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1141: Hacking My Usenext - Movies - Software All For Free?
The user files are hosted on a number of usenext servers and interlinked networks thus allowing global distribution and access. The main appeal of the usenext service seems to be that it offers little to no restrictions on censorship of the material that is uploaded, distributed worldwide and following on logically from that, is then downloaded to individual home computers.

1142: Key to LCD Interfacing - (Color, Graphic and Alphanumeric)
Liquid crystal display is very important device in embedded system. It offers high flexibility to user as he can display the required data on it. But due to lack of proper approach to LCD interfacing many of them fail.

1143: Paramount Drops Blu-ray DVD Technology
An unfortunate truth in the area of TV technology is that the best technology is not always the one that triumphs when two competing technologies go into competition with each other. The history of TV technology is littered with examples of this. The one that most people are most familiar with is the format war between the Betamax and VHS video cassette tape formats. Even though VHS won that particular format war, many people have argued that Betamax was actually the superior format.

1144: 10 More Tips And Tricks To Make Using Windows Easier
As promised, the second article of things you can do to speed up your work in Windows. Little tricks and shortcuts can save a lot of hassle, and get what you want done fast.

1145: Video Servers Or Video Encoders - Overview
A video server or a video encoder digitalizes analog signals and distributes digital images directly over an IP-based network, changing analog cameras into digital network cameras. A video server/encoder has analog video channels, image digitizer, image compressor and web server with network interface. This is ideal for migrating existing analog video system into a digital network video solution. By converting a CCTV analog system to a network video system, all the functional benefits of digital technology such as 'remote access', 'cost-effectiveness', 'flexibility', 'scalability' can be achieved. So, if you have an existing analog system and would like to move on to IP and also plan to add network cameras video servers is the way to go.

1146: 7 Defining Moments In Internet Creation
The internet is something that encompasses much of our modern lives. Let's look back and see what led to the biggest network in the world.

1147: Upgrading A Proprietary Computer
Are you still stuck on the same proprietary computer for many years, and dying for more performance? Have you considered opening that case and upgrading your components?

1148: Implementing New Technology
There are amusing and horrific stories of the trials and tribulations associated with the transfer of technology, and the implementation of new systems and architecture. There are lessons that we can learn from those who have blazed the trails before us, and those who have been burned by the blaze. Get your fingers ready to count the five fundamental considerations for implementing new technology.

1149: What Is Structured Cabling For Computer LAN Networks?
Structured cabling is the foundation for modern computer LAN networks. There are a variety of industry standards defining the specification. Learn what exactly is structured cabling, horizontal cabling and more.

1150: The Electron Microscopes Does Have Disadvantages
The world has come a long way from the first light microscopes that were used, and one type of microscope for research that is very popular is that of the electron microscopes. Researchers all over the world use these highly technical scopes on a daily basis to find worlds that were unheard of until today's high tech world made them possible. However, issues plague these microscopes for research purposes, and one should definitely take the time to answer a few questions before they invest in one.

1151: DVD Dupllication - Make A Plan
Before anything else, an explanation of the difference between DVD duplication and replication would be in order. Therefore, basically both are ways to get a CD or DVD copied. The difference between the two is that, just like CDs and DVDs found in retail stores, with replication the disk is pressed from a glass master with the artwork printed directly onto the disc surface.

1152: Why Do We Need Server Rentals?
Server can be defined as a computer or device on a network that manages networks resources. Some of the examples of servers are file server, print server, database server, and network server.

1153: Apple I-Mac - Mac Pro Computers
The new apple Imac computers offer good performance with state of art design. This is very slim takes very little space on desk. In comparison to other desktop computers Apple Imac is much better and easy to use.

1154: CEH Certification And Hacker Infiltration
Ever since the advent and rise of Internet technologies, web-based loopholes and unlocked back doors have always been left open and hence, quite susceptible for most anyone to infiltrate. Specific people dubbed as "Hackers" used and still use such passages freely and illegally. They continually enter and leave through these "doors" after doing their business, coming and going as they please - at least for the most part.

1155: Upgrading Your Custom Computer
Many people try to last on the same old computer for over many years, and suffer from performance drops. But have you considered upgrading? Don't know what it exactly is? Find out more here.

1156: Hard Drive Enclosures
Now a days, storing valued data and securing them from online hackers and Trojan horses is becoming very important. People store data like financial information, personal photos, videos and other sensitive data to their PCs.

1157: How To Buy A Laptop?
If any one wants to buy a laptop, what do they do? They step in to a local store and see 70 to 80 different laptops ranging from $500 to $1000 and get stuck in making a decision.

1158: Video Cards
Most people think that a video card slows down the Pc by using the systems Ram. It is not true.

1159: The Benefits Of MS Exchange Server 2007
For today's businesses, e-mail is perhaps the most important communication method in use. An increased reliance on e-mail has drastically increased the volume of messages sent, even increasing the rate of business itself. Today's employee seeks efficient and remote access to online calendars, contacts, and email, regardless of what type of device they're using.

1160: The Amazon Kindle
If you haven't heard of Amazon's new wireless reading device yet, chances are you will very soon. The Kindle is potentially the next "must have". Everyone who has ventured online for written information may have encountered the ebook.

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