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1201: IP Network Camera vs Analog Camera
There are are number of reasons why you should choose an IP network camera for your surveillance system. Sure, analog cameras have been around longer, but the IP camera has proven its worth in performance.

1202: Pinhole Camera - Simple Concept, Small Camera, Sophisticated Images
Pinhole cameras may just be the simplest type of camera ever invented, and they have been around for a long time now. These cameras are used for art, fun, science, and even surveillance. You probably have one, or know someone who does. But have you ever thought about the mechanism behind a pinhole camera?

1203: Debunking Wireless Urban Legends, Part I - Wireless Networks are Intrinsically Insecure
As WiFI technology becomes ubiquitous, misconceptions about the technology run rampant. This series of articles aims to expose these wireless misconceptions as urban legends by discussing the facts behind the technology.

1204: Mini System - Small In Size But Big In Performance
If you are a music buff or simply enjoy music, chances are you are already in possession of some sort of a music system. Gone are the days when we had to laboriously wind up the gramophone or put the needle on the exact spot on the record-player and when we were traveling we had to be content with a good old portable radio. But, with new advances in technology, first came improved versions of the stereo, then the cassette player and now we are simply spoilt for choice because the market is inundated with newer and better audio and stereo products.

1205: How Easy Is It To Understand Your Companys IT Solutions?
Communication is a vital component of every company, regardless of the sector it may be in. As soon as communication between departments breaks down the possibility of problems occurring increases, because there is an increased chance of having different groups of people working towards different outcomes and solutions. The department where a lack of communication with other areas of the business is likely to cause real problems is the IT department. Not everyone has the depth of knowledge that the IT support team has, and it can therefore be quite difficult to maintain a good degree of communication with this department at times.

1206: Want To Watch TV Right On Your Computer?
Watch your favorite shows and movies on the internet completely legally! One time payment and over 3000 channels and 80 MILLION movies right off the bat!

1207: Where to Find Free New Movies to Watch Online
This article will direct you to some ways you can find free new movies to watch online. There aren't as many options as one would think, because most links to supposedly FREE online movies just leads to a page full of advertising and pop ups. I'm not against paying for movies online, personally, but I expect to get very good quality and there's not many places out there that offer it.

1208: Six Ways to Protect Your Home Computer
Your computer can provide access to identity thieves, hackers, and viruses. But with the right precautions, you can keep your information safe and secure.

1209: What is Time? From Sundials to NTP
Time is an abstract concept. We cannot necessarily see it, touch it or change it, but we are aware that it exists and that is continues to keep passing us by. It has long been thought that time was constant and was the same everywhere in the Universe. This article explains time, what it is, how it is measured and how it is dealt with by modern technologies explaining atomic clocks, UTC ans NTP

1210: Watch NBA 2008 Playoffs Online - Watch NBA Games Live Online
You can now Watch NBA 2008 Playoffs Online with a click of one button, you can also watch any sports game online or any movie with over 3000+ channels on Satellite Tv for PC. so why not join and you too can be watching NBA Playoffs Live Online like the other millions.

1211: How A Keypad Voting System Works?
Key pad voting system is an Interactive voting system for the audience. All service providers need a response to turn into a user oriented output. Whether it is a market research for product analysis, or training systems to gain the feedback of trainer in the view of the trainees, a feedback gives the idea of system or any service provider's effectiveness.

1212: CD and DVD Packaging - How To Limit The Carbon Footprint Of Your Media Packaging
In the past few years, "going green" has become very important for almost every type of business. The CD and DVD packaging industry have been no different. In fact, promoting environmentally friendly products has become a major marketing focus. So what are your options if you want to package your media and limit your carbon footprint at the same time?

1213: Working With Graphics
In this day and age, anybody who is anybody has, or has toyed with the idea of having, a Web site. Any good Web site has to have graphics, which is why I am going to delve into the world of Web graphics today.

1214: Just What The Heck Is Spyware, Anyway?
Some users aren't even sure what spyware is, let alone how it got on their PC in the first place. You may be surprised by what it is... and what it's not.

1215: Finding A Good Technician Could Be Hard
Here in Orange County I find it very important to have a solid technical structure. No computer = no business. Computer repair here in Orange County seems to be very popular, but that quality of good support seems to be declining at a surprisingly fast pace.

1216: Modernizing Onsite Safety Inspections
The sheer number of safety inspections to be performed by a limited pool of trained safety inspectors places a considerable strain on the inspection process, with inspectors spending a significant amount of time on travel and administrative tasks managing inspection data. This paper focuses on a Virginia Tech study describing how modernization of inspection data management with mobile computing can lead to a highly efficient inspection process. The key being that onsite electronic data capture on to a mobile computer is a component that facilitates integrating all aspects of the inspection process.

1217: Benefits of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
J2EE or the Java to Enterprise Edition platform developed by Sun Microsystems stipulates the criterion for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. The J2EE platform leverages the robustness of the Java programming language that allows developers to write the code only once and execute the application on any platform. Presently more than two -thirds of development managers use the J2EE platform to develop and deploy their applications.

1218: How To Secure My Wireless Network
A wireless network is an extension of your wired network. It can be used as a entrance into your wired LAN as well.

1219: Apple Computer, Incorporated - A Historical Summary
On April Fool's Day back in 1976, 3 entrepreneurial young guys created Apple Computer, Inc., with the intent to create and distribute truly personal computers. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne began with a dream of making computers smaller and more available to the public.

1220: Shielded 10GbE TP Copper Rescues Trauma Center or Did It? - Why They Should Have Installed Fiber
This article analyses a major, potential costly mistake in the installation of shielded TP copper into an extremely critical, EMF/RFI saturated, hospital environment. It further supports the need for urgent end user awareness of the capabilities of fiber when compared to the capabilities and costs of UTP Copper - especially 10GbE STP copper. The installation of an all fiber network in this case could possibly have been easier, would have saved money, future up-grade hassles and headaches.

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