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941: Using Graphic Interfaces to Control Unix Operating Systems
The use of the text based command line for running applications or configuring computer systems can be a daunting task. Special commands must be used which may require additional modifiers to invoke the desired computer function. Both Desktop Environments and Windows Mangers provide a graphical method for users to control and configure a Unix operating system, without the need for using text based command line control. Graphical user interfaces eliminate the tedious memorization of text based commands.

942: 5 Basic Tips to Handle a Computer Keyboard
Keyboard is an important part of the computer system. It is one of the most interactive tools through which you can easily feed the database in the word or spreadsheet.

943: The History of the Modern Day Camcorder
This article looks at the history and transformation of the camcorder. It looks at the technology that made it available for home use.

944: The Importance of a Well Designed Backpack Computer Case
Computers are now extremely flexible pieces of equipment that are smaller and lighter than ever. Capable of going almost anywhere you go, laptop computers can now also connect to the Internet at any of the numerous Internet cafes in most cities and airports. Being able to take your computer with you is the main reason to have a laptop, but you need to make sure that you have a computer case that is functional, protective and sturdy.

945: IPv6 Training (Cisco) - Using the Accept-Lifetime Command
Now, before I begin to explain to you what the "accept-lifetime" command is and what it does. I need to inform you; the "accept-lifetime" command can only be used with the following IP protocols: RIPv2 EIGRP Director Response Protocol (DRP) Server Agent Now, I know some of you maybe wondering: "What the hake is the Director Response Protocol (DRP)?" The Director Response Protocol or (DRP) is a Cisco proprietary User Datagram Protocol (UDP)-based ...

946: Explaining Computer Memory For the Forgetful
Computers are often described as possessing brains and memory abilities. However, these machines are not composed of living cells and tissues. These words convey a different meaning when applied to living, breathing life forms. Computer memory is the next best thing. This ability helps millions of different individuals in their every day lives.

947: Thank God Theres a Borders
I really love Borders. Whenever I can I go and hang out there. Not only is the environment great but it lets me grab a book and sit down and read it. For people who want a basic understanding about databases, without pulling out their hairs, I suggest they go to Borders and grab one of the multiple books on the subject and read it.

948: 3D Modeling A to Z - What is it? How it is Done? Different Techniques Involved
Every 3D Model in computer representation is composed of polygons. The polygons may have three or more vertices and such hundreds or thousands or even millions of polygons may comprise a 3D Model. So is it like, a 3D artist draws each and every polygon as such? Fortunately, no! Here comes the softwares like 3DS Max and Maya to our rescue.

949: Atomic Clock - Keeping the World Ticking
When most people think of the digital age and its computers, satellites and mobile phones, the silicone chip is at the foremost of people's minds. Yet, despite its importance in shaping the world around us, many of the technologies that we take for granted would not be possible without the atomic clock. The first atomic clock was developed in 1955 by British born Dr Louis Essen who worked during WWII, on high-frequency radar which led him to develop a resonance wavemeter, that was used to successfully measure the speed of light.

950: How to Take Your iPod to the Next Level
What a wonderful world we live in. Things that were just considered fiction are here today for us to use. Just take an iPod, It is a portable multi-media player ,wi-Fi mobile platform, camera, time piece, personal organizer and calender, and all this in just this little piece. Not only that it even gives access to world wide web!

951: The Postcard Virus - A Love Letter of Hate
The latest threat on the internet today comes in the form of friendly fire. Find out how you can protect yourself before you lose everything.

952: Dont Throw Out That Old PC
Something that has always bothered me is people throwing away their old PC's, I see it all the time, "I bought a computer 2 years ago, It was starting to go slow and laggy, so I dumped it and got this new one." Doesn't that line just make your teeth hurt and your toes cringe? It does for me!, Any time I can stop this happening I do, if a friend or relative is throwing away an old computer, I'll take it off their hands and refurbish it, they make great servers!

953: What is 3D Animation? How is it Different From 2D Animation?
Once the modeling process is completed, the 3D software allows very flexible control over the scene and animation. You can rotate the model in any angle you want (unlike 2D). 3D animation software also gives a rich collection of tools that aid the process of modeling and animation. You can choose from a wide variety of modeling techniques based on your requirement. Lighting and camera setup is the exact replica of a real world movie shooting environment.

954: Computer Safety Tips - Is Your Identity Safe?
If you think your safe from a computer attack, think again. Learn the foremost way modern-day thieves seek to drain your bank account and ruin your life.

955: Computer Support Services at a Glance
If you are also a tech or computer enthusiast, you must have experienced technical problems at one point or other. And, it could be no surprise if you have spent hours or money over the phone with your friends to search for a way to resolve all those pesky problems. But have you ever thought of opting the most effective and affordable method for yourself. We are talking about online computer support services that are widely available on the Internet.

956: IPv6 Training (Cisco) - Using the AAA New-model Command
Well, if you are new to fact that Cisco routers can communicate with Radius servers; then that most likely means, you are new to the Cisco IOS "Global" configuration command called "aaa new-model". Network administrators (like you) use the "aaa new-model" command to enable the Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) access control model on a Cisco router. In other words, the "aaa new-model" command is used to "Globally" enable a Cisco router for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting or AAA.

957: Digital Projector, LCD Projector - How to Use it Effectively in the Classroom
Are you tired of fighting with other teachers at your school to use the digital projector for your lessons? Are you thinking about buying your own LCD projector to teach with in your classroom? Here are some of the pros and cons of teaching with a data projector based on our personal experiences in the classroom.

958: Dell Corporations Influence on Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems was greatly affected by Dell computers. In reference to Porter's Five Forces Model, Dell had reduced buyer power because it was more attractive for customers to buy from Dell. Buyers had many choices on what to include in their customized personal computers and it was promised to be delivered in a short period of time.

959: Speed Up Vista Startup
If you ever wondered why your computer slows down over time and want to speed up vista startup on your computer then this article is for you. This will give you info on why your computer slows down and some simple things you can do to fix this problem. Stop complaining and do something about your slow vista startup!

960: Audio Visual Rentals - Impress Your Clients For Less
Audio visual equipment is really nice to have when you need it, but it isn't something you necessarily want to invest in. Audio visual rentals have proven a popular way to get some pretty impressive technology, without having to commit to a purchase or long-term lease agreement.

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