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821: Information Integration and the Globalized Highways of Information
The conceptualization of the information superhighway is strongly linked with the now globalize financial system. With the figurative death of the potency of national economies, the global financial system now stands out as one real force to reckon with.

822: Analyzing Computer-Mediated Environments of Human Learning
For quite some time now, computer systems have been used to aid the learning process of students in the United States. From primary all the way to the university level, computers have become an integral part of the educational process itself.

823: The Palpable Paradigm Shift in Networking and Computing
The last decade has shown the gradual yet speedy decentralization of computing. All around the world, the role of the large mainframe computers, who used to handle nearly all vital functions in computing, are losing power.

824: Online Chat - Not As Easy As You Think
So it's a Wednesday night, you just got off of work or school, ate dinner and changed, did your homework if you have to...now what do you want to do? You don't feel like going out, you just want to kind of be lazy tonight. So you turn to your computer and a brilliant idea pops into your head: find an online chat room and talk about anything you can think of. Sounds easy, right? Not really.

825: How to Keep Away Potential Hackers, Attackers, and Crackers
First how to protect your computer's system. Today, many people use their computers for everything that the commitment of the online banking and investment in stores. Here are a few easy, cost-effective steps you can take to make your computer more secure to begin with.

826: How to Position Data Duplication Within Your Business to Ensure Budget Sign Off
Unfortunately de-duplication is also considered by many as 'hype', 'the latest buzz' or 'not a priority', so how do you position this technology internally to ensure that budget is released? The average UNIX or Windows disk volume contains thousands or even millions of duplicate data objects. As data is created, distributed, backed up, and archived, duplicate data objects are stored un-abated across all storage tiers.

827: Network Support and Maintenance Plan
New businesses and small teams don't think about support and maintenance plan until something forces them to think about it. It's good practice to have documentation about your computing environment, have procedures in place and thoughts around other areas such as disaster recovery. It's also important to have a backup person to go to if your main IT person is not around. Here's an outline of a plan that covers the major components.

828: How to Add a YouTube Video to Your MySpace Profile
So you're surfing YouTube, getting smiles and laughs from some of the videos when...there it is: The most ultimate funny, Oh my god cute, hilarious outrageous video ever! You gotta have it, you gotta show it to your friends, now, immediately, this very instant! But how to share? Email the link? Nah, too slow, it'll take forever to add all the people you want to show. Instant message the link? Come on, again, it'll take way too long. No, this needs to be on your MySpace profile so everyone can see.

829: Computer Repair Services - Dos and Donts in Hiring
If your computer is your pet then think of a computer repair services provider as the vet for your most precious zero-legged friend. To ensure that your beloved computer will only go to safe and competed hands, here are a few tips on choosing the PC doctor for the job.

830: Whats an Eee PC?
Have your kids been hassling you to buy them a laptop this Christmas, or are they students that are telling you they need this big expensive laptop to do all their university or college work. Well have you heard of the Eee PC? Eee PC is marketed as 'Easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play'.

831: High Definition Sports Programming
HDTV's with their large size, flat screens, sharp pictures and quality sound have changed the way many Americans watch their sports teams. Americans who learn about the quality of HDTV are leaving their old TV's behind and becoming a part of the game.

832: Mistakes That Companies Make With Computers
If you walk into any business these days you will see that they heavily rely on computer systems, as technology advances companies get more and more reliant on these systems. Why you ask? Simply because of the fact that it makes everything run more smoothly.

833: Managed Services - Whats All the Buzz About?
It seems like the new buzz word, that all of us in the IT industry have been hearing about for the last couple of years, is Managed Services. And doesn't it also seem like the definition of Managed Services continues to change depending upon whom you ask? In fact, this term is so new that you'll have a hard time finding a definition for it in the dictionary. Now clear your mind for a moment, discard any existing preconceptions, and for the remainder of this discussion I'll use the following definition when referring to Managed Services deliverables: Any defined set of proactive services that are delivered and prepaid for on a recurring basis.

834: Open Source Software is Here to Stay and Will Grow Even More
Open source software development allows programmers to cooperate freely with other programmers across time and distance with a minimum of legal friction. As a result, open source software development encourages software re-use. Open Source Software is so strong now, that any new entrant will provide an royalty free open sourced format, or will allow open source implementation.

835: Windows Vista Or XP
Windows Vista - newer operating system by Microsoft - is one of the largest software projects undertaken so far. The new operating system is much improved than its predecessor Windows XP. Stronger security, better built-in apps, networking enhancements, parental controls, and DirectX 10 graphics support are some of the more visible advancement.

836: Free Cisco CCNA Tutorial
All routers attempt all four steps each time that the router is powered on or reloaded. The POST code and functions cannot be changed by the router administrator. The location of the bootstrap code, the IOS to load, and the configuration file can be changed by the administrator-but you almost always use the default location for the bootstrap code (ROM) and for the initial configuration (NVRAM). So, the location of IOS or other software is the only part that typically is changed.

837: Black Ink Cartridge - Make it Last
Printers are a necessity for every business. They are also quite costly to keep in operation with the high cost of replacement cartridges. Even if you are not buying for multiple printers in an office it can get expensive. A printer is now a basic household item being used by everyone, parents and children alike. Between the work you may do from home, children doing homework, and general use, your printer really gets a work out. That means the constant need to buy ink which can be costly. Whether you are purchasing ink for your home or office it can be a weighty expense.

838: Can a CD Case Melt in a Library Drop Box?
Some libraries claim that their CD cases melt due to high temperature if they were left in a drop box for couple of days. Is that true? What is the melting temperature of a CD case?

839: Reparsing Folders in XP
NTFS Reparse Points are extremely useful for navigating around commonly used folders on your computer. This article describes the little known technique for creating them under Windows XP.

840: Systems Thinking For Business
iThink offers a risk-free way to make decisions that drive business improvement. iThink guides you and your business team through the creation of models that simulate business processes and scenarios; pointing out the impacts of a new procedure or policy, and offering opportunity to fix undesirable outcomes.

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