million people a year so much that they are driven to their eye doctor. The symptoms are well known, the methods to reduce it are quite elaborate. In this article I outline the scale of the issue and detail the approaches you can take to help reduce computer monitor eye strain. I was not able to keep up that level of activity and ended up buying glasses for the computer, which ended up being a shortcut for me.

675: Popular Video File Formats
If you have some video clips that you would like to store, there are several file formats from which to choose. Using the correct video file format will enable you to secure your video clips from getting lost or from being infected by some malicious adware. Different computer systems support different video file formats, it is therefore important that you should choose the format that is compatible with your system. Some of the popular video file formats are discussed below.

676: What to Do If Your Computer Printer Toner Runs Low
For most people, a computer has become a necessary part of their daily lives. Whether it is for work or personal use, we often have to print out a number of documents on a daily basis. As with any device, we have to make adjustments. When using a computer printer, one will expect at some point to see their toner run low. One has a couple of options to fix the problem when their computer printer toner runs low.

677: We Are All Corrupt
This article will not only show how you can help raise standards on the Internet but will also complement your business activity and improve your lifestyle. Some of us have experienced fraud on the Internet and are annoyed that people can be so dishonest.

678: VAR Issues - Cheap Usually Means Scalability, Service, and Reliability Are Sacrificed
Value Added Resellers (VAR's) come in all flavors, shapes and sizes - they provide a vital service to IT departments who are suffering from severe budgetary constraints, staff and skill shortages and issues in implementing and managing increasingly complex solutions. Successful VAR's are those who are delivering skills, customer service, bottom line improvement and are cost effective, but unfortunately, customers frequently confuse "cheap" with "value added".

679: Luke Browns Gold Secrets - WoW Guide Review
A review of the individuals guides and manuals that comprise the popular Gold Secrets Guide by Luke Brown. Is it worth the purchase price? Will it help your WoW gaming experience?

680: Introducing The Amazon Kindle
Recently, the great advance of technology has provided many people with the unlimited possibilities to do everything easily. In this case, the presence of the Amazon Kindle will be great as your choice. It is a reading device which will enable you to store more than 1500 titles.

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