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921: Custom Computer
An article all about Custom Computers. Information that you will find useful when finding out about these types of Computer Systems. I am a passionate Custom Computer enthusiast and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the subject that I would like to share.

922: Computer Seminars - Face Recognition Technology
What is Face Recognition? As the name implies, it's referring to the most obvious human identifier which is - the face. The face is the most visible part of human anatomy and serves as the first distinguishing factor of a human being. It helps a person to distinguish an individual from the other. Each individual has his own uniqueness and this could be one of the most transparent and unique feature of a human being.

923: IPv6 (Cisco) Training - Using the Area Authentication (IPv6) Command
Well, if you're already a network administrator for an IPv6 OSPF network, then you're most likely already familiar with the "area authentication"(IPv6)command; but, just in case you're not this article will quickly get you caught up. The "area authentication" (IPv6)command, is a Cisco IOS command that is performed while a Cisco router is in "Router" configuration mode.

924: Wow to Wire Cat6 Cable to an RJ-45 Connector
You need not be a networking expert in having the ability to wire CAT6 cable to an RJ-45 connector. It is very easy to perform the task provided you can read a CAT6 wiring diagram and can identify color codes properly. To perform the task, you need to know that CAT6 cable is composed of 8 wires covered with PVC (polyvinyl chloride insulation and that each such insulation has a different color to it.

925: Replacement Lamps - Advancements in DLP Technology
Multi-Media and Home Theater projectors have become an invaluable piece of technology for everyone. However, each projector on the market has a renewable light source, a projector lamp, that actually makes the images come to life. Advances in projector technology have traditionally been made in the hardware of the projector and not the lamp. With the introduction of DLP projectors, tech has made its way to the light source.

926: How Computer Graphics (CG) Changed Special Effects in Movies
The introduction of computer graphics can be claimed as one of the very few industry refinements that has caused almost zero negative effects. The days of fabricating huge casts and models to make a six legged creature, that would make the audience scream are far gone. CG revolutionized the field so dramatically that our expectations and benchmarks have been quadrupled in a time-frame of couple of years.

927: Use of 3D Printing in the Film Industry
The prevalent use of 3D printing in film industry is its use in animation. The use of 3D printing is more suitable for giving a better look to a character. Its idea and design process perfectly matches with the animation design process. The process involved in animation film industry requires creation of a number of visuals which are interconnected with each other.

928: How to Speed Up Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer has been in a features arms race with Firefox for a while. More and more people are switching to Firefox because of its speed and stability. A big reason people still use Internet Explorer is it is the first browser that a new user will see so they become familiar with it.. If Internet Explorer did not ship with Windows it would not have the amount of users it does. If that new user wants to use Internet Explorer but wants to give their browsing a speed boost. Here are a few tips.

929: Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) Source Code Generation
Producing COBOL source code does not require hours of head down programming. Automation of the entire coding process is easily achieved.

930: IPv6 Training (Cisco) Using the Address (Mobile IPv6) Command
Now you may remember from a previous article, the "ipv6 address" command is used to assign an IPv6 "Unicast" address to a Cisco router's interface; and is performed when the router is in "Interface" mode. But on the other hand, the "address" (Mobile IPv6) command is used by a Mobile IPv6 node; to specify....

931: Online File Sharing Makes Collaborative Authoring Easy
Documents written by two or more authors are often stronger than single-writer works. Each team member brings different assets and the finished product can be more comprehensive and detailed.

932: Boosting Your Computers Slow Speed
Have you ever noticed if your computer runs slow at times? There could be a number of things to help diagnose the problem. There are things that you can try to increase your computer's performance and reliability.

933: One Simple Reason Why You Should Be Terrified of Spyware
Are you somebody who doesn't worry about spyware? Do you think that it's really no big deal, other than having to deal with annoying popups and a slow computer? You are likely making a huge mistake.

934: Would You Like to Locate Someone?
Everyone is looking for someone. Someone you once loved, someone you miss or someone that owes you money. No one has to stay out of contact any longer.

935: Buy a Pocket PC and Change Your Life (For the Better)
Do you want to increase your reputation among your peers and associates? Well all you have to do is buy a pocket PC. Don't you wish life was that easy? In a roundabout way you may gain popularity points, but that will only happen because you've become more connected to the things you need and enjoy most.

936: DLLs Section Needs Your Attention
DLL is the abbreviation of Dynamic Link Library and is a small application or sometimes a group of applications which is needed by a larger application to provide a service or a set of instructions. Usually, DLL files are within windows operating system or windows applications. A basic function of DLL is to save space.

937: IPv6 (Cisco) Training - Using the address-family Ipv4 Command
Now, if this is your first time being introduced to the Cisco IOS command named "address-family ipv4" you're in for a real treat; because this article is going to quickly explain the command to you; so, without further ado let's begin. The ""address-family ipv4" command is mainly used for BGP Multi-Topology Routing or (MTR); network administrators (like you) use the command to configure a BGP routing session that uses standard IPv4 address prefixes. The command can be performed in either Router Configuration Mode (Router(config-router)#address-family ipv4 ) Or Router Scope Configuration Mode (Router(config-router-scope)#address-family ipv4).

938: Computer Security Made Easier
A discussion of password selection and maintenance. How this applies to basic computer security and how a secure and encrypted password database is the first and most basic step in computer security will be considered. How to chose a good password and how best to maintain your passwords and other critical information once you have them.

939: How I Supercharged My Computer Speed
An Easy And Effective Method To Optimize Your Computer. All Patches are FREE and when done you won't believe how fast your programs load.

940: Buying the Things You Need For Your Printer
There are a few different things that you will need to purchase in order to efficiently use your ink printer. This article goes into detail about these three basics: ink, paper and cables.

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