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961: Online Or Remote Computer Repair
So, you have bought a computer and want to get it installed by someone who is perfectly aware of the technical intricacies involved. For a few months, you found it running amazingly. But sooner or later, you will see error messages appearing or an application failure. Nowadays, there are numerous 'computer first aid' procedures that you can use to solve your computer problems.

962: System Analysis and Design
System development can generally be thought of having two major components: systems analysis and systems design. In System Analysis more emphasis is given to understanding the details of an existing system or a proposed one and then deciding whether the proposed system is desirable or not and whether the existing system needs improvements. Thus, system analysis is the process of investigating a system, identifying problems, and using the information to recommend improvements to the system.

963: Copier Leasing - The How and the Why
This article explores the benefits of renting photocopier equipment rather than purchasing it. Advantages include lower costs, efficient and up to date equipment, access to maintenance and much more.

964: IPv6 Training (Cisco) - Assigning an IPv6 Address to an Interface
I know that you might be a little bit confused on how to use the "ipv6 address" command to assign an ipv6 address to a Cisco's router interface. So, that's why I wrote this article; to teach you the 5 different ways you can use the Cisco "ipv6 address" command to assign an ipv6 address to a Cisco router's interface.

965: IPv6 Training (Cisco) - the Difference Between Stateful and Stateless DHCP
DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, this client / server protocol has been around for awhile now, and is regually implemented on IPv4 networks. IPv4 DHCP, is explained in RFC 2131 and IPv6 DHCP is explained in RFC 3315. There are two ways DHCPv6 can be implemented, either Stateful or Stateless.

966: Digital Electronics and Renewable Energy Go Hand in Hand
Someone once said "It takes money to make money," and that is mostly true. Today, we might add, "It takes energy to make money," with reference to all the wondrous digital electronics we use every day to conduct business and create things. Problem is that it can take quite a lot of energy to run all the computers, peripherals, big screen display and multimedia installations in our homes and offices.

967: Living in a Virtual World? - The Virtual Advantage
Where do you see this world in the next five to ten years? How did the last five or ten years play out for you? Like you expected? The world as we know it is constantly changing, new economic factors are affecting the way we do business, the price of energy is creating second thoughts in the minds of a lot of people, demand on an individual's time combined with many other factors are shaping the way we look at our lives and our business.

968: How Can I Get Rid of a Computer Virus? - Tips
How can I get rid of a computer virus is a question that unfortunately a lot of computer owners have to deal with! Although the virus causes a severe problem to your computer there are ways to effectively rid your computer of them.

969: Personal Computers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Most of us have come to rely heavily on our personal computers. We use them to store sensitive data, conduct online banking, purchase items and hundreds of other purposes. Oddly, most people don't consider how vulnerable their data and computers are to the electrical current. We tend to take their constancy for granted. That optimism can lead to devastating results.

970: Apple Vs PC is No Longer Apples Vs Oranges!
The divide between the sleek, stylish cutting edge Apple Mac and the all business, efficient PC is ongoing. A logical comparison is now plausible due to products' increasing similarities. These similarities include functionality and price coupled with the ease of conversion and networking results in an evolved perspective!

971: Must-Have Gizmos - Good Living, Here We Come!
Technology is growing in leaps and bounds to automate everything we do through must-have gizmos. You will need them too, if you have to keep pace with the world around you. From smart phones to slim laptops, these gadgets rank high on performance and style! You can't imagine being a smart entrepreneur without at least one of these by your side.

972: User Controlled Computing - The Answer to More Effective ISystems
Although analysts and programmers work hard to create technologically impressive solutions, those solutions often backfire because they don't address the real organization problems or they introduce new problems. For this reason, system owner and user involvement is necessary for successful systems development.

973: If Youre Looking to Buy a Bare Bones Computer, Follow These Tips to Make Sure You Dont Get Scammed
Since there are not many parts to begin with in a bare bones computer you may be missing parts. Most people need to get one or two parts for their day to day operations due to different applications that people use them for. Do your homework first and find out exactly what you need from your bare bones system before buying.

974: Internet Security
With numerous online business transactions, online banking, online shopping, etc people are using the internet and getting vulnerable to several threats. These threats include viruses, spywares, hackers (crackers), trojans etc.

975: How to Permanently Delete Files From Your Computer
I was really relieved when I found a solution to quickly and easily permanently delete files on my computer. This is because with me doing so much work on the internet, my registry and browsers get filled very quickly with sensitive information I would rather not let other people see. I didn't know how easy it was to permanently delete files until I got myself a good history eraser program.

976: How I Securely Delete My Computer Files in Four Easy Steps
There are times when you have to delete files on your computer for lack of space for adding new files. It is natural for a family to run out of computer space with different family members downloading games, music, photos, etc. Here, the only way you will be able to accommodate important software on the computer will be to delete files.

977: How to Speed Up Slow XP Computers
You don't have to live with a slow-running XP computer. Here are several tips to help you get more out of your Windows XP operating system.

978: Computer Vision Syndrome - In the Blink of an Eye!
It is no secret that healthy workers make a happy and productive workforce. Forget the hazards of hostile work conditions in places such as furnaces or chemical laboratories; even the innocuous office of today poses its own threat. Computers have, no doubt, made our lives easier, but regular usage is strongly associated with certain unpleasant consequences.

979: 10 Things a User Should Know About Their PC
Not everyone can or wants be a computer expert, but there is a few things that every user should know about their computer. This article offers sensible, basic information about computers for the everyday novice user.

980: Database Solutions - Finding the One!
Have you decided to purchase a database solution for your business but do not know the types that are available? This piece will help you in understanding different database solutions and the benefits of using them. Desktop Databases: As the name suggests, these are oriented towards single-user applications and reside on standard personal computers.

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