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881: Top 7 Business Computing Mistakes
Business make mistakes when it comes to their computer and network systems. Knowing what the most common mistakes are will help a business owner avoid potentially devastating computer problems and costly downtime. If anything here sounds familiar, it may be time to rethink your Information Technology strategy,

882: Troubleshooting Your Network Using Netstat
NETSTAT is a powerful utility built in to windows. This utility will help you troubleshoot network issues as well as computer issues. This utility can tell you who you are connected to over the internet and whether or not your network card on your computer is bad.

883: Create Solar Power System at Home With Earth4energy
Earth4energy has made ways to create your own alternative energy, like solar power system at home, especially at these times when conventional source of energy, i.e. fossil fuels, are almost exhausted and its price which has surging to its highest level. Adding to that is the growing environmental impact which is killing the planet little by little. With the growing environmental concerns and the economic turmoil that may cause from these conventional sources, it is timely to switch other alternatives which are cheaper, renewable and environment friendly.

884: RegistrySmart Registration (Save Your Computer)
You do not really need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get your computer working smoothly again. I know it can be frustrating as hell and I was lucky enough to be introduced to registrysmart registration.

885: Registery Smart
Registery Smart has saved me 1000s of dollars just in computer repairs alone. No wonder so many people around the world use the program. Read my article below to learn more about this great product.

886: RegistrySmart Review
I use my computer a lot online. I am a businessman and not a techie. Well lately with the ease of use with registrysmart review I have now become a techie as well. I reduced the errors from over 400 to zero on my computer with this great little program. Read the article to find out more.

887: The Tech Revolution Answer Sheet - Understanding Blogs and RSS Feeds
Web 2.0 functionality offers mental health practitioners exciting opportunities. However, if we are to truly take advantage of all there is to offer we need to be certain we understand what is available to us .

888: I Was About to Jam to My Music on My Computer When All of a Sudden, Silence - Where Did My Sound Go?
Where did my sound go? In fact it was replaced by the dreaded "no audio output device installed" error message. I also found that my speaker displayed a red x over it. I quickly searched the net to discover I wasn't alone. And neither are you. Allow me to share my journey back to sound.

889: Multimedia Desktops
The website house loads of expert reviews about different models and brands of desktops. Latest information about offers and upgrades are updated regularly.

890: VME Chassis
An explanation of VMEbus technology, VME chassis and the where it came from. As well as where VME chassis are most commonly used today.

891: Make My Computer Faster - One Simple Step to a Faster Computer
Is your computer painfully slow? Does it take forever to boot up and when it finally finishes booting, does it seem like you can click on something and walk away for a coffee break before it opens up? You are not alone.

892: I Dont Like Having to Say the Same Thing Twice
Noobies don't need any more frustration with technology than they already have. That's why I am going to let you in on a little trick I use on the Internet to avoid saying (typing) the same thing twice. Whenever I type a long comment on someone's blog or fill out an online customer support request, I always copy and paste what I wrote into another application before I click the Submit button. This way, if something goes wrong (and believe me it often does), I don't have to start over re-typing everything.

893: Use Your RegistrySmart Registration
If your computer is running like a dead turtle then maybe before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs you should complete the RegistrySmart registration. Have a look at the article to see what I am talking about.

894: The Dreaded Flash Drive - The Most Dangerous IT Tool
The Flash Drive, Pen Drive, or the Thumb Drive are all names I have heard them called. These are the most dangerous tool in your IT tool box.

895: The Rise of Digital Entertainment
The trend is obvious - consumers are using their portable devices for digital entertainment. They use portable digital cameras for taking photos and shooting videos. They use portable media players for watching movies, and they wear stylish hands free headsets for listening to digital music.

896: Importing Text Files Into Excel
Importing text files into Excel worksheet or spreadsheet is a great feature. It can be used in many situations like share or stock trading trading where you can download data as 'csv' (comma seperated values) of your transactions and then import the data into Excel and easily perform calculations like profit or loss.

897: Check List When Buying in a Desktop
Desktop computers are designed to be stationary and upgradeable. Having the right set of computer gives the owner the advantage in gaming, Internet browsing, document processing, and other work done through the help of computers. We have here a check list of what to look for in order for you to be able to purchase the best computer that can meet your requirements.

898: Super-thin Solar Cells Ready to Replace Photovoltaic Cells
A printable super-thin solar cell might sound curiously strange but according to the scientists it is a possibility. The possibility is that we could see, very soon, a rare type of super-thin solar cells which would be printed on plastic sheets which can be rolled or on the window glasses. Of course, the glasses need to be transparent, partially, according to them.

899: The Secure Erasing and Disposal of Electronic Media
When you are looking at a place where you are looking to make sure that your data is secure, you are going to find that one of the first things that you need to think about is how to dispose of your electronic media in a safe and secure way. When you are working in any industry that involves handing money, or the sensitive data of other people, you will find that good disposal of your various media is quite important. Whenever you put anything on your hard drive, remember that it does not go away if you delete it! ...

900: The History of the PC - In 500 Words
According to worldometers.info, at this very moment 241,037,155 computers have been sold so far this year, and it is increasing at an incredible rate. To put this in some kind of perspective, this is over half the amount of newspapers that have been circulated and more than twice the amount of bikes made. From Babbage to USB, this is the history of the PC in 500 words.

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