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1081: A Guide to Compatible and Re-Manufactured Printer Cartridges
Many people are still unaware of the advantages that compatible or re-manufactured printer cartridges offer and instead are buying manufacturers original cartridges which are far more expensive in comparison. So that you can make an informed decision as to whether these alternatives are for you I have recapped on some of the main points in this article.

1082: Basic Overview of Human Area Networking Technology
Human society is entering an era of ubiquitous computing, when networks are seamlessly interconnected and information is always accessible at our fingertips. The practical implementation of ubiquitous services requires three levels of connectivity: Wide Area Networks (WAN), typically via the Internet, to remotely connect all types of severs and terminals; Local Area Networks (LAN), typically via Ethernet or WiFi connectivity among all the information and communication appliances in offices and homes; and Human Area Networks (HAN) for connectivity to personal information, media and communication appliances within the much smaller sphere of ordinary daily activities the last one meter.

1083: There is No I in Network Monitoring
By definition, a "team" is collection of people working together towards a universal goal. Partly based on the mnemonic - Together Each Achieves More - which values the togetherness of individuals; this well-meaning adage emphasizes the need to leverage the strengths of individual subject matter experts to maximize the efficiency and success of the team.

1084: How Can You Ensure Computer Security?
Varied computer systems require different levels of computer security, as the level of privacy or protection needed is going to vary significantly. Computer systems under government control, for example, require a much higher level of security than computers used by students in a university setting. The level of required computer security, then, along with what forms of security are implemented, are going to vary significantly as well.

1085: Avoid Feature Cverload, Choose a SharePoint Alternative For Team Collaboration
SharePoint is the most popular team collaboration platform on the planet, and also the most despised for its complexity and bloated feature set. There is no question that it is a powerful tool and offers great Microsoft Office integration. Unfortunately, its default configuration often leads users to create dizzying arrays of nested workspaces, overlapping document libraries, and hierarchical folder structures.

1086: Well, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - Business Decisions Driving Bad Technology Decisions
"But it sounded like such a good idea!" How many times have we heard this in the midst of battling the chaos monster we created for ourselves? In this article, I'm going to discuss an example of this from my time with a former employer, who shall remain nameless to avoid the shame.

1087: UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide - Speed Up Windows
UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide - Today I want to share with you a seriously kick-butt free piece of software that is seriously revolutionizing the way we defragment our harddrives. These are things that you may not have heard of, so be sure to read every word of this article.

1088: What are Quantum Dots?
By using an external light (e.g. Ultraviolet) on nano-crystals (e.g. made from semiconductor materials such as zinc sulphide, cadmium selenide, indium phosphide or lead sulphide), the nano-crystal will absorb the light. And then, as a result of the crystal being stimulated by the absorbed light, it will re-emit the light, usually of a certain colour, depending on the size of the quantum dot.

1089: Speed Tweaks For XP - Get Maximum Windows Performance
We would surely want to get the best out of the operating system that we have in our own computers. Sometimes, many experience a little slow down with our Windows operating system.

1090: Cuckoo Clocks to NTP Servers - Accuracy in Timekeeping
The clock in its form that we recognise today has been around since the middle of the fourteenth century. Before then, measuring the passage of time had always been a tricky affair with the movement of the sun being the only reliable method of time-telling and the only clocks being crude sundials or water clocks. When the first mechanical clocks appeared they were driven by a spring and weight, regulated by a verge-and-foliot escapement, a type of gear system that advances the gear train at regular intervals or 'ticks'.

1091: Searching For Free Downloads? - Free Windows XP Programs For Everyone
There are free Windows XP programs which can help you make your computer work in the most effective way possible. If you are looking for anti-virus or anti-spyware programs, or perhaps some games that you may play when you are ultimately bored during the weekend, the internet has everything for you.

1092: Experimental Marketing in Information Technology Sector
The marketing environment is getting ethereal with every passing day. The flooding product and service lines and the nagging media advertisements are forcing customers to shut their senses and disregard buying. In order to be visible in this clutter, marketers are moving towards an era called "EXPERIMENTAL ERA". Information Technology Firms also realize the importance of Experimental Marketing and have started working on it.

1093: Firefox 3.0 Warning - Do Not Install Now Its Way Too Slow
Be afraid, be very afraid of Firefox 3.0, that is if you value Internet Speed. I've used Firefox exclusively for the past 8 years or so and I've always been impressed by Firefox and the people behind it. For me, Firefox always ran faster then Internet Explorer and I loved its basic features. The thing is though, sometimes people with good intentions do stupid things and sometimes people with non-altruistic intentions do very good reliable things. I always said, if the Mafia ran the United States, we'd be better off!

1094: The Giant Magellan Telescope
The Giant Magellan Telescope is the new age Telescope for astronomy. Pending the appropiate funding it will be ready by 2016.

1095: We Need More Wizards
No, I don't mean Gandalf, I mean the software kind. And before I'm accused of being Gates' live-in cabana boy (it's all baseless rumors), let me clarify. It's a known fact that most OSes need tuning (sometimes significant) to perform well with heavy-duty applications (I'm not talking about your home web server, I'm talking about Exchange, SAP, Oracle, IIS, Apache etc.

1096: Save Money by Watching 9,000 Channels on Your Laptop/PC From Anywhere in the World
How would you like to save money by watching 9,000 channels on your laptop/pc from anywhere in the world? How much do you pay a month for Cable/Satellite?

1097: Features of a Fax Machine
The variety of functions that todays' fax machines perform make them indispensable to the modern offices. They double as printers, copiers, retrievers and telephones. All these tasks are performed without the bother of sending emails and taking print outs. Documents can be sent and retrieved at the click of a button.

1098: 3 Reasons Your Computer Loads Slow
Why your computer loads slow can be attributed to a few reasons within the Windows operating system and because of some types of programs that clog up your memory and CPU usage that slows the computer down when loading to Windows and then when you log into Windows as well. The three main reasons why your computer loads slow are as follows.

1099: Telling the Time in a Global Economy - Benefits of a NTP Server
The world is becoming an ever smaller place. Modern technology means that it is just as easy to make a purchase from the other side of the world as it is buy something from our local high street. Everything from hotels and airline tickets to jewelery and clothes can now be bought from the other side of the world with just a click of mouse.

1100: Telecommuting 2.0 - A Possible Solution to the Energy Crisis
Telecommuting offers a legitimate solution to the current energy crisis. Unfortunately, telecommuting is only used by a small percentage of the work place. There are fundamental issues with telecommuting which have limited its adoption by workers and employers. Telecommuting 2.0 is a well needed upgrade to traditional telecommuting. Like all upgrades, there is a cost. commuting.

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