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1181: The Basics About Buying A New Computer
When the day finally comes and it's time to either buy a new computer or your first computer. Make sure you know enough to get the most out of your computer dollars.

1182: Computer Viruses And How They Work
Everyone has heard horror stories about computer viruses, but what are they, and how do they work? This short article will lay out some of the basics about computer viruses and what they do.

1183: Computer Firewalls - How They Can Protect You
With the roles that computers play in our daily lives, it is really important to know as many things about them as possible. Most of us know how to send and receive e-mails, do simple word processing and the like. But it is just as important to understand those parts of our computer that could protect us from computer problems down the line.

1184: Digital Signage - The Growth and Reach of Narrowcasting Technologies
The reader is provided with an overview of the growth, potential and current usages of digital signage. The how's, why's and where's of narrowcasting, as well as the potentials that developments in digital advertising software have for advertisers and retailers, are explained.

1185: Network Time Synchronisation Using NTP Servers
Network Time Protocol, or NTP as it is most commonly known, provides a mechanism to synchronise the time of computer devices and other network infrastructure. The protocol was originally developed for the Linux operating system by Dr D Mills of the University of Delaware. For more than two decades, NTP has provided time synchronisation of critical devices on the Internet making it one of the oldest protocols still in continuous operation.

1186: The Power Outside
There are many types of laptop accessory. Find information on laptop memory, laptop batteries, laptop adapters, laptop keyboards, laptop RAM and more.

1187: Signs Your Computer Registry and You Are In Trouble
The last thing you want to do is be connected to the Internet or for that matter, networked into another computer that is Internet accessible without any form of computer security in place. You need to safeguard your computer at all costs to avoid spyware, adware, malware, spamming, viruses, worms trojans and 100's of other things and terminology that deliver havoc to your computer's operating system. The purpose, intent, directive, mission, modes' operandi (whatever you want to call it) of operating system disruption is multifarious in nature.

1188: How Easy Is It To Use Your Companys IT Applications?
From spreadsheets to desktop publishing, there are a myriad of IT applications being used by every single company in existence today. Our increasing reliance on computers to get the job done quickly and efficiently has led to great advances in the world of business - advances that may not have been as easy a few short years ago.

1189: Excellent Computer Tips
A virus to us humans is the flu or cold but to a computer it is a totally different definition. A virus in computer terms means a hidden danger. A virus is a computer program hidden within another program or files that destroys data and eventually can crash your hard drive. All viruses are man made but once the virus starts to spread it is not under any control of man.

1190: The EeePC - My Thoughts
I love gadgets. I am addicted to them and if I see something I like then I feel a massive urge to immediately go and buy it. Looking in a recent PC magazine I came across the EeePC by Asus - looking at the pictures I saw something that I had longed for, for some time. A small portable PC, a cheap price tag, seemingly specifically geared up for Internet on the move.

1191: How To Fix A Slow Computer With A Registry Cleaner
I'll show you how fix a slow computer with a registry cleaning program. No more headaches or time wasted staring at a computer.

1192: Dont Pay to Have Your Software or Hardware Removed!
If you have hardware in bulk, don't pay to have it removed. Be the one getting paid. Here's how...

1193: The Need To Have A Degree Of Flexibility In Your IT Needs
Many businesses view their IT and computer system as being a rigid entity that serves a very precise set of needs. But while this may be true to an extent, these businesses are risking the possibility of missing out on other advantages that an IT system can offer.

1194: Battery Reconditioning
Our world has become portable due to batteries. Wherever we go, whatever we use, it has batteries. They have become an inseparable part of our daily life. Their usefulness has made us their slave and we cannot walk a metre without them. The electronic world's base is battery. A battery is a device, which converts chemical energy (born out of chemical reactions) into electrical energy.

1195: How to Configure a Windows NTP Network Time Server
Computer time synchronization is highly important in modern computer networks, precision and time synchronization is critical in many applications, particularly time sensitive transactions. Just imagine buying an airline seat only to be told at the airport that the ticket was sold twice because it was purchased afterwards on a computer that had a slower clock! Modern computers do have internal clocks called Real Time Clock chips (RTC) that provide time and date information.

1196: How Much Does Your Privacy Cost?
As the internet is a sign of moving forward into the 'next generation', it is also seen by many as abusive and intrusive against the privacy of the individual users. However, we cannot deny that the use of internet is growing wider; communications, banking, trading and many more services can be availed from online access and so many still have the willingness to share personal information over the internet.

1197: How Technology Has Changed The News
The trend has always been to move toward a more global atmosphere. No technology has accomplished this as completely as the Internet.

1198: Saving Money on Ink Cartridges
How to save money on print cartridges instead of refilling or buying new ones. It doesn't just save money, it saves are planet.

1199: Printer Ink - A Step Up From the Standard Typewriter Ribbon
How times have changed. No more messy typewriter ribbon. Printer ink is all you need.

1200: The Many Uses of the Internet Camera
Internet cameras are fast becoming a staple in homes and offices. This little contraption does more than just broadcast your face to your Internet friends. Learn how to maximize your Internet camera so you get your money's worth.

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