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761: Different Types of International Email Scams
Sadly, email scams are quite common and falling victim to this fraud is a lot easier than most people think. Many of us like to believe that we are "smart" enough to detect false schemes, but sometimes it can be difficult to see through them. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself is to learn about the popular cons so you can detect them and either ignore or report them.

762: Fast CD Duplication - Everything is Easy When Duplicating CDs
Fast CD duplication can now be enjoyed today by millions of people in the US and all around the world. Everyday, data, audio and video files are being copied to CDs. What does one need for a fast CD duplication? In order to duplicate CDs, one needs the original, a blank CD disk, CD duplication software and a PC with CD RW drive.

763: Technology Ensuring That Wherever You Are the Doctor Can Give You the Once-Over
If your life involves a great deal of adventure be it climbing mount Everest or any other extreme natural phenomenon, or finds you constantly pushing yourself to greater and greater levels world cruises or motor racing across the African deserts its always worth considering how you are going to get help or assistance when you are miles away from anywhere. Technologies that are available at the moment help to close the gap between the medical professional and the situation you might be in. What these telemedicine devices do is allow you to plug in ECG, BP, temperature ...

764: The Future of Computing is Google - Should We Be Worried?
I didn't just say that Google is the future of the Internet - that is scary enough - and virtually true today. I said, The Future of COMPUTING.

765: Registry Cleaner - Registry Repair
What do you think about the speed on your computer? Should it be getting slower with age? Does it take forever to load up program files? If it didn't when it was new, it wouldn't have to be doing it now. But don't throw your computer out just yet, help is on it's way.

766: Setting Up a Wireless Network With Apples Airport Express
Setting up a Wireless Network is not as hard as you may think. Wireless networks make it easy to use a computer that is capable of receiving a wireless signal.

767: How to Build Your Own PC - The Smart Way (Part 2)
So you think you can build your own PC? A little knowledge is a dangerous and expensive thing if it all goes wrong. This is part two of an article that dissects a PC build component by component illuminating the points about which you need to make wise choices.

768: Virtual AIS
The Automatic Identification System or AIS as it is more commonly known, is a VHF based ship identification system that has been in use since 2000. The AIS system has proven to be a boon for collision avoidance among ships and is also widely used in aiding Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

769: How to Buy Computer Accessories
A visit to any computer accessory store, whether online or offline, can be mind boggling. If you are a gadget lover you may find it hard to decide what not to buy! The following tips, however, can help in solving this problem.

770: How Do I Stop My Discs From Sticking Together?
A teacher is having problems with his disc sticking together and jamming the autoloader of his disc publishing system. Is it the discs he's buying or is static cling the issue?

771: With DVD Cases, Its All About the Hub
The most distinguishing feature of a DVD case is its hub. And avid DVD users know the names of their favorite hubs as well as they know the names of their favorite directors.

772: Data Recovery - 10 Most Effective Computer Backup Tools
How do you continue to work when your computer goes down? If you have a backup computer that's synchronized to your primary computer, it becomes much easier to move forward. However, if you don't and have to resort a new or borrowed computer while yours is being repaired, here are 10 computer backup tools to help you get back up and running quickly:

773: Share Your Favorite TV Shows Through Social Networking Sites
We all know that our television sets are the great things to watch the happenings of the world on. Television offers us a wide range of valuable programs that are very useful and these are available almost anywhere at any time. For instance, weather reports to prepare for the day, live news reports to access instant information, and advertisements to know about products and new ideas, and so on.

774: Removing the Skeletons From Your Server Closet
Your server is an important part of your business. Your server equipment should be secure, safe and efficient to protect your vital business information over the long term, but it's also just as important to keep up the maintenance on your server room as well.

775: Memory Cards 101
If you're like many computer users, you'd like your computer to boot up, load applications and just generally move along, much faster. Computer memory has never been easier (or more cost effective) to upgrade, which is a good thing because most of us wish we had more of it. It's something you can do yourself in a matter of minutes but before you go tinkering around inside your computer, there are a few things you should know so that you don't do more than upgrade your computer's memory.

776: Domain Name System - There is More to a DNS Audit Than You Think
Many organizations are neglecting their DNS systems. They are not properly managing and maintaining DNS and as a result these companies open up potential vulnerabilities. A poor DNS system can lead to security, configuration, disaster recovery and compliance challenges.

777: Be Kind to the Environment and Your Wallet With HP P1505n Toner
Finding the best price for the type of toner cartridge that you need is much easier than it was at one point in time. There are now many different things that you can do to ensure that you are paying less for your toner and not reducing the quality of the print jobs. One way to do this is by looking for sales on toner periodically, keep in mind that the cheapest prices is not what I mean. Let me explain, often you will find that different models such as HP p1505 toner and HP p1505n toner are on sale for no reason at all.

778: Its Easy to Save Money When You Are Using Dell 1600n Toner
Buying toner is not as simple as you may have imagined it to be. There are different types of places that you can purchase your toner from, and some of them you will want to avoid entirely if you do not know certain things about them. If you were to purchase toner from just any company the potential to buy damaged toner that either will not print or print clearly is pretty high. I am sure you want to avoid this entirely.

779: The Truth Behind the Apple iPod and Why it Remains on Top of the Bestsellers List
Apple is definitely one of the most trusted mp3 brands in the market. For one, the name Apple does not only top the list of bestselling mp3s; it also dominates the computer industry and other related gadgets, since it is the distributor of the very popular Macintosh computers. If you're wondering how Apple could gain such a following, it is basically because of customer loyalty. After all, Apple is the original in the mp3 market.

780: Earn Extra Cash Using Your Computer Skills
In today's modern age just about every one is using a computer of some kind. Why not use those computer skills to make some money? I'd be willing to bet that most of your friends and family members are using a PC, Mac, or laptop. Most of those people are probably lacking some computer skills. Some people are great with simple tasks like sending emails or just browsing the web. There is an entire demographic that have no idea how to set up wireless networks and routers, install and run anti-virus programs, or even know the basic functions of their computer.

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