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781: Audio CD Duplication Explained
CD duplication became possible with the introduction of CD-Rs or CD-Recordable Discs. The process of Audio CD duplication is quite simple.

782: Blu Ray Duplication - Technology of the Future
The Blu-Ray technology has taken the world of High Definition video and audio by storm. Blu-ray Discs look the same as the ordinary CDs and DVDs, but they can hold a whopping 25GB to 50GB of data and the quality of sound and video can simply blow you away! In Blu-Ray discs, the data is stored in smaller pits than CDs and DVDs and the data is packed much closer.

783: Does Your Business Need a NTP Time Server?
The business world is now more global than ever with as much likelihood of your customer's being from the other side of the planet as from around the corner. Any transactions conducted virtually across the Internet require adequate time synchronisation otherwise your company can be open to abuse or fraud, customers may claim they paid you at a certain time but how do you ascertain if they have without adequate synchronisation?

784: Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Industrial Computer Enclosure
Computers are now found in every aspect of our businesses. PCs are just as likely to be found on the shop floor controlling production, dispatch and stock control as they are in the office printing invoices and dealing with sales.

785: Technology is Tracking You
By now, most of us are aware that retailers track our purchases and interests. For the sake of convenience, our credit cards come embedded with hi-tech chips to further that end and ease your ability to buy. But technology is raising the bar and allowing more detailed tracking of your assets and you. Welcome to the twenty first century, where your credit card knows more than you do.

786: My Network Stimulus Package
With all the talk of billions for this program or that in Washington, I thought I would put together my own stimulus package that can help your network run smoother. I don't know whether $10 billion to buy steel (domestic preferred) for new bridges or $9 billion to put up new rural DSL lines will really be effective (my initial reaction is dubious), but the idea of spending lots of money quickly by our Congress is a scary one.

787: How to Clean Your Toshiba Laptop Part Two
Laptops always get dirty, cleaning your laptop requires careful attention to the system and its components. In this three part article I will show what you need to know and the HOW!

788: Slow Running Computer? Speed it Up With Registry Cleaner Software
All Windows operated computers rtend to slow down and become balky in time. the reason is that the registry becomes choked with data fragments. This slows down the operating systerm as it tries to locate the entries it needs to run the computer. It may also cause freezing and the occasional crash. This can be corrected by removing the unwanted data either manually or with an online registry repair application.

789: History of Timekeeping and Synchronization
Whilst time continually presses forward so does our understanding of it and the ability to record its passing. Recoding of the passing of time has always been incredibly important to mankind especially since the advent of agriculture and religion in the early days of civilization.

790: Different Types of Cables
There are many types of cables out there that can be used with networking and telecommunications related devices. There are those that can do a variety of different things and can be used with an assortment of technological equipment.

791: Computer Training Business Tips For Adding Consulting Revenue
In the Computer Training Business? Learn how to get steady, high-paying clients for your Computer Training Business.

792: Happy 25th Birthday, Mac - A Quarter Century With the Macintosh
My friend, whom we will call "EJ," has been waxing nostalgic of late over the spate of "Mac's 25th Birthday" articles in both the tech and popular press. It brought to his mind the incredible advances made, not just in the Mac world but the tech universe as a whole. I thought I'd share his recent "love letter" to the Mac that he distributed this past week.

793: The Top Four Ways to a Top Performing PC
Registry cleaners are one of the must have software's in you arsenal to keep your PC in Top performing condition and Safe. Windows registry is like the spinal cord of the human body it keeps every thing in line and interconnected and it is constantly growing.

794: EDocs Will Be the Way You Pay For Postage Soon
The USPS is revolutionizing the way mail is prepared and paid for. You will no longer print paper postage statements. The USPS has been hand entering over 14 million postage statements a year. The USPS needs to find ways to cut costs and improve accuracy. Intelligent Mail Full Service will be available in May 2009. You can start submitting your postage statements electronically now and reduce the costs of printing and storing paper documents.

795: How to Become a Computer Geek
In this our modern society there are many advantages of becoming a computer guru, one of the most highly paid job available at present. You Just need to tap yourself and you can make your skills useful confirming you to get paid higher in later life.

796: Organic Semiconductors Make Flexible Circuits and Screens a Possibility
Days are not far away, when we will, eventually, come to see ultra-efficient digital circuits. Thanks to a newly found electron. This polymer is said to be an organic semiconductor. This latest polymer conducts electrons, a feature unheard so far about other types of such materials used to make semiconductors. Necessarily, most of the polymers carry positive electric charges.

797: Privacy - Something to Hold on To
I could just imagine my husband sitting in his chair with the laptop and getting notified every time I step foot into the mall, or worse yet, Barnes and Noble. Kinda cool. Kinda creepy.

798: Mac Vs PC
Out with the PC in with the Mac! Why after 17 years I'm leaving the world of PC computers.

799: Green Computing Is Equivalent of Energy Saving
Green computing, we have been hearing these words without knowing their meaning. Well here is the simple definition: saving energy which gets wasted through improper use of computers.

800: Business Startups - Use of Technology in Business
Technology today is used in business everywhere, easily bringing the world and all of its knowledge to seekers as fast as the click of a mouse. Information can be simple acquired virtually trouble-free through the use of computers, televisions, mobile phones, fax machines, printers, digital cameras and other accessible devices. Over the years technology has become very user-friendly, simple Jane and average Joe can quickly learn how to manipulate modernized technology

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