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101: Speed Up Your Computer 101
Computers are like human beings - they try to work top notch while giving their best to defeat hindrances that might affect their performances. These gadgets also slow down after some use, just like how human beings feel after a week of work and academics. However, there are some ways that a person can do to bring back the quality performance of his desktop instead of buying a "Speed up Your Computer" book.

102: 3 Important Factors to Consider When Your Computer Runs Slow
Your computer may start to run slow for so many reasons. If you are having issues with your computer's speed the first thing to do is get to the root of the problem.

103: The Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphones
Noise cancelling headphones are more expensive than alternatives. How do they work and are they worth the extra cost?

104: Tested Methods I Use to Speed Up My Computer
While computers are seemingly efficient and in use virtually everywhere today, there are times when certain factors can cause these revolutionary machines to become highly unresponsive. This can be due to several reasons depending on your operating system, your hardware configuration and the programs you run with your computer.

105: ADD Culture
I find it kind of funny when I hear someone of my parents' age (late 50s) talk about the younger generations having short attention spans. They think we all have ADD! I understand their observation, but I have to argue that ADD has nothing to do with the young folks today having wandering minds.

106: Laser Plotters Copy With Perfect Precision
Have you ever seen a printed drawing that looked so precise that it actually made you wonder how it got that way? These line drawings are printed by laser plotters. Unlike a traditional desktop printer, these use pen like lines to draw out the image.

107: Features of Lenovo Tablets
It will be a great decision if you settle on lenovo tablets for meeting your computing needs. The company has excelled in providing world class products and millions of people have turned into loyal customers of Lenovo. It has also introduced tablet PCs and now offers a wide range of features with all types of accessories.

108: Some of the Main Techniques For Data Mining
Data mining is the process of extracting relationships from large data sets. It is an area of Computer Science that has received significant commercial interest.

109: Finding the Right Multifunction Laser Printers For Your Growing Business
If you work in an office or have one at home it used to be that you needed to use all kinds of machines to complete many projects. I can remember going to a local shipping store to use their fax machine to get an important bid in on a government contract. When they gave me the bill my eyes just about popped out of my head. At the time I did not have hundreds of dollars for fax machines or copiers that I rarely used. What a difference a decade makes.

110: What Else You Should Know About Digital Video Recording Systems
One of the most utility based objects created by modern technology is the Digital Video Recording System. These Digital Video Recording systems are used in homes, work places, malls, and other places for security reasons.

111: Caller ID Spoofing Offers Easy Privacy Protection Despite the Controversy
Although caller ID spoofing has been around for several years, it is still fairly unknown to most people. Caller ID spoofing is the act of changing what appears on a person's call display or caller ID when you place a call to them. You manipulate the phone number so that, instead of blocking your telephone number or revealing your real one, you choose any number you want to display.

112: Should You Be Concerned About Your Online Privacy?
Privacy is a big issue for many people. Being able to live life and not be bothered is a value that many attempt to have. With the internet, it is easy to have privacy compromised since almost everything that you do can easily be recorded. Is there any reason to be concerned about your privacy online?

113: How to Access a PC Running Windows 7 Without a Fixed IP
This article will explain how to be able to access a PC running Windows 7 from anywhere on the Internet. Before we begin, you should know that most users have a dynamic IP address, one that changes sometimes every 24 hours, which seems not simple to access a computer from the Internet. Here is the solution.

114: Managed Colocation Guide
Making a decision on how to host a company's IT infrastructure can be a difficult one that requires some planning. It is important to understand all of the hosting options available from cloud computing, to managed dedicated servers and colocation.

115: Why Cable Ties Are Extensively Used Nowadays
Cable ties that are also known as zip strips, wire ties and zip ties are most widely used in binding objects and products together. They are also used to organize cables and wires.

116: EReaders Everywhere!
Suddenly there's a proliferation of eReaders. It used to be dominated by a few like Kindle, Sonu eReader etc. But over the last year or less there are several ereaders that have come into being. More are coming almost every day! So is this going to be the year of the eReaders!

117: Information Communication Technology in Englands East Midlands
England's East Midlands is the perfect location for ICT businesses. Based at the heart of the UK, we have excellent access right across the UK and into Europe. Our eight local universities are renowned for both research and teaching excellence, generating around 2,000 computer science and 3,000 engineering graduates every year. There is also a superior pool of IT talent, with an abundance of well qualified Microsoft engineers, network support candidates and business analysts. The region boasts an extensive range of high-quality premises and incubation units, catering for larger companies and emerging businesses alike.

118: Four Positives of EMR
Storing patient history, medical transcription notes and billing information can definitely get out of hand sometimes. The EMR or electronic medical record is the way of the future. Many have wondered what the benefits are to the EMR. Here are four positives of the EMR and what it can do.

119: Introduction to Computer Programming and Programming Languages
Since computer science was recognized as a distinct academic field in 1960s, it has made great strides especially in making things a lot easier for humans. One of the issues it has solved is the way problems that need to be addressed have been translated into a code or format computers can understand.

120: The Need For IT Security Implementation
Most of us had enjoyed the perks the Internet has to offer including e-mail, communicating with other around the word, and live chat. Data can become lost over years, worse it can be leaked outside the organization.

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