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981: Technology Can Ease Your Life!
I wake up on a Monday morning, with a to-do list buzzing in my head. I'm hoping to get some really solid work done through the week - like finalizing the strategic plan for the next year, initiating meetings with financiers, and oh yes, finally preparing a vision document..

982: Cisco IPv6 Training Site Renumbering
IPv6 Site Renumbering is often a misunderstood process; it involves a site (organization) removing its old existing network prefix and host address information and replacing it with new network prefix and host address information. Here are the reasons why a site (organization) would want to perform the IPv6 Site Renumbering process.

983: IT Portfolio Management - Techies, Get Your Basics Right!
While an IT portfolio management exercise could take on different dimensions in different companies, it basically refers to making and managing an investment in an IT project or firm. Regardless of the size or composition of an IT portfolio, managing it well is of vital importance. Ask the bigwigs and they'll tell you the same thing.

984: Understanding a POS System
POS or Point of Sale refers to the system that records financial transactions in stores and restaurants. It could either be an electric cash register or an integrated computer system that records the data pertaining to the sale of goods or services. A typical POS system consists of a cash drawer, receipt printer, monitor and input device.

985: The Reigning Three Keyboard Layouts
There are many keyboard layouts available for the typical computer user. The three keyboard layouts of QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAK are the most popular.

986: Cisco IPv6 Training Enabling IPv6 on a Cisco Router
Basically, Cisco routers by default are not capable of routing IPv6 packets on their own; they have to be "Globally" told to do so. Also, any particular interface on a Cisco router has to be enabled (activated) for IPv6. This article will teach you how to tell a Cisco router that it needs to start routing (forwarding) ipv6 packets and how to enable a particular interface for IPv6.

987: Accessorize Your IPod
This article is about the latest iPod accessories available in the market and their possible uses. These accessories are available in varied colors and designs to meet different personalities of users all across the world. Buy cheap iPod accessories from numerous online marketplaces.

988: Metro Ethernet Or MPLS - Which is the Best Choice For Your WAN (Wide Area Network)?
If you could choose only one technology for your wide area network .... metro ethernet or MPLS .... which would you choose and why? Keep in mind this is not a simple bandwidth solution question. Such as choosing "how much" .... between say DS3 bandwidth or OC3 bandwidth. This goes to the heart of designing your network infrastructure.

989: The Best of FTP Search Engine Services
The Best of FTP Search Engine Services FTP (File Transfer Protocol) search engine is used in transferring data through a network, making the transfer from a computer to a different computer easier and much faster. This is what we know as the internet.

990: Industrial Touch Screens
Touch Screens are highly developed displays that can accurately detect the location of touches on the display area, allowing the display to be used without requiring any keyboard or other device. Most of the time, those screens are LCD touch screens which can be easily attached to any computers. They have become very common since the seventies and are very familiar in retail settings, on ATMs and PDAs as well.

991: Task Automation Process and Tools
Repeated computer system tasks need to be automated so human performance can be efficient. Through task automation, computer system maintenance is up-to-date since every task is automatically running.

992: Freeware and Shareware
The Internet world is full of shareware and freeware. Just choose the operating system, the type of software you need ant Pronto! The freeware is all yours.

993: Multitouch Alternatives
When the Multitouch concept initially came to fruition, one of the major points of speculation for all in the industry was just how far Multitouch was going to go. The computer had been controlled by the keyboard and mouse for as long as it had been available in normal consumer form and for that reason creating a revolution in input design was going to be harder than many people were thinking.

994: Potential Microsoft Multitouch Mistakes
When Microsoft initially came out with their Multitouch technology, there were a number of people that were extremely excited. While there is still some debate as to who exactly came up with Multitouch technology in the end, the enthusiasm for Multitouch products was felt for all of the companies that came out with them. This is why both the Apple iPhone and the Microsoft Surface were well received within the framework of the technology community.

995: Multitouch Interface Initiates Technological Renaissance
Multitouch technology seems to be conquering the imagination of technology giants the world over, as more and more of them join the bandwagon to develop new interfaces every other day. A technology that has taken the world by storm since Apple first introduced it in their iPhones and iPods. Now, Multitouch Interface is all set to take over an era where mouse and keyboard pads will become outdated.

996: Using Webkinz Pets in the Classroom - Turning Toys Into Tools - Teaching With Technology
Have you ever stood in front of your class presenting an action-filled lesson only to feel like your students were more interested in their toys and life outside of school? So often the aspects of life that excite children the most are banned or excluded from the school curriculum. What would happen to our classrooms and the engagement levels of our students if we turn toys into learning tools? When I look inside the bags my daughters carry around with them everywhere I see their digital camera, Nintendo DS, phone, Webkinz pets, and an iPod. This made me ponder this idea: what if I could harness the enthusiasm kids have for their toys and turn them into learning tools?

997: Windows 7 to Include Multitouch Features
Multitouch as an overall technology has really taken the world by storm, although that really has a lot more to do with Apple than it does with Microsoft. When people consider the Apple accomplishments in the field of Multitouch, the immediate conclusion that is reached has to do with the idea of Multitouch technology on the iPhone, one of the most successful computer hardware mobile products ever created.

998: Microsoft Surface and the Multitouch Revolution
To most of us, the mouse and the keyboard are integral to the overall operation of a computer system. In fact, as I sit here typing this entry, I couldn't think of another way of doing it that would seem natural. However, with new technologies hitting the market every single day and with computer manufacturers the world over becoming enamoured with those technologies, we could very well be heading into an era where the mouse and keyboard become irrelevant to our everyday use of a computer.

999: Experience Lumin Multi-Touch Beyond Surface Technology
The world of MultiTouch seems to be showing no signs of ending its surprise packages. It is as if the whole world wakes up to find something new being created and achieved with touch technology since its most popular implementation with Apple iPhones.

1000: Meet the New Interactive Surface - Hitachi StarBoard
Touch technology seems to be the new flavor of the season. The introduction of Multitouch has really revolutionized the way technology interacts with a user. We have come across several Multitouch applications being introduced in quite a short span of time, since it started off initially with touch screens in money vending machines of banks and in airports.

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