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1041: Ipod Has Taken Over The World
iPod is one of the best selling products and has been awarded for being the most innovative audio product with excellent engineering. It has also been the fourth best computer product in 2006. With so many achievements under its belt the iPod has to be one of the most wanted products and has scored high points on looks, design, user friendly and is indeed the coolest and the trendiest gismo today.

1042: Ways to Speed Up Your Computer!
By defragging your hard drive it will allow files to be accessed more efficiently as it puts your data back into chronologically order. Don't understand? Don't worry, it works.

1043: Who Needs to Sync When You Can Be Portable?
The easiest way to keep all your data synchronized. This system will keep your personal PC, Laptop, and work data in sync. Low cost and fits in your pocket!

1044: Very Cool Gadgets
This article explains the need for gadgets in our world today. It helps people understand some of the gadgets that are available and their uses.

1045: Remote Diagnostics For Network Systems - When Software is Not Enough
One of the positive signs of company growth is the proliferation of branch office and additional remote locations. This growth is clearly to be welcomed, but also can present great challenges to IT teams.

1046: 9 Reasons Why Linux is For the Average User
Well, every Linux user worth his/her salt has a list of why Linux is perfect for [adjective] users, so I sat down and thought up a list for myself! 9 Reasons why Linux is for the average user. The reasons aren't in any order, just the order that I thought of them, so don't think that I place particular importance on the ones at the top, or that the ones at the bottom are a bit useless really.

1047: Understanding the Simple Differences Between DVD+R and DVD-R Technologies
There are many conventions that appear on the labels when you shop for a DVD Drive, including DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW. This is a plain language explanation of the differences to eliminate any confusion.

1048: Microsoft-Yahoo Fallout
Mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry have become more prevalent in recent years as the industry grows and matures. IBM purchased the Lotus Development Corporation in July 1995, which created a tremendous stir in the industry at the time. May 2002 saw the merger of

1049: Desktop Virtualization
An enormous change make be lurking in the future for desktop computing. The change is known as desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization is a situation where the physical personal computer desktop is in a separate location from where the end-user accesses it.

1050: Disposing of Old Computer Equipment - Donate, Recycle Or Do Nothing?
For the last couple of decades, the rapid advances in computing technology have given rise to a corresponding problem of computers becoming quickly obsolete. These days, any computer that is more than 3 years old will be noticeably slower in its performance than a computer that has been manufactured in the last few months. It has therefore become a fact of life in the information age that computers need to be updated on a regular basis in order to utilize the latest software and communications applications.

1051: Latest and New Computer Technology News
Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives today. And to keep pace with the latest emerging technology is becoming more and more important in today's scenario. If you are in information technology field , you have have to be aware of the latest trends in technology.

1052: Stretch Your Budget With Refurbished IT Equipment
When I was running the I.T. department of a large company I learned firsthand just how complex and expensive a task it is. To be honest, as exciting as all that new information technology is, I do not miss all the battles over budgets and all the justifications of the high cost of new IT equipment.

1053: Non-Administrator Logins - The Low Cost Computer Defense
If you are a user of one of the popular Windows operating systems, and especially if your computer came "pre-installed" with the operating system, then you are most likely running under an "administrator" account. An "administrator" account is a user account that has complete access to all parts of the operating system. By running under a non-administrator account you increase the security of your computer and the information it holds without having to shell out any additional funds.

1054: How to Conduct a Wireless Site Survey Part 1
There are a lot of articles written about how to do a wireless site survey, but from what I've seen they don't give the real story as far as how to organize, and conceptualize the survey. I will take a modular approach to teaching this discipline which is a heterogeneous mix of physics, experience, and creativity.

1055: Plenty of Computer Magazines to Read
Because there are many different kinds of computer hardware and products in the industry it makes sense that there are various different computer hardware magazines to choose from also. These computer hardware magazines can be used by computer users to get good ideas of what computers are going to be better for one to use. These magazines include ones that can be used for information on hardware that can be used for business or for fun.

1056: Everything You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Ethernet
Now fiber optic transceivers are commercially available for almost all international and industrial standards, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbit Ethernet. So let's review the the bunch of industry standards and inspect the various applications that fiber optic transceivers provide.

1057: How to Design a Highly Reliable Fiber Optic Network
What happens if a major fiber optic cable is cut or a major hubbing location is destroyed in a fiber network? Will the whole system be brought down? That is the subject of this article: the survivability of a well designed fiber network.

1058: How to Conduct a Wireless Survey Part 2
Knowing how radio waves move is an important first step in conducting a site survey. With a bit of experience you should be able to walk into an environment and have an understanding of how the RF is working or what you need to do to enable a wireless environment.

1059: Ways to Speed Up Computer - Run Your Computer Faster
You may wonder about ways to speed up your computer in order for you to maximize your time in doing your tasks. All of us know that it could give anyone a great deal of burden whenever our computers slow down on their tasks, so it is very important for everyone to have a little bit of knowledge regarding different tweaks that you could easily do to speed up a computer.

1060: How to Select Which MSP Services to Offer
Purpose: As a MSP, what services should you offer? Scope: This document focuses on the small to very small provider.

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