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1101: The Secrets of Computer Repair
The secret to computer repair is simple: you have to know and understand how your computer system works before you try to repair a problem. Repairing a computer is like any other type of repair; you must know how each separate part works in order to make the machine run.

1102: Are You Aware of the Radar Laser Detector Functionality?
A radar gun works on the same principle of someone holding a flashlight at night. They turn the flashlight directly in your direction, but the person has to be close enough to see you. Your clothing or something that you are holding has to reflect enough light for him to see you.

1103: Buy Branded Computers at Wholesale Prices!
If you have are in the market for a new computer, you have probably noticed that most brand name computers today are very expensive. You might also have heard that prices of computer components have fallen drastically. For example, the price of memory boards and processors have hit an all time low because of the many enhancements done in manufacturing processes of electronic manufacturers.

1104: Self-Destructing DVDs
DVDs are terrific inventions capable of storing massive amounts of information and playing back movies with crystal clarity, but they can be expensive. In an effort to address this, a company has developed self-destructing DVDs that degrade after two days. The question is: would you buy one?

1105: Genome Survey Sequence
Genome survey sequences are often used for the mapping of genome sequencing. Through the genetic use of pcr, 454, abi, and the absence of mRNA scientists are using genome survey as a mapping tool for genome sequencing. Through advanced software and the use of array in research, scientists are service for helping this exciting new technology in this upcoming field.

1106: Surveillance Cameras Reach New Heights
CCTV cameras have become so entrenched in our lives that we barely notice them anymore. New intelligent cameras are being designed to "think" for themselves and pick up on suspicious activity to stop it before anything goes wrong.

1107: How to Read the Software Consulting Contract
All software consultants should provide a contract document to be executed before performance of any services. While these contracts can be long, it is crucial that they are read beforehand, as there are some very important provisions which need to be understood by both parties.

1108: Computer Keeps Hanging Or Crashing
Does your computer keep crashing or hanging on you? Sometimes when we're in the middle of an important document, and alt tab, the screen can suddenly freeze, or even worse a blue screen error pops up. The second is called the blue screen of death, and if work is not saved, it is instantly loss when we reboot.

1109: Cheap Computers - The World of Computers Now in Reach of All Hands
The modern day customer is in no mood to suppress his choices when it comes to attaining complete value for his money. The world of computers is no exception to these universal phenomena. The computer world of today offers no scope for a product manufacturer to stick to the traditional/obsolete techniques of production and advertising.

1110: The Untold Facts About Game Testers
Misapprehensions cloud the sky when it comes to jobs of game testing. The fact is far removed from what many aspiring game testers perceive it to be, but it can still be a fun and exciting, though tedious, job that even pays generously.

1111: Computer Slow, Freezing? - Clean Your Registry For Fast Relief
Slow running computer? You can get it back to top performance by cleaning your registry.You can do it yourself or use an online cleaning application to do it for you.Try it free to see what problems it finds on your computer.

1112: Bitmap Vs Vector - Which One is Better?
Well, what if someone asked you: Which one is better, apple or orange? I'm sure your answer would be: Good for what? The same answer applies for that question, good for what?

1113: VLAN Turnking Protocol in Brief
VTP is Cisco proprietary protocol that was created to reduce the administrative overhead of VLAN configuration in large switching environments. In this article we are going to explain the basics of VTP and the logic of operation.

1114: ORA-29532 Error During Oracle 11g Warehouse Builder Install on Microsoft Vista
During an install I received an error message. This article describes the solution I used.

1115: Network Time Protocol - Explaining NTP Servers and Network Time Synchronisation
NTP is almost as old as the Internet itself. It was devised and developed by Dr David Mills of the University of Delaware and has been in constant use and continually updated since 1985. NTP is an internet protocol designed to synchronise clocks on a computer network.

1116: I Just Bought a MacBook!
After years of steady use on a Toshiba Satellite notebook and fighting Windows every step of the way, I have finally succumbed to the beautiful world Apple computers and everything Macintosh. I just bought a MacBook laptop, and I am giddy about it. Sorry Toshiba and so long Windows!

1117: Compaq Presario - The Ultimate Choice!
Compaq Presario has many series, some of the latest series are F700, C700, A900 and V6000. Value for money, Style, Design and pleasing Finish are all combined in the Compaq Presario Laptop. The Presario series in the laptop industry is one of the leading brands by HP Compaq. It is because of the popularity of the brand that HP did not withdraw the name.

1118: Questions to Ask Before Computer Recycling
What devices can you take in for recycling? Many of the recyclers don't accept computers from individual households, in fact they only accept devices from companies or corporations. Many only accept certain devices, not all of them.

1119: NTP Server - The Worlds Wrist-Watch
Knowing the time is an essential part of our daily lives. We all need to know what time to start work, what time to leave and even when to get up in the morning. We have a multitude of different devices for telling us the time; from our mobile phones to our wrist-watches; but how accurate are these clocks?

1120: Lead Management - A Worthy Investment?
Lead management is an upcoming term for all industries. Most large companies have explored the options and found huge success in using these systems in their networks. Sales managers can track information, the master company can keep leads that are generated in a variety of ways, and close ratio's can be tracked easily. These are all great attributes for large companies to use in their reporting and driving the business from the top.

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