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1161: Computer Sound Issues - How To Fix
No sound coming from your computer? Read this article for tips on how to configure your computer, or fix your speakers to play audio!

1162: NTP the Importance of External Time Reference
Network Time Protocol (NTP) is one of the Internet's oldest protocols and is still the standard for time synchronisation. The success of NTP stems from its constant development (version 4 is currently in progress) and the accuracy that an NTP time server can boast in the synchronisation of networks. Whilst an accuracy of 1/5000th of a second can be obtained on a network under the right conditions, this accuracy is solely reliant on whatever time reference NTP uses to synchronise with.

1163: USB - How To Get The Most From This Rapidly Growing Technology
The Universal Serial Bus (or USB) has rapidly become the standard for connecting devices to your computer. In fact, many computers no longer ship with a floppy disk drive as standard, but will have at least one USB port.

1164: I Spy with My Little Eye - From the Realms of Science Fiction to the Streets in Your Town
The unobtrusive, hovering spy in the sky of science fiction could be keeping an eye on your neighborhood before long. With roots in expensive military intelligence-gathering drones, smaller, cheaper versions have potential for more down-to-earth applications. Advances in materials science, improvements in battery performance, and smaller, more efficient electric motors have helped create a vehicle that can operate in modern everyday life

1165: Digital Or Litho Printing?
There are 2 key advantages that digital printing has over its more established litho counterpart namely personalization and Speed of turnaround. I have detailed more detail on each below. Utilizing the right software, a digital press will allow you to produce a mass market flyer come product brochure which you can personalize to each of your individual target audience.

1166: Routers Explained - Memory Types
Routers' memory come in many forms for several storage purposes such as to store the operating system, the configuration, the bootstrap, packets, and so forth. Below is a detailed description of all memory types used in routers and the purpose of each.

1167: Analysis of NVidia 680i, 780i, and 790i Ultra Motherboards
NVidia has been competing against Intel in the motherboard market for quite a while now. How is NVidia doing?

1168: 10 Things to Do Before Calling the Computer Repair Man
These are some tips you should follow before calling in a geek to fix your computer. They could save you a bundle, in time and money!

1169: The Union of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries Brings Lucrative Opportunities
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are finding innovative means to deliver multi-functional healthcare products through converging technologies. Engineered from a mix of drug, device, or biologic components to form a single product, the results of this convergence represent a relatively new therapeutic and treatment approach, which is proving to be more effective for both pharmaceutical and device companies. It is trend that has been developing for a few years now, and the stage is set for solid growth.

1170: Is Your Computer Slowing Down?
Is your computer slowing down? Do you have time to turn it on and then go for a shower? Or does your coffee go cold as it loads?

1171: The Art of Imitation
The rise of technology has given way to the emulator, a system that imitates or copies the functions of another system so that it appears to behave like the system it has imitated. The impact of this technology is most felt in the world of computers and has eventually carried over to the mobile web.

1172: Computer Problem Tips - 5 More Mistakes You May be Doing to Mess Up Your Computer
Avoid unnecessary computer problems. Learn what you may be doing wrong and how to save yourself from a lot of headaches in the long run.

1173: An Open Desktop on the Cheap
You have an old computer laying around and you want to make it useful again? Follow these five steps to make your old PC or laptop useful again, and all without spending a single dime!

1174: Windows XP - Getting the Correct Time
ALL computers need to know the time. Many applications, from sending an email to storing information are reliant on the PC knowing when the event took place. In some environments timing is even more crucial where a single second can make all the difference between profit and loss - just think of the stock exchange.

1175: Is It Always Better To Use A Computer Than Pen And Paper?
Is it always better to use a computer than pen and paper, in terms of productivity, creative output or better learning? In this article, the author argues that it is not a foregone conclusion.

1176: The Future of 3D Printing
Firstly lets clarify what is meant by 3D printing, well in a nut shell it is a way of fabricating objects designed on computer, for example if you designed a mug using computer aided design, within a few hours you could have the real thing sitting in front of you. It is possible to watch your very creations come to life in true Star Trek fashion, before your very eyes. To go into more detail, currently printers are fairly slow, limited and not tremendously precise.

1177: Purchasing New Business Applications or Modernizing Legacy Systems
More and more companies nowadays are faced with this very important question, as new and more advanced business applications are emerging: when is it necessary to purchase a new business application? Is it better to modernize a legacy (old) application or put new business systems in place?

1178: So You Want to Start a CD Duplication Service, Huh?
Why would anyone want to go and start a CD duplication service? After all, everything is moving to iPods and smartphones, right? Think again.

1179: Computers - Fad or Flaw?
Are computers designed to fail? If you're thinking of throwing out your computer because it is too slow there is help.

1180: How to Sell Your Used Hardware or Software
Technology is constantly changing the way we live and the world we live in. No where is this any more evident then in the world of computers. Computers are constantly evolving so that what was once the newest and greatest system becomes antiquated within just a year or two. Companies who have large amounts of software and hardware that they depend on day in and day out must continue to fork out large sums of money for new hardware and software just to stay ahead of or even with their competitors. However, if you are one of these companies (or work for one of them) then you can make money from your used IT assets. And here's how to sell your used hardware and software.

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