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701: Human-Computer Interaction
Imagine an architect who builds a house as per design principles. Also think about the different users he services. Each user has his own impressions of what he wants from a house. But due to marketing and sales promotion strategies the end product is thrust on the users. Similarly a computer is a human invention that is conditioned and worked on by computer engineers.

702: The E-Waste Saga
E-Waste or electronic waste is alternatively known as e-scrap Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). They basically refer to the electrical or electronic devices which are discarded for being damaged, obsolete or even surplus. Under this category of electronic waste, you have the secondary computers, entertainment devices, cell phones, refrigerators and television sets. Those devices that are planned for reuse, resale, recycling, salvaging or for disposal also fall under this category. There happens to be a commingling of a huge amount of surplus electronics which includes goods that are in good condition, those that are non-recyclable and also those that are slated for recycling.

703: Analog Vs Digital Resolution - TV Lines (TVL) Vs Pixels Explained
One of the most confusing and difficult topics in the CCTV world is resolution. Most of us have digital cameras or video camcorders and have heard the term megapixel used as the most common comparison in resolution between various makes and models. We are also aware that a larger number means better picture quality, but many people do not know why. In the CCTV security camera world, though, most cameras are still analog and their resolution is measured differently from what we are used to. This article should help clarify any issues you may have in understanding the differences.

704: Windows 7 Tweaks - Tweak Windows 7 Back on Track Easily and Quickly!
This article give you some Windows 7 tweaks. Tips on How to tweak Windows 7!

705: Refurbished Apple Laptops - Dont Purchase Any Before Seeing This!
Anytime you see refurbished Apple laptops for a very low amount, think twice. This isn't at all as bad as it sounds, it's worse than it sounds! There are a lot of scams over the Internet claiming to have the best products for the best price, but I'm going to help you spot every last one.

706: Refurbished Apple iMac Computers - Warning Signs People Miss Before Buying!
Refurbished Apple iMac computers sellers can be very tricky when it comes to buying. You may think you're getting a great deal after reading numerous great customer reviews of the product, only to find out that you've wasted your money. This is very common and it happens to many people daily. Here are some things to help you spot the warning signs.

707: IT Support
IT support is a range of service solutions. These include the installation of networks, frameworks and building and also provide assistance with technology products.

708: Major Uses of Data Warehouses
Data Warehouses are the subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, non-volatile collections of data of enterprises used to support analytical decision-making. The data stored in a warehouse comes from different operational systems inside an enterprise as well as from external sources. Data Warehouses are separated from operational systems, however they are fed by operational systems with varied source data.

709: Things to Consider When Buying Data Warehouse Tools
Data warehouse tools are the tools that support data warehouse functions in different stages. These are basically software applications needed for the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. These tools extract and transform data from operational systems and then help load that data into the data warehouse that further assists managers or users of an organization in the business decision-making process. The ETL process involves very complex activities. In order to facilitate the ETL process it is important to employ the right data warehouse tools.

710: Online Analytical Processing For Data Warehousing
Data warehouses have played a very important role in organizational settings in the recent times. These can be used for sophisticated enterprise intelligence systems that process queries required to discover trends and analyze critical factors in the marketplace. These systems are known as online analytical processing (OLAP) systems. OLAP systems help designers organize data in the warehouse distinctively. The data in data warehouses is organized differently than in traditional transaction processing databases.

711: Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Online analytical processing is an integral part of businesses. It helps in the analysis and decision-making of an organization. For example, IT organizations often face the challenge of delivering systems that allow knowledge workers to make strategic and tactical decisions based on corporate information. These decision support systems are the OLAP systems that allow knowledge workers to intuitively, quickly and flexibly manipulate operational issues to provide analytical insight.

712: Efficiencies and Cost Savings Realized by Cloud Computing
IT infrastructure has been advancing in leaps and bounds along with the growth of network resources focused on how to optimize technology infrastructure. With barriers to entry and operational costs crumbling down, cloud computing has lowering IT complexity and improved operating efficiencies to help companies succeed.

713: 3 Reasons I Switched to a Mac
If you've seen any of the Apple ads with John Hodgeman and Justin Long over the last several years, you might be wondering if switching to the Mac will really make as big a difference as they say. Well, as a long-time Windows user who switched I can hopefully give you some insight. First of all, you need to remember that those ads are telling the story from one side only.

714: The Many Benefits of Buying a New Computer
If you have ever purchased a new computer then you well know the many benefits of buying a new computer. When you contact the computer company, they will build the computer the exact way you want the new computer. Here are just a few of the many benefits of buying a new computer listed below in this article.

715: Improve Computer Speed - Defragmenting a Disk is Helpful For Speeding Up a Computer
Slow computers are really disturbing for all the users. Most would like to use anti-virus software to detect the whole system. But, sometimes it may fail in improving computer speed. If so, what will you do next?

716: How to Fix the Drives Fragmentation
Why do you need to fix the drives fragmentation? Over time, the files of your computer can be scattered over your hard drive; this is called fragmentation and a reason for file searches to be slower than usual. Apply the built-in tool of Windows to solve this problem and must be patient as it runs due to it will take a little bit long time.

717: Three Common Ways We Use the Latest Technology in Our Every Day Life
This article discusses some ways we commonly use very new technology and enjoy its advantages. It also points out the benefits we receive that range from saving time to having fun playing a video game proving that we do not have to understand this technology to embrace it.

718: Five Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Getting the Flu
This article attempts to underscore the need for the simple measures needed to curtail the spread of the flu. Influenza is being talked about with great concern this year and these common sense rules can help a person stay healthy and well.

719: How to Setup File Sharing in Windows 7
If you have multiple computers at home and want to network them together to share files and devices then this article is for you! In this article I'll show how to setup file sharing in a mixed environment consisting of Windows 7 and Windows XP.

720: Linux Operating System - 5 Things I Love About This Operating System
Computers are common place now. They are virtually part of the household along with the telephone, television etc. However, they are only as good as there operating system. Windows has been the predominant operating system in the market place, but Linux is rapidly gaining due to some interesting facts. These are the things I love about Linux for my home computer.

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