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1001: Interactive Hotels in the Offing With Microsoft Surface
Microsoft is a name synonymous with innovation and making life simpler. After changing lives of millions of people worldwide with their technological inventions under the able leadership of Mr. Bill Gates, the year 2008 is also a turnaround year for Microsoft when it launches its most interactive application - Microsoft Surface.

1002: Multitouch - The Technology of 2008
When was the last time you were amazed by a touch screen or touchpad that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points. Its no magic, but the attributes of Multitouch which uses a software to interpret simultaneous touches. Elaborately speaking, Multi-touch is a human-computer interaction technique, which is implemented by the hardware devices which can frequently include the position and pressure of each touch point independently.

1003: The Multitouch Revolution With the Minority Report Touch
The interesting thing about Multitouch technology is how quickly it has escalated to the status of being mainstream. While Multitouch as an overall technology is still far too expensive to be considered a mainstream product, at the same time the advancements that companies like Microsoft have made in Multitouch technology have been extremely impressive when the short time frame of their work is taken into account.

1004: Understanding the Google Toolbar Popup Blocker
Unbiased information on all types of popup blocker software and tools: Norton popup blocker, ATT/Yahoo, installing and removing them, modifying their settings. Also has valuable information on the AOL, Google, Windows XP, MAC, Verizon and Yahoo toolbar.

1005: Multitouch DIY Products Continue to Proliferate
One of the most popular aspects of the Microsoft Multitouch technological revolution appears to be the do it yourself aspect to the technology that is starting to sweep across the nation. In a rather weird twist for the Microsoft Surface computer, rather than Surface sales numbers going up, it appears that a number of different people have started creating their own Multitouch interfaces and saving themselves a lot of money in the process.

1006: Microsofts New LucidTouch
With the Multitouch revolution already in full swing, a number of different companies have been coming out with multitouch devices that have made the people that purchase them very happy indeed. Microsoft has of course come out with the Surface and now they have come out with LucidTouch, something that addresses a very real logistical problem with a lot of handheld multitouch devices.

1007: War of the Innovators - Stantum Pmatrix Vs Apple IPhone
The French technology giant and pioneer of Multitouch technology, Stantum Technologies is making headlines yet again. This time for its 3.5 inch Pmatrix Multitouch display prototype. Stantum came into limelight for the first time in 2002 (then known as JazzMutant) for innovating Multitouch technology, were the first to develop multitouch screen, and later the first Multitouch product Lemur.

1008: Bill Gates Vision of Future Computing - Natural User Interfaces
After 33 years of fast paced career Microsoft Chairman and Founder Bill Gates has finally retired from his position at Microsoft to devote his time into social activities and promoting other technologies which can help human-beings in future generations. At his farewell speech Gates reflected his long time passion; the human touch interfaces which he believes will change the way we use computers today. According to him, anything from tablet PCs to handwriting recognition to touch screen table computers will recognize and analyze human touch and process the data accordingly.

1009: Disneys House of the Future Showcases Microsoft Surface
The Walt Disney Co. has invested heavily in an amusement park cum 3-D gaming experience where the user can go on shooting spree like a video game in a real life amusement park. Opened last Tuesday the Californian Adventure based next to the Disney Land in Anaheim California is an amusement park where riders get a 3-D glass, ride the vehicle and travel though the carnival hosted by character from the Toy Story film. Each rider has his won weapon and can go on rapid fire fashion along giants screen displaying classic board games.

1010: Microsoft TouchWall - Experience the Difference
It seems to be an era of touch technology, where fingers can do wonders on a screen than merely pressing them on a boring keyboard. And it is none other than Microsoft who plays the pioneering role in continuously regenerating their touch screen technology - from tabletop Surface computers to the all new Microsoft TouchWall.

1011: Using WWVB As a Timing Reference For NTP Servers
Atomic clocks are incredibly expensive and generally they are normally only to be found in large scale physics laboratories such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology (Colorado) or the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. Fortunately many national laboratories broadcast the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time from their atomic clocks via a radio broadcast.

1012: Reverse Engineering Services and 3D Scanning
Reverse engineering is a process of captivating apart an item to observe and make out how it functions in order to replicate or improve the thing. It entails generating 3-D images of manufactured components when a blue print is not accessible in order to re-manufacture the part.

1013: Linux-Unix - Basic NTP Configuration
Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an Internet protocol used for the transfer of accurate time, providing time information so that a precise time can be obtained and maintained on a network. Most UNIX and Linux operating systems provide built-in time synchronisation functionality with its NTP (Network Time Protocol) daemon. If the NTP service is not available on your version of UNIXLinux, NTP version 4 is open source and can easily be downloaded and configured, compiled and installed.

1014: Why You Need to Clean Your PC Registry?
Windows Registry must be necessarily edited and cleaned periodically, if you want your PC to perform optimally. The Windows Registry is where Windows stores information it might need to retrieve later. The registry contains profiles for each user, the applications installed on the computer and the types of documents they create, what hardware exists on the system, and the ports being used.

1015: A Short Primer on Materials Safety Data Sheets
Safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace. If workers are confident that their workplace is free from safety hazards and that the materials they are working with are not harmful to them, then they can work more easily and much more happily.

1016: Useful Information From an HP Laser Printer Cartridge MSDS
All manufacturers of printers, printer inks and other printing supplies are required to provide a materials safety data sheet or MSDS for all their products. Hewlett-Packard, being one of the leading manufacturers of printers, inks and printing supplies, is not exempt from this requirement. In fact, HP does comply with the ruling, and there are various MSDS's found on their website for every printer ink cartridge that they produce.

1017: Useful Information From a Lexmark Laser Printer Cartridge MSDS
All of us would rather work with materials and substances that we feel confident enough to be safe for usage as accorded by their materials safety data sheets or MSDSs. After all, who wants to work with hazardous substances unless the proper precautions are observed?

1018: A Guide to DVD Disc Repair
If cleaning the DVD doesn't work then you have to venture into DVD Disc Repair. This isn't as complicated as you would think. There are actually a few ways to fix your DVD. It is important that you know that the actual Data on your DVD is underneath a fairly thick plastic buffer. The scratches in the buffer stop the laser eye from reading the data underneath properly and that is why it skips, stops, or doesn't read.

1019: How to Download Free Desktop Wallpapers
Many people are into downloading their own desktop wallpapers because they like to individualize their computer and really make it their own. Wallpapers can also serve as a form of daily inspiration as many of the wallpapers that can be downloaded have beautiful pictures and quotes on them that will allow you to push forward in those moments of weakness or doubt. During the work day or even when you are at home, a little dose of inspiration certainly couldn't hurt, could it?

1020: NTP Vandalism - Solutions to the Misuse and Abuse of NTP Servers
NTP servers, like most systems are open to abuse and misuse. NTP servers can be flooded with traffic (a distributed denial of service - DDoS attack), the server's access policy could be violated or the NTP rules of engagement drawn up to prevent misuse of time servers could be breached. The abuse of NTP servers has received much attention of late due primarily to the case of D-link and a Danish Stratum 1 NTP server run by Poul-Henning Kamp.

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